Miscellaneous Functions by 'Yihui Xie'

Miscellaneous functions commonly used in other packages maintained by 'Yihui Xie'.

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This package contains several utility functions that I frequently use in other packages, and also miscellaneous functions that I use by myself from time to time. For more information, see https://yihui.name/xfun/.




  • Added functions embed_file(), embed_dir(), and embed_files() to embed files in an HTML output file (e.g., from R Markdown), so that the files can be directly downloaded from the web browser. One use case is to call one of these functions in an R code chunk of an Rmd document to embed the Rmd source document or data files in the HTML output, so readers can download them.

  • Added a new argument message to pkg_attach(), so you can suppress package startup messages via xfun::pkg_attach(..., message = FALSE) or set the global option options(xfun.pkg_attach.message = FALSE) (thanks, @wch, yihui/knitr#1583).


  • The argument rw_error was moved from gsub_dir() to gsub_file() (gsub_dir(rw_error = ...) will still work).

  • is_ascii() now returns NA for NA_character_ (thanks, @shrektan, #8 #9).



  • Added a new functions download_file() to try various methods to download a file.

  • Added a new function is_ascii() to test if a character vector only consists of ASCII characters.

  • Added a new function numbers_to_words() to convert numbers to English words (thanks, @daijiang, #3).



  • Added a new_session argument to loadable().

  • Added new functions gsub_file(), gsub_files(), gsub_dir(), and gsub_ext() to replace strings in files.

  • Added new functions Rscript and Rcmd as wrappers of system2('Rscript') and system2('R', 'CMD'), respectively.

  • Added a new function install_dir() to install a source package from a directory.

  • Added a new function file_string() to read a text file (encoded in UTF-8) and return its content a single character string (lines concatenated by \n).

  • Added a new function raw_string() to print a character vector in its "raw" form using cat(..., sep = '\n') instead of print(), because the latter may introduce [1], "extra" double quotes, and escape sequences, which are not very human-readable.

  • Added a new function session_info() as an alternative to sessionInfo().

  • Added a new function rev_check() to run R CMD check on the reverse dependencies of a package, and a corresponding helper function compare_Rcheck() for showing the differences in logs with the CRAN version and the current version of the package, respectively.

  • Added new functions for dealing with Markdown text: prose_index() returns the line indices of text that is prose (not code blocks), and protect_math() protects math expressions in Markdown in backticks.

  • Added an error argument to read_utf8() to signal an error if the file is not encoded in UTF-8.



  • attr() as an abbreviation of base::attr(exact = TRUE).

  • file_ext(), sans_ext(), and with_ext() to manipulate extensions in filenames.

  • in_dir() to evaluate an R expression in a directory.

  • isFALSE() as an abbreviation of identical(x, FALSE).

  • is_windows(), is_macos(), is_linux(), and is_unix() to test operating systems.

  • native_encode() to try to encode a character vector in the native encoding.

  • normalize_path() as an abbreviation of normalizePath(winslash = '/', mustWork = FALSE).

  • optipng() to run the command optipng to optimize all PNG files under a directory.

  • parse_only() parses R code without keeping the source references.

  • pkg_attach() and pkg_load() to attach and load a vector of packages, respectively (and optionally, install the missing packages).

  • read_utf8() and write_utf8() to read and write UTF-8 files, respectively.

  • same_path() to test if two paths are the same.

  • strict_list() is a version of list() that disables partial matching of the $ operator.

  • tojson() is a simple JSON serializer.

  • try_silent() is an abbreviation of try(silent = TRUE).

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Authors: Yihui Xie [aut, cre, cph] , Daijiang Li [ctb] , Xianying Tan [ctb]

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