Syntax Highlighting for R Source Code

Provides syntax highlighting for R source code. Currently it supports LaTeX and HTML output. Source code of other languages is supported via Andre Simon's highlight package (<>).

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This is an infrastructure R package for syntax highlighting. It supports LaTeX and HTML output. Not surprisingly, it works best with R code. It attaches markups onto source code, e.g., it turns

a <- 1 # something

into LaTeX code

\hlstd{a} \hlkwb{<-} \hlnum{1} \hlcom{\# something}

or HTML code

<span class="hl std">a</span> <span class="hl kwb">&lt;-</span> <span class="hl num">1</span> <span class="hl com"># something</span>


hi_latex("a <- 1 # something")
hi_html("a <- 1 # something")
# or hilight(code, format = "latex"/"html")

This package also has a wrapper function, hi_andre(), for Andre Simon's Highlight package.

There are a few package Markdown vignettes in this package:

browseVignettes(package = "highr")

To install the development version here, use

install.packages('highr', repos = '', type = 'source')

This package is licensed under GPL, and is supposed to serve other packages such as knitr.


    CHANGES IN highr VERSION 0.7


o Added an internal data frame highr:::cmd_pandoc_latex (mainly for

    CHANGES IN highr VERSION 0.6


o `hilight()` can deal with multibyte characters that cannot represented in
the system native encoding now (on Windows)


o blank lines before/after code are preserved in the hilight() output now
(thanks, Terry Therneau)

    CHANGES IN highr VERSION 0.5


o the minimal required R version is 3.0.2 now

    CHANGES IN highr VERSION 0.4


o hi_andre() may fail to find highlight under OS X (thanks, Christopher Gandrud, #2)


o :: and ::: are recognized as operators, and they will be syntax highlighted in the same way as other operators like +, -, *, and /, etc (thanks, Qiang Li, #3)

    CHANGES IN highr VERSION 0.3


o blank lines were not preserved in previous versions; now they can be correctly preserved

o hilight() works when the code is only a comment; fixed the bug reported at which was actually due to the bug of utils::getParseData() in R 3.0.1

o Linux Mint has a built-in version of highlight under /usr/local/bin/ which is not Andre Simon's highlight, and this can hang highr (!topic/knitr/nicYgzqhwX8)


o the package vignettes were built with the knitr::docco_classic engine; see vignette(package = 'highr')

    CHANGES IN highr VERSION 0.2.1


o fixed a test that failed under R 2.15.x due to the keep.source argument in parse(), which was not available in R until R 3.0.0

    CHANGES IN highr VERSION 0.2


o added a new argument 'fallback' in hilight(); for R < 3.0.0, we can use hilight(..., fallback = TRUE), which is a rough syntax highlighting method based on regular expressions (hence less accurate and comphrehensive than the getParseData() approach); as a result, highr no longer has to depend on R 3.0.0, although it is recommended to use R 3.0.0

    CHANGES IN highr VERSION 0.1


o the first version of highr: a hilight() function based on utils::getParseData() to do syntax highlighting for R code; hi_andrew() as a wrapper for Andre Simon's Highlight package

Reference manual

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0.8 by Yihui Xie, a year ago

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Authors: Christopher Gandrud [ctb] , Qiang Li [ctb] , Yixuan Qiu [aut] , Yihui Xie [aut, cre]

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GPL license

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