Machine Learning Benchmark Problems

A collection of artificial and real-world machine learning benchmark problems, including, e.g., several data sets from the UCI repository.


Changes in Version 2.1-1

o Added a NAMESPACE.

Changes in Version 2.1-0

o Removed dependencies on e1071 and scatterplot3d (the latter replaced by cloud() from lattice).

o mlbench.corners() has been renamed to mlbench.hypercube().

o New function mlbench.simplex() by Manuel Eugster and Sebastian Kaiser.

o Bugfixes in the bayesclass() methods for ringnorm and threenorm submitted by Julia Schiffer.

Changes in Version 2.0-0

o Changed license of complete package to GPL-2.

o Recompressed all data sets using xz.

o Added examples to all help pages.

o Added info about UCI repository to mlbench.waveform.Rd.

Changes in Version 1.1-6

o Improve CITATION.

Changes in Version 1.1-5

o Fixed Rd bug and renamed README to LICENSE.

Changes in Version 1.1-4

o Fixed documentation of S3 objects.

Changes in Version 1.1-3

o Bugfix: data sets that are loaded using R code did not close the corresponding connections.

Changes in Version 1.1-2

o New data set Zoo.

Changes in Version 1.1-2

o Converted the 'chas' columns of BostonHousing2 to a factor.

o Added a corrected version of PimaIndiansDiabetes as PimaIndiansDiabetes2.

o Added correct citation for UCI repository in various places.

Changes in Version 1.1-1

o Add '...' argument to methods for consistency with R 2.4.0 or later.

Changes in Version 1.1-0

o New artificial classification problems mlbench.shapes() and mlbench.corners()

o Added corrected version of Boston housing data (thanks to John Maindonald).

Changes in Version 1.0-1

o Minor fixes in BostonHousing.Rd.

Changes in Version 1.0-1

o Fixed a Bug in the waveform function (thanks to Karsten L´┐Żbke).

o Added a "ZipData: No" to the DESCRIPTION file.

o All data files are now in compressed format.

Changes in Version 1.0-0

o New function mlbench.smiley().

o Version 1.0-0 is not really different from the previous release (version 0.5-10), but we decided that it is stupid to have a version number smaller than 1.0 for a package that is stable and useful.

Reference manual

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