Structural Equation Models

Functions for fitting general linear structural equation models (with observed and latent variables) using the RAM approach, and for fitting structural equations in observed-variable models by two-stage least squares.


Changes to Version 3.1-9

o Changes to C++ code (requested by CRAN).

Changes to Version 3.1-8

o Fixed compilation flags (at request of CRAN).

o Small correction to DESCRIPTION file.

Changes to Version 3.1-7

o Imports from standard packages to conform to new CRAN policy.

o Moved DiagrammeR to Suggests: .

Changes to Version 3.1-6

o Added text argument to specifyModel(), specifyEquations(), cfa(), readMoments(), and update.semmod().

o Modifications to miSem() etc. to work with version 0.9-99 of the mi package (contributed by Benjamin K Goodrich).

o Major upgrades to pathDiagram() and cfa() (implementing suggestions of Michael Friendly).

o Get rid of calls to require().

Changes to Version 3.1-5

o Small corrections to C++ code by Zhenghua Nie to prevent warnings from valgrind.

Changes to Version 3.1-4

o Fixed multigroup start values (which failed under some circumstances, reported by Timo von Oertzen).

o specifyModel() no longer fails when the model has just one input line.

o specifyEquations() allows structural equations to be split over more than one line.

o Fixed bug in computing robust statistics in multigroup models when not all variables in the input data set are in the model (reported by Thomas Niemand).

o summary.tsls() now returns an object, printed by print.summary.tsls() (after question by Steve Koch).

o Fixed bug suppressing computation of R^2s in a just-identified model (after report by Paula N. Fergnani).

o Added message to specifyModel() suggesting use of specifyEquations() or cfa().

o Small fixes.

Changes to Version 3.1-3

o No substantive changes.

Changes to Version 3.1-2

o specifyModel() now allows tabs in path specifications.

o Small fixes for compatibility with R 3.0.0.

Changes to Version 3.1-1

o Fixed bug in startvalues() when a latent variable has only 1 indicator.

o Added custom c++ function to print debug iteration history.

Changes to Version 3.1-0

o Added FIML objective function for handling missing data. (Preliminary implementation for single-group models only.)

o Added miSem() for multiple imputation.

o Added bootSem.msem() method for multi-group models; bootSem() now generic.

o Redefinition of BIC (differs by constant from previous version, suggested by Ken Bollen).

o Default reference.indicators=TRUE in cfa() (suggestion of Ken Bollen).

o Added fit.indices argument to summary() methods, along with fit.indices global option. AIC and BIC provided by default; other fit indices (including addition of RNI and IFI, suggested by Ken Bollen) available optionally.

o New version of startvalues(); old version now named startvalues2().

o New pathDiagram.semmod() method.

o Small fixes and changes.

Changes to Version 3.0-0

o Compiled code for optimization.

o Added multi-group models.

o Modification indices for equality-constrained parameters.

o weights argument added to tsls().

o raw argument added to cfa().

Changes to Version 2.1-2

o Suppress R^2s when raw moments used (they were not computed correctly).

o Enhancements to update.semmod() and new edit.semmod() (suggestions of Michael Friendly).

Changes to Version 2.1-1

o Added cfa() for compact specification of confirmatory factor analysis models.

Changes to Version 2.1-0

o Added equation-style model specification, via specifyEquations()

o Fixed bug in classifyVariables() when <- (rather than ->) used in the model.

o Fixed bug in vcov.sem() when the model has just one structural parameter or just one variance/covariance parameter.

Changes to Version 2.0-0

o Completely reworked version of the sem package. See CHANGES file for changes to older versions.

Reference manual

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3.1-13 by John Fox, 3 months ago,

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Authors: John Fox [aut, cre] , Zhenghua Nie [aut] , Jarrett Byrnes [aut] , Michael Culbertson [ctb] , Saikat DebRoy [ctb] , Michael Friendly [ctb] , Benjamin Goodrich [ctb] , Richard H. Jones [ctb] , Adam Kramer [ctb] , Georges Monette [ctb] , Frederick Novomestky [ctb] , R-Core [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Econometrics, Multivariate Statistics, Psychometric Models and Methods

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports MASS, boot, mi, utils

Depends on stats

Suggests polycor, DiagrammeR

Imported by MBESS, bmem, semPlot, stablespec.

Depended on by faoutlier, qtlnet, semdiag.

Suggested by MVA, Rcmdr, aspect, semPLS, systemfit.

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