Extra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice

Building on the infrastructure provided by the lattice package, this package provides several new high-level functions and methods, as well as additional utilities such as panel and axis annotation functions.


Changes in Version 0.6-18

o combineLimits() fixed to work with empty panels

Changes in Version 0.6-15

o graphical parameters vectorized in panel.3dbars().

o new panel function panel.ellipse().

Changes in Version 0.6-15

o panel.xyarea() gains a 'horizontal' argument.

o layer() now works with splom.

o panel.ellipse() [was introduced previously but not mentioned here].

o changes to panel.smoother,quantile,xyarea to work with the new 'col' default in panel.superpose(): now "black" rather than NA.

Changes in Version 0.6-14

o new combineLimits() function for per-row and per-column limits.

o new functions xscale.components.* and yscale.components.* where * is in {logpower,fractions,log10ticks,log10.3,subticks}.

o horizonplot substantially revised, with an argument 'horizonscale' (actually for prepanel), "free" scales and colorkey support. Also the default colors are better now (thanks to Joseph Guillaume).

o new functions ggplot2like(), ggplot2like.opts() and axis.grid().

o new functions theEconomist.opts() and theEconomist.axis().

o panel.mapplot() now takes an 'exact' argument, similar to map().

o new function panel.key().

o c.trellis() and doubleYScale() now have an option to merge legends.

o c.trellis(), as.layer() and doubleYScale() now try to combine 'par.settings' from multiple plots.

o doubleYScale() now accepts an 'under' argument (applies to 2nd plot).

o marginal.plot() now has a default cut = 0.

o layer() failed on expressions with missing arguments, like x[,1].

o removed the deprecated arguments to layer(), 'eval' and 'etc'.

o simpleSmoothTs() and panel.tskernel() used an incorrect (reversed) filter in the case of sides = 1 and c > 1.

o as.layer() was not keeping existing scales if x.same or y.same = FALSE.

o xyplot.list() now applies 'FUN' directly, avoiding some evaluation issues.

o the 'style' argument to layer() now applies to the "superpose" styles also, which fixes some cases with xyplot.ts.

o the 'zoo' methods for panel.xblocks() and panel.xyarea() now use coredata() rather than as.vector(), so can keep factors intact.

Changes in Version 0.6-10

o support arrows with panel.segplot.

o several changes to panel.xblocks().

o layer() now has a 'magicdots' argument, which is TRUE by default.

o use of the 'eval' and 'etc' arguments to layer() are now deprecated.

o new function simpleSmoothTs (calculations as in panel.tskernel).

o panel.tskernel() gains a new argument 'n' (default 300) to reduce the number of plotted points.

o panel.qqmath.tails() is now deprecated as its main functionality has been moved into panel.qqmath() (in lattice 0.18-4, from R 2.11.0).

o glayer() was failing on plots with an existing 'panel.groups'.

o panel.smoother() now omits non-finite values and converts to numeric.

o panel.xyarea() (and thus horizonplot()) now handles missing values.

Changes in Version 0.6-6

o xyplot.ts actually removed now (forgot to delete it after lattice release).

o new function horizonplot().

o fixed rescaling bug in panel.tskernel(..., sides = 1).

o mapplot can now take colramp = NULL to use the current theme.

Changes in Version 0.6-5

o new panel functions panel.smoother() and panel.quantile(). The latter requires the quantreg package.

o new panel function panel.tskernel().

o layer() rewritten and now has several new arguments. New convenience functions layer_(), glayer(), etc.

o new functions theEconomist.theme() and asTheEconomist().

o custom.theme() gains a ... argument passed to simpleTheme. Added a variant custom.theme.2() with different defaults.

o expanded xyplot.ts() and moved it to the lattice package.

o improved handling of colours in panel.xblocks(). Added several more examples to the help page.

o fixed panel.xblocks() to handle cases of no missing data.

Changes in Version 0.6-4

o as.layer() gains arguments x.same and y.same.

Changes in Version 0.6-2

o new functions 'panel.xblocks', 'panel.qqmath.tails', 'panel.xyarea' and 'panel.qqmath.xyarea'.

o added explicit 'layout' argument to 'marginal.plot' (was clobbered by the default NULL in 'c.trellis').

o 'c.trellis' handles 'subscripts' argument to prepanel functions.

Changes in Version 0.6-1

o fixed 'layout' argument to 'xyplot.list' and 'c.trellis'.

Changes in Version 0.6-0

o new function xyplot.list, to create and merge multiple plots (and not just xyplots).

o c.trellis will now set same scales properly when x/y.same=TRUE.

o new function doubleYScale, to easily overlay two plot series.

o new functions panel.lmlineq and panel.ablineq for line equations.

o marginal.plot handles non-syntactic variable names; also now coerces to data.frame (so e.g. works with a matrix).

o changes to default axis style in marginal.plot.

o new dataset EastAuClimate.

Changes in Version 0.5-4

o marginal.plot now handles table objects sensibly.

o marginal.plot now applies 'subset' to 'groups', as it should.

Changes in Version 0.5-3

o improvements to marginal.plot including support for groups.

o fix to marginal.plot: failed with only numeric variables.

o fix to panel.voronoi (with use.tripack = FALSE): wrong colors were used when xlim/ylim enclosed a data subset.

o new function 'as.layer' and a method 'as.layer.trellis'. This allows panels to be overlaid with independent x/y scales.

Previous Changes

o several new data sets and a few utility functions

o dendrogramGrob to produce a dendrogram that can be used as a legend

o new generic function 'gplot' -- like 'plot', but meant to produce a `grouped' Trellis plot. Methods can be defined for objects that already have a 'plot' method. API Currently unstable.

Reference manual

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