Generates Networks from BTS Data

A flexible tool that allows generating bespoke air transport statistics for urban studies based on publicly available data from the Bureau of Transport Statistics (BTS) in the United States <>.

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The rationale behind Skynet, is to provide researchers with a unifying tool overcoming some of the challenges faced when dealing with the Bureau of Transport Statistics, DB1B and T100 data. The DB1B data consists of 2 sets of files, Coupon and Ticket. They can be both downloaded at and respectively while the T100 data can be found here


To comply with R syntax guidelines, we changed to a clearer function naming from version 1.2.0. Deprecated functions are still present, but will be removed for the next versions.

Note on importing from other data sources

We are constantly working on new functions that allow importing data from different data sources. However, as we can’t cover them all at least for now, in case you would like to work with a database which is not covered by skynet, simply create a data.frame with the following variables:

itin_id, mkt_id, seq_num, origin_mkt_id, origin, year, quarter, dest_mkt_id, dest, trip_break, op_carrier, distance, gateway, roundtrip, itin_yield, passengers, itin_fare, bulk_fare, distance_full

For more information on the variables, please visit and

Skynet allows that some of this variables have a 0 or NA value, however, if you’re working with a specific dataset which doesn’t allow an easy conversion to our format, please feel free to create an issue so we can look into it. Please make sure to include at least one small example of a csv file with the data you’re trying to import.


You can install skynet from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Import Data

To import data, simply type import_db1b() or import_t100() including the path to your desired file.
Note: The Coupon file should take the first argument while the Ticket file should take the second argument.

 import_db1b("folder/Coupon 2016Q1.csv", "folder/Ticket 2016Q1.csv")

The BTS DB1B data consists of 2 sets of files, Coupon and Ticket. They can be both downloaded at and respectively.

Despite being possible to download the complete zipped file, which includes all variables, due to its size, we recommend selecting the following set.

Coupon Ticket
Itinerary ID Itinerary ID
Market ID Roundtrip
Sequence Number Itinerary Yield
Origin City Market ID Passengers
Origin Itinerary Fare
Year Bulkfare Indicator
Quarter Distance
Destination City Market ID
Trip Break
Operating Carrier

Since version 1.0.2 that the import method changed being the netimport() function no longer available. When importing from the prezipped DB1B file, just add the argument zip = TRUE to the import_db1b() function. This does not apply to the T100 file which can be simply imported by typing import_t100(). In order to save space, it is possible as well to import the prezipped file, and convert it to a smaller file with only the necessary variables, with the function convert_raw().


To generate a directed network, please type:

# For DB1B data
import_db1b("folder/Coupon_2011Q1.csv", "folder/Ticket_2011Q1.csv")
make_net_dir(OD_2011Q1, disp = TRUE, alpha = 0.05)

# For T100 data
make_net_dir(T100_2011Q1, disp = TRUE, alpha = 0.05)



skynet 0.9.0

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.

skynet 0.9.2

  • Added tests
  • Added Sample Data
  • Fixed Imports on Description file

skynet 0.9.3

  • Fixed "no visible binding for global variable" issue
  • Replaced disparity filter from semnet package by own package
  • Small performace improvements
  • Corrected spelling

skynet 0.9.4

  • Added T-100 import
  • Corrected issue with general import for international option

skynet 0.9.7

  • Added new map function, now automatically printing different carriers with different colors.
  • Improved import functions
  • Importing from prezipped file, no longer requires extra function.

skynet 0.9.7

  • Changed way itin_fare was calculated for Directed, Undirected and Metro Networks. Now it uses price per mile and distance between stops to generate that info.

skynet 0.9.9

  • netImport now imports T100 market and segment files.
  • netPath airlines renamed to carrier.
  • updated vignettes.

skynet 1.0

  • netMetro has been replaced by argument in netDir() and netUnd().

skynet 1.0.1

  • Possible to include carriers for undirected networks.
  • Possible to filter non-scheduled flights.
  • Ground Transport is now included as a carrier.
  • Metro Network can be plotted.
  • Improved way of calculating airport passenger frequency.
  • Minor bug fixes.

skynet 1.0.2

  • New import functions. Now there are separate functions to import csv files from both DB1B and T100 databases.
  • New bootnet function to bootstrap networks.

skynet 1.0.3

  • Minor adjustments
  • Improved readability

skynet 1.0.4

  • Improved ReadMe file
  • Fixed website
  • Added extra comments and help information

skynet 1.1.0

  • Changed way files are imported. Now Coupon should take the first argument and Ticket the second.
  • Minor adjustmenst to the help files.

skynet 1.2.0

  • Major function naming changes to match syntax etiquette
  • Skynet S3 class added

skynet 1.2.1

  • Year and quarter added to skynet object
  • Fixed site

skynet 1.2.2

  • Removed convert_raw as it is easier to import using the zip = TRUE argument and select the format to be saved to.

skynet 1.2.3

  • Now it is possible to import directly files from the BTS website with the download_db1b() function.

skynet 1.3

  • We have fixed some bugs and added the download_t100 function, making it finally possible to import both T100 and DB1B datasets without having to navigate to the BTS website.

Reference manual

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1.4.0 by Filipe Teixeira, a year ago

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Suggests knitr, rmarkdown, testthat, kableExtra, covr

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