R Commander Miscellaneous Functions

Various statistical, graphics, and data-management functions used by the Rcmdr package in the R Commander GUI for R.


Changes to Version 2.5-1

o Depend on R >= version 3.5.0 because of use of isFALSE() (at request of CRAN).

Changes to Version 2.5-0

o Synchronize version numbers with minor versions of the Rcmdr package.

o Show axis ticks at observed values in discretePlot() (suggestion of Beatriz Lacruz Casaucau).

o binnedCounts() reports percentage as well as frequency distribution (suggestion of Beatriz Lacruz Casaucau).

o indexplot() accepts groups argument.

Changes to Version 1.0-10

o Make indexplot() compatible with car 3.0-0.

Changes to Version 1.0-9

o Fixed bug in discretePlot() (reported by Felipe Rafael Ribeiro Melo).

Changes to Version 1.0-8

o readSPSS() now can process value labels when haven::read_SPSS() is called; new use.value.labels argument, defaults to TRUE (after report by Manuel Munoz Marquez).

Changes to Version 1.0-7

o No longer import print.rcorr from Hmisc.

Changes to Version 1.0-6

o Added readSAS() for SAS b7dat files.

o Added readStata() for improved input of Stata .dta files.

o Added readSPSS() for reading SPSS .sav and .por files.

o Improvements to plotMeans() legends.

o Barplot() can now compute conditional percentages (suggestion of Beatriz Lacruz); other improvements.

o Hist() now invisibly returns a "hist" object or list of "hist" objects (suggestion of Beatriz Lacruz).

o renamed bin.var() as binVariable(), retaining bin.var() as a synomym.

o Added discretePlot() for plotting distributions of discrete numeric variables (after a suggestion of Beatriz Lacruz).

o Added plotBoot() for plotting bootstrap distributions.

o indexplot() can now plot multiple variables (suggestion of Manuel Munoz).

o Added binnedCounts() for binned frequency distribution of a numeric variable (suggestion of Manuel Munoz).

o Added normalityTests() for various tests of normality.

o Small bug fixes.

Changes to Version 1.0-5

o Added connect argument to plotMeans() (suggestion of Graham Smith).

o Added capability to plot regions under density functions to plotDistr().

o Added *gumbel() functions for the Gumbel distribution, parametrized by location and scale.

Changes to Version 1.0-4

o Added ... argument to Barplot (after Rcmdr bug reported by Fritz Leisch).

o Added DeltaMethod().

Changes to Version 1.0-3

o Fixed bug in rcorr.adjust() that didn't properly convert .000 to <.001 for pairwise-complete correlations (reported by Bob Muenchen).

o Added Barplot() and Dotplot().

o Added readXL(), export excel_sheets(), both from readxl package.

o Conform to new CRAN package import requirements.

Changes to Version 1.0-2

o Updated the following inadvertently reverted functions (and docs): partial.cor(), numSummary(), Hist(), rcorr.adjust() (following bug report by Mark Dunning).

o Hist() reports a warning but doesn't fail for empty groups.

Changes to Version 1.0-1

o Added "se(mean)" to numSummary().

Changes to Version 1.0-0

o First version of the package, with functions moved from the Rcmdr package to make them more conveniently available to other CRAN packages (at the suggestion of Liviu Andronic).

Reference manual

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2.7-2 by John Fox, 22 days ago

https://www.r-project.org, https://socialsciences.mcmaster.ca/jfox/

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/RcmdrMisc

Authors: John Fox [aut, cre] , Robert Muenchen [ctb] , Dan Putler [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports abind, colorspace, Hmisc, MASS, e1071, foreign, haven, readstata13, readxl, graphics, grDevices, stats, nortest, lattice

Depends on utils, car, sandwich

Suggests boot, datasets, carData

Imported by CAinterprTools, GmAMisc, RcmdrPlugin.DoE, RcmdrPlugin.EACSPIR.

Depended on by Rcmdr, RcmdrPlugin.GWRM.

Suggested by Dominance, industRial.

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