R Commander Plugin for (industrial) Design of Experiments

The package provides a platform-independent GUI for design of experiments. It is implemented as a plugin to the R-Commander, which is a more general graphical user interface for statistics in R based on tcl/tk. DoE functionality can be accessed through the menu Design that is added to the R-Commander menus.


Version history for RcmdrPlugin.DoE:

28 Aug 2014, Version 0.12-3

  • added dependence on RcmdrMisc
  • changed links to help of former Rcmdr functions that are now in RcmdrMisc
  • imported from tcltk
  • fixed a glitch in modify design menu

28 Aug 2013, Version 0.12-2

  • fixed a bug in the startup that affected users who loaded the plugin by the R Commander menu
  • included function checkWarnings() from Rcmdr into here under a different name, in order to get rid of ::: in justDoItDoE

05 Jul 2013, Version 0.12-1

  • added dependence on relimp and tcltk in order to be able to remove these from DoE.base
  • added functions showData, showData.default and showData.design to this package and removed it from DoE.base
  • modified the maintainer address to match the sending address of the mail server

11 Feb 2013, Version 0.12

  • adapted to new Rcmdr possibility of including plugin without closing Commander window
  • adapted to new Rcmdr option regarding the Rcmdr search path in order to make the package work in R 3.0.0
  • removed assignments to global environment via assign in order to conform with new CRAN policy, either by using Rcmdr-specific commmands or by moving object to RcmdrEnv (savename.RcmdrPlugin.DoE)
  • modified the description and the startup message to more adequately reflect the current status of the package
  • moved functions fix, fix.default and fix.design to here instead of DoE.base, in order to have all GUI-related stuff in the same place

18 Sep 2012, Version 0.11-7

  • Bug fix: because of a name clash with function path from package igraph, the "Export experiment" menu didn't work any more.

19 Jul 2012, Version 0.11-6

  • I followed advice by John Fox and added globalVariables command for getting rid of the notes in R CMD check.
  • bug fix: After upgrading package FrF2 to version 1.5+ (29 Jun 2012), the menu for Fractional factorial 2-level designs did not work any more (thanks to Gilles Le Pape for alerting me).
  • bug fix: Under a certain error constellation, adding a response could not be reset from external file to R object.

15 Nov 2011, Version 0.11-5

  • bug fix: creation of long version parameter designs did not work
  • bug fix: Menu.aggregate returned to wrong dialog (Menu.export) on name specification error
  • Too many analysis facilities were on offer (but not functional) for long version parameter design
  • added possibility to remove star portion from ccd design (Menu.pickcube) in order to support interim analysis, if cube has been run but stars haven't

08 Nov 2011, Version 0.11-4

  • bug fix: activation filter for adding center points menu items caused trouble

07 Nov 2011, Version 0.11-3

  • bug fix: full factorial 2-level designs with center points could not be augmented with a star portion
  • feature enhancement: possible to add different number of center points to cube and star portion central composite designs

13 Aug 2011, Version 0.11-2

  • modified loading workspace of design menu to work properly for work spaces with several objects in them

10 Aug 2011, Version 0.11-1

  • removed forgotten debugging tags

10 Aug 2011, Version 0.11

  • added blocked full factorials, based on version 0.22-4 of package DoE.base

29 Jul 2011, Version 0.10-5

  • fixed bugs in case central composite designs were created after using 2-level design dialog for a completely different purpose earlier in the session

21 Jul 2011, Version 0.10-4

  • allowed lazy loading
  • added a namespace and changed .First.lib to .onAttach
  • removed tkgrab.release(topdes2) from those help functions directly used from within menus (they caused trouble for MacOS)
  • tidied separation of different help functions (dialogs vs. menus)

04 Jun 2011, Version 0.10-3

  • clarified steepest ascent dialog
  • corrected bug in Menu.rsmmodel (led to unusable follow-up dialog when directly using coded designs)
  • modified help to show the new ability (from DoE.base 0.21-2, FrF2 1.2-3 and DoE.wrapper 0.8-3) to also treat a fractional factorial with center points with response surface methods (interesting for steepest ascent etc.)

