Quickly Create Elegant Regression Results Tables and Plots when Modelling

Generate regression results tables and plots in final format for publication. Explore models and export directly to PDF and 'Word' using 'RMarkdown'.

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The finalfit package provides functions that help you quickly create elegant final results tables and plots when modelling in R. These can easily be exported as Word documents, PDFs, or html files.

Its design follows Hadley Wickham's tidy tool manifesto.

In addition, it provides functions for identifying and handling missing data, together with a number of functions to bootstrap simulate regression model results.

You can install finalfit from CRAN:


It is recommended that this package is used together with dplyr which can be installed via:



The package documentation is maintained independently at finalfit.org.


finalfit 0.9.0

  • or_plot() bug fix
  • ff_remove_ref() added. #12
  • glmmixed() and lmmixed() now support random gradient models, and all complex lme4 specifications.
  • Data preparation vignette added.

finalfit 0.8.9

  • ff_plot() added
  • coefficient_plot() added
  • variable_type() added
  • Compatibility for future shinyfit started.
  • ff_relabel() added.
  • Error added to finalfit() for not-allowed colons (:) in factor levels. #10

finalfit 0.8.8

  • ff_glimpse() re-written to remove psych dependency
  • missing_glimpse() added: single data frame describing all variables and missing values
  • ff_interaction() added: create variable for an interaction between two factors
  • ff_label() added: easily add label to variable in dataframe
  • ff_newdata() modified to take dataframe without requirement for dependent and explanatory arguments
  • summary_factorlist() modified to allow user to change number of unique factor levels at which a variable a continuous variable is converted to a factor (cont_cut). #9
  • fit2df() and its internal function extract_fit modified to take confint_type and confint_level.

finalfit 0.8.7

  • New vignettes
  • pkgdown website support
  • missing_predictorMatrix() added for use with mice

finalfit 0.8.6

  • Bug fix

finalfit 0.8.5

  • Extended missing data functions added

finalfit 0.8.4

  • Bootstrap simulation functions added

finalfit 0.8.3

  • Bug fix

finalfit 0.8.2

  • Missing data functions added

finalfit 0.8.1

Bug fixes

  • lmuni(), lmmulti(), lmmixed(), glmuni(), glmmulti(), glmmixed(), coxphuni(), coxphmulti()

New functions

  • metrics_hoslem() is the first of a number of 'metrics' functions which will be introduced.

finalfit 0.7.8

  • First CRAN release

Reference manual

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. You can click here to download the reference manual.


1.0.3 by Ewen Harrison, 5 months ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/ewenharrison/finalfit/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/finalfit

Authors: Ewen Harrison [aut, cre] , Tom Drake [aut] , Riinu Ots [aut]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

MIT + file LICENCE license

Imports bdsmatrix, boot, broom, dplyr, forcats, GGally, ggplot2, grid, gridExtra, lme4, magrittr, mice, pillar, pROC, purrr, scales, stats, stringr, survival, tidyr

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