Estimation of Indicators on Social Exclusion and Poverty

Estimation of indicators on social exclusion and poverty, as well as Pareto tail modeling for empirical income distributions.


Changes in laeken version 0.5.0

+ order of factors changed in function 'prop'

+ bugfixes in computation of weighted quantiles and quintile share ratio
  to strictly follow Eurostat definitions

+ Package title now in title case

+ packages 'boot' and 'MASS' are now only Imports instead of Depends

Changes in laeken version 0.4.6

+ Estimation of a proportion and its variance (class "prop", function
  'prop' and related changes).

Changes in laeken version 0.4.5

+ Added references to JSS paper.

Changes in laeken version 0.4.4

+ Updated vignette 'laeken-intro'.

+ Updated some help files.

Changes in laeken version 0.4.3

+ Bugfix in 'bootVar' when resampling clusters of observations rather than

Changes in laeken version 0.4.2

+ Bootstrap variance estimation now contains an argument 'cluster', which
  allows for resampling clusters of observations rather than individuals.

+ Bugfix in 'gpg': arguments 'gender' and 'method' are now passed to

+ Updated vignette 'laeken-intro'.

Changes in laeken version 0.4.1

+ Reduced run times of examples for 'bootVar' and 'variance'.

+ Functions 'arpt' and 'arpr' can now take a vector of percentages of the
  weighted median to be used for the at-risk-of-poverty threshold.

+ Updated vignette 'laeken-intro'.

Changes in laeken version 0.4.0

+ Added example data 'ses' for the Structure of Earnings Survey.

+ Added vignette 'laeken-intro'.

+ Minimal changes in 'print' method for indicators.

+ Minimal changes in help files and vignettes.

+ Removed attributes from variable 'eqIncome' in example data 'eusilc'.

+ The level names of argument 'gender' in function 'gpg' can now be any
  character string. Note: the first level of gender should always
  correspond to females.

Changes in laeken version 0.3.3

+ New plot method for objects of class "paretoTail".

+ Package roxygen2 is now used for documentation.

+ Bugfixes in 'paretoQPlot' and 'meanExcessPlot': order of graphical
  parameters 'pch', 'cex', 'col' and 'bg' for the data points is now

+ Bugfix in 'meanExcessPlot': computation of weighted quantiles no longer
  throws error.

Changes in laeken version 0.3.2

+ Package is built with flag --resave-data to avoid warning with R 2.15.0.

Changes in laeken version 0.3.1

+ New arguments in function 'paretoScale' for generalizations of Van Kerm's

+ Updated author affiliation.

Changes in laeken version 0.3

+ New function 'gpg' for estimating the gender pay (wage) gap.

+ Fixed function 'bootVar' for package 'boot' >= 1.3-1.

Changes in laeken version 0.2.3

+ Corrected mistake in formula for weighted Hill estimator in vignette

Changes in laeken version 0.2.2

+ New function 'shrinkOut' for Pareto tail modeling to shrink outliers to
  the theoretical quantile used for outlier detection.

Changes in laeken version 0.2.1

+ Fixed help files for 'meanExcessPlot' and 'paretoQPlot' on Microsoft
  Windows systems.

+ Fixed package reference in vignette 'laeken-variance'.

Changes in laeken version 0.2

+ Functions for fitting a Pareto distribution now have an additional
  argument 'x0' to specify threshold directly instead of using number of
  observations 'k' in the tail.

+ In the graphical exploration of the data using 'meanExcessPlot' or
  'paretoQPlot', sample weights can now be considered and the threshold
  (scale parameter) can be selected interactively.

+ Function 'paretoQPlot' now simply uses logarithmic y-axis to show the
  labels in the scale of the original values.

+ Changed default axis labels in 'paretoQPlot'.

+ Sample weights can now be considered when fitting a Pareto distribution
  using 'thetaHill', 'thetaISE' or 'thetaPDC'.

+ New function 'calibVars' for convenient construction of binary variables
  for calibration.

+ New functions 'paretoTail', 'replaceTail', 'replaceOut' and 'reweightOut'
  for improved methodology for Pareto tail modeling with a common interface.

+ Row names of the example data 'eusilc' are now given by 1 to the number
  of rows.

+ New wrapper function 'weightedMean' for the (weighted) mean.

+ New function 'paretoScale' for estimating the threshold for Pareto tail

+ Totals for calibrated bootstrap variance are now by default computed from
  the original data using the Horvitz-Thompson estimator.

+ Added package vignettes 'laeken-standard', 'laeken-pareto' and

Changes in laeken version 0.1.3

+ Minimal changes in help file for 'calibWeights'.

Changes in laeken version 0.1.2

+ Bugfix in 'thetaWML' for bias correction term with weight function based
  on standardized residuals.

Changes in laeken version 0.1.1

+ Bugfix in 'bootVar' in case of breakdown by year and domain.

Reference manual

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0.5.2 by Andreas Alfons, 3 months ago

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Authors: Andreas Alfons [aut, cre] , Josef Holzer [aut] , Matthias Templ [aut] , Alexander Haider [ctb]

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Task views: Official Statistics & Survey Methodology, Official Statistics & Survey Statistics

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports boot, MASS

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