21 Feb 2011, Version 0.10-2

  • fixed an issue, which made adding observation statistics from the Models menu fail with default linear models from the Design menu (added modelWithSubset variable to Rcmdr namespace on model creation)

04 Feb 2011, Version 0.10-1

  • added more (redundant) possibilities for exporting to the Design menu in order to spare users the necessity to get oriented in the File menu
  • Bug fix: fixed various places where function dQuote was used instead of function dquote, which led to use of fancy quotes and consequently errors in commands on systems with option useFancyQuotes set to TRUE.

31 Jan 2011, Version 0.10

  • added the choice between actual and standard run order to the display design menu item (requires DoE.base version 0.21)
  • added a check box for Taguchi order for 12 run orthogonal arrays
  • added change working directory and load R workspace items to the import menu for convenience
  • added a caution to the new main effects and interaction plot dialog for general designs
  • modified behavior of repeat.only checkbox in connection with blocked designs for FrF2 menu: with the repeat.only checkbox checked, repeats become within block repeated measurements (option wbreps); previously, the checkbox was implicitly ignored for blocked designs
  • fixed degree bug for the default linear model: the degree for pb and oa designs is now in line with the documentation
  • fixed minor bug in function PlotMeansDoE.menu (reload of menu suppressed because of PlotMeans instead of PlotMeansDoE.menu in the recall option)
  • fixed bug in dialog for creation of full factorial (wrong title text)
  • fixed bug in D-optimal design menu that always made the RHS formula disappear

24 Jan 2011, Version 0.9-2

  • added main effects and interaction plot menu for general factorial designs

23 Jan 2011, Version 0.9-1

  • deactivated D-optimal design creation menu for missing candidate designs
  • made D-optimal candidate design selection more comfortables, allowing also selection of an existing design from within the candidate creation menu.
  • fixed bug which made help for D-optimal designs in the design creation menu inaccessible
  • updated a link to Rcmdr installation instructions

30 Oct 2010, Version 0.9

  • adapted information on available designs in menu for fractional factorial 2-level designs to extensions in package FrF2

10 Aug 2010, Version 0.8

  • added analysis functionality for response surface designs
    • response surface model with FO, TWI, PQ, and SO notation
    • steepest ascent / descent analysis
    • contour and persp plots that also work for linear models in general
  • implemented simple version of D-optimal designs (no blocking so far)
  • improved menu for creation of ccd designs (better defaults for cube portion, better guidance through menus)
  • modified NEWS file for better display with function news() Bug fixes
  • resetting ccd menu would use wrong defaults (from lhs instead of ccd)
  • star portion of ccd augmentation ignored the specified number of center points star portion (and always used the default 4); only the center points specified with the cube portion, if any, were honored
  • list of 2-level designs did not include 2-level full factorials
  • current model information was not stored for linear models based on design
  • a harmless warning was not suppressed in menuLinearModelDesign

04 Jun 2010, Version 0.6-14 Bug fixes:

  • contrary to documentation, the default linear model tab worked for models with 2-level factors only.

23 Apr 2010, Version 0.6-13

  • improved Base Settings tab for regular fractional factorials to allow specification of an extra catalogue without having to specify the design itself
    • fourth radio button for catlg only
    • design radio button always also displays catalogue entry box, which is now a combobox
  • allowed loading of special further design catalogues for regular fractional factorials from package FrF2.catlg128, if installed
  • added possibility to display design.info attribute bug fixes:
  • fixed command for selection of specific catalogue (for generating regular fractional factorials) and added dependence on new version of FrF2, because catalogue selection did not work properly in earlier versions
  • corrected an instruction in Menu.import.Rd (regarding loading of R workspace)

03 Apr 2010, Version 0.6-12 bug fix: added requirement for DoE.base version 0.10 (new design inspection for creation of general orthogonal arrays did not work for older versions)

26 Mar 2010, Version 0.6-11

  • updated resolution information to include newly implemented designs from packages FrF2 and DoE.base (and included bug fix to previous version that was incomplete regarding 64 run designs)
  • updated general orthogonal arrays:
    • added automatic optimization
    • added button for displaying available designs
  • updated "Inspect design" menu:
    • all menu items work for active design only
    • summary only does the printed summary itself
    • plot and table become menu items themselves, with the added possibility of selecting a subset of factors only
  • bug fix: creation of general orthogonal arrays did not work for most recent version of package DoE.base

