Functions to Make Surveys Processing Easier

Set of functions to make the processing and analysis of surveys easier : interactive shiny apps and addins for data recoding, contingency tables, dataset metadata handling, and several convenience functions.


questionr 0.7.0

  • Compatibility with labelled 2.0.0

questionr 0.6.3

  • Make rprop, cprop and prop compatible with janitor::tabyl for pipeline integration
  • Replace R2HTML::HTML with knitr::kable in clipcopy
  • Fix incorrect NAs percentage in describe (thanks @gdutz)
  • Add new tabs() function (thanks @rdrr1990)

questionr 0.6.2

  • Add exclude argument to wtd.table (thanks @pgtpg)
  • Make clipcopy work with tibbles
  • Bugfix : missing rownames in iorder verification table
  • Generate a pkgdown package documentation at
  • Fix incompatibility between cum, sort and NAs in freq (thanks @scoavoux)
  • Bugfix : error when recoding a numeric variable with forcats in irec

questionr 0.6.1

  • New "Recoding addins" vignette
  • Add support for forcats::fct_recode in irec
  • Add support for dplyr::recode in irec
  • "Variable cutting" addin entry renamed to "Numeric range dividing"
  • Bugfix : conflict between useNA and exclude in freq (thanks @scoavoux)
  • Bugfix : Fix missing rownames in icut table results

questionr 0.6.0

  • New na.rm argument to cross.multi.table. Use na.rm = FALSE to display NA level in crossvar
  • New rp2012 dataset
  • New fertility dataset (@larmarange)
  • New ltabs function, for labelled variables cross-tabulation (@larmarange)
  • describe, lookfor and freq are harmonized and now work with labelled variables (@larmarange)
  • Integration with the labelled package (@larmarange)
  • freq added to describe (@larmarange)
  • More detailed lookfor results (@larmarange)

questionr 0.5.0

  • irec, icut and iorder have been converted to RStudio addins. They now work both with vectors and data frames.
  • Bugfix : handle regexp special chars in variable or split character in multi.split (thanks @markriseley)
  • irec allows to select the type of output : character, factor or numeric (thanks @larmarange)
  • irec now works with numeric variables
  • Bugfix : name conflicts with global environment objects (thanks @scoavoux)
  • irec now trims leading and trailing whitespaces in inputted values
  • Minimal recoding style by default in irec
  • Fix false positives in multi.split (thanks @markriseley)
  • New fecondite labelled dataset (thanks @larmarange)
  • New happy dataset (thanks @briatte)
  • cross.multi.table() now accept a n argument to display the total number of observations by row or column (when freq=TRUE).

questionr 0.4.3

  • cross.multi.table() now accept a tfreq argument to display row percentages based on the (potentially weighted) contingency table of respondants.
  • Fix : i* interactive functions now work with data.table and dplyr's tbl_df

questionr 0.4.2

  • cross.multi.table() now accept a freq argument to display column percentages based on the (potentially weighted) contingency table of crossvar on respondants.
  • multi.table() now accept a freq argument to compute percentages based on (potentially weighted) number of repondants. Note that freq is set to TRUE by default
  • Fix : wrong HTML() call in clipcopy()
  • Refactoring : icut, irec and iorder are now shinyApps functions
  • Translation : icut, irec and iorder interfaces are now translated in french

questionr 0.4.1

  • Bugfix : compatibility with shiny 0.10

questionr 0.4

  • New functions from Joseph Larmarange : duplicated2, na.rm, rm.unused.levels
  • Default lookfor keywords argument changed to "" (displays all variables)
  • New argument n to cprop and rprop to display the number of observations per row/column
  • "Ensemble" and "Total" strings in cprop and rprop are now localized
  • Bugfixes on irec : encoding on windows and empty strings in factor levels
  • freq now displays, by default, a column of percentage based on non-missing values

questionr 0.3.1

  • Bugfix : weights handling in cross.multi.table
  • Bugfix : NA values in icut

questionr 0.3

  • New functions from Joseph Larmarange : addNAstr and odds.ratios
  • copy renamed to clipcopy to avoid name collisions with data.table
  • New function : icut, interactive shiny interface for cut
  • New function : iorder, interactive shiny interface for ordering the levels of a factor
  • New function : irec, interactive shiny interface for recoding a variable

questionr 0.2

  • New functions : describe,, qload, qscan,
  • Finish transition from rgrs

questionr 0.1

  • First version

Reference manual

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0.7.5 by Julien Barnier, 2 months ago

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Authors: Julien Barnier [aut, cre] , Fran├žois Briatte [aut] , Joseph Larmarange [aut]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Official Statistics & Survey Methodology, Official Statistics & Survey Statistics

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports shiny, miniUI, rstudioapi, highr, styler, classInt, htmltools, graphics, stats, utils, labelled

Suggests testthat, roxygen2, dplyr, ggplot2, tidyr, janitor, forcats, knitr, rmarkdown, survey, Hmisc

System requirements: xclip (Linux)

Imported by D2MCS, eph, fdm2id, klaR, zGPS.AO.

Suggested by labelled, rmdformats, seqhandbook.

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