03 Jan 2010, Version 0.6-10

  • added possibility for compromise designs to estimable menu for regular fractional factorials
  • Bugfix: error message for wrong response specigication in add response menu

18 Dec 2009, Version 0.6-9 Created comfort for analysing designs with several response variables:

  • added response selection to the currently available analysis menus
  • removed design selection from linear model menu; this menu now always refers to the design in the active dataset, like the other analysis menus

10 Dec 2009, Version 0.6-8

  • added menu for permanently removing columns from the design
  • added menu for modifying factor contrasts
  • bug fix: help button for response selection menu now points to the correct help file

21 Nov 2009, Version 0.6-7

  • improved help for manually incorporating blocks into designs with estimable 2-factor interactions
  • bug fix: directory selection did not work on export tabs of design creation menus

25 Oct 2009, Version 0.6-6

  • added help button to "Estimable Model" tab for regular 2-level fractional factorials

25 Oct 2009, Version 0.6-5

  • a few changes to help files
  • made several menus more comfortable:
    • keep decimal settings between menus and calls in menus (except for export sub menus of larger menus)
    • allow change of working directory in import, export and add response menu
    • keep further settings in export, import and add response menus, especially in case of errors, so that corrections can be made more comfortably
  • small layout changes to Estimable Model tab for regular 2-level fractional factorials
  • bug fix: maximum time for searching for designs with specified 2fis not aliased
    with each other or with main effects (Estimable Model tab for regular 2-level fractional factorials) was not properly implemented (search was always 60 seconds);
    • improvement for this situation: indication that search is in progress in the output window

18 Oct 2009, Version 0.6

  • changed strategy for error messages when generating designs (affects all design generating and design modifying menus): After pressing OK with options that lead to an error, instead of closing the menu and printing a warning in the messages log, the menu is re-opened with an error message in the messages log. Also, the offending command is not printed into the script and output window, but into the messages log only.
  • bug fix: wrong creator class for ccd designs (menu.designlhs instead of menu.designccd)
  • bug fix: in case of an error message that re-opens the dialog, messages are suppressed
  • bug fix: for Menu.wide, re-opening the menu did not work
  • bug fix: disabled "Quantitative" separator line from Create Design menu
  • bug fix: disabled transformation element on aggregate.design menu, which does not work yet
  • bug fix: changed default formula for models with center points to not add a dummy for the center points (dummy was not found); eventually, there will be an option for including a dummy ...

17 Oct 2009, Version 0.5-6

  • made changes to common factor levels for 2-level designs work immediately, not with delay
  • made radio buttons on "Estimable Model" tab for regular 2-level designs bring up the appropriate controls without delay

08 Oct 2009, Version 0.5-5

  • corrected various copy-paste errors in titles and descriptions of help files
  • made all Info menu items always visible

08 Oct 2009, Version 0.5-4

  • introduced dependence on Rcmdr version at least 1.4-6 (because of issues with building menus and displaying messages in earlier versions)
  • added a help topic for choosing between screening and regular fractional factorial designs
  • updated displayed available designs to reflect current status of designs implemented in package FrF2
  • improved calls to plotting routines in 2-level effect plots menus under Analyse Design (enabled by methods for designs in package FrF2): calls were awkward before for main effects and interaction plots, and call documentation was incomplete for (half) normal effects plots

28 Sep 2009, Version 0.5-3

  • corrected default setting for colnospecifyVariable in menu for general factorial designs
  • corrected behavior of the oa.design menu when switching back from a named design with columns specified to automatic selection

25 Sep 2009, Version 0.5-2

  • corrected further links in documentation

24 Sep 2009, Version 0.5-1

  • corrected a few links in documentation
  • added Encoding field to DESCRIPTION
  • added version requirements to packages DoE.base, FrF2 and DoE.wrapper in DESCRIPTION

24 Sep 2009, Version 0.5 First Beta version released to CRAN

Reference manual

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0.12-3 by Ulrike Groemping, 7 years ago


Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/RcmdrPlugin.DoE

Authors: Ulrike Groemping [aut, cre] , Fox John [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Design of Experiments (DoE) & Analysis of Experimental Data

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports Rcmdr, RcmdrMisc

Depends on utils, DoE.base, FrF2, DoE.wrapper, tcltk, relimp

Suggests FrF2.catlg128

See at CRAN