R Graphics Device using Cairo Graphics Library for Creating High-Quality Bitmap (PNG, JPEG, TIFF), Vector (PDF, SVG, PostScript) and Display (X11 and Win32) Output

R graphics device using cairographics library that can be used to create high-quality vector (PDF, PostScript and SVG) and bitmap output (PNG,JPEG,TIFF), and high-quality rendering in displays (X11 and Win32). Since it uses the same back-end for all output, copying across formats is WYSIWYG. Files are created without the dependence on X11 or other external programs. This device supports alpha channel (semi-transparent drawing) and resulting images can contain transparent and semi-transparent regions. It is ideal for use in server environments (file output) and as a replacement for other devices that don't have Cairo's capabilities such as alpha support or anti-aliasing. Backends are modular such that any subset of backends is supported.



1.5-9 (2015-09-25) o work around bug #45376 in freetype 2.6.0 causing compilation failure

1.5-8 (2015-07-29) o fix a premature memory release in locator handling for raster back-ends.

1.5-7 (2015-07-27) o fix a segfault in CairoFontMatch() in case FcNameParse() fails (closes #10)

o	image back-end can now provide custom locator if
a `locator` argument is passed to `Cairo()` with the desired
callback function. The callback function accepts `dev` argument
and should return either a numeric vector of length 2 (x, y)
or `NULL`. This is mainly useful for `type='raster'` passed to
external UI where that UI can provide locator capability.

o   add Cairo.snapshot() which is similar to recordPlot() but
also allows the retrieval of the last snapshot.

1.5-6 (2014-06-26) o scale line width by the same amount as fonts such that resolution changes are consistent even in that respect

1.5-5 (2013-12-23) o fix onSave reporting incorrect page number for the last page (introduced in 1.5-4, closes #6)

o	scale fonts unconditionally according to the dpi adjustment
(fixes issues with grid graphics and dpi changes)

1.5-4 (2013-12-12) o fix invalid pointsize scaling if dpi auto-detection is used (closes #1)

o	fix failure to emit final page in some multi-page settings
(closes #4)

o	the `res' parameter in CairoPNG(), CairoTIFF() and CairoJPEG()
it now passed down to Cairo() which now accepts `res' to
override the value of `dpi' if `res' is set to anyhting other
than NA or NULL. (closes #3)

o	release onSave callback function on close (closes #2)

1.5-3 (2013-12-03) o remove compatibility layers to make R 3.x happy

o	adjust pointsize according to the dpi setting

1.5-2 (2012-11-05) o added Cairo.onSave() callback which allows R code to be run when Cairo finishes a page

o	added Cairo.serial() function which allows user code to check
whether the graphics have been updated

o	bugfix/update in Cairo connection patch (by Karl Millar)

1.5-1 (2011-12-10) o add support for dev.hold()/dev.flush()

o	use new R 2.14.0 device capabilities advertizing feature

o	fix memory leak when setting fonts via CairoFonts()

o	explicitly request font anti-aliasing even if it is not the
surface default - in particular Windows has disabled font
anti-aliasing by default

1.5-0 (2011-09-30) o fix swapped bold vs italic traits if freetype is not available

o	use Times font for symbols on Windows because Symbol font
doesn't seem to support Unicode

o	add support for poly-paths

o	add support for dev.capture()/grid.cap()

o	added new type "raster" that creates an image back-end without
any output file. It can be used in conjunction with
dev.capture() to create in-memory image representations, e.g.:
plot(1:10, col=2)
p = writePNG(dev.capture(native=TRUE), raw())
will create a raw vector containg a PNG image.

1.4-9 (2011-04-06) o force static built-in libraries on Windows to prevent Cairo from picking up broken system libraries

1.4-8 (2011-03-07) o spurious character in the 1.4-7 w32-backed source has made it unusable on Windows. This is a re-packaging of 1.4-7 without that spurious character.

1.4-7 (2011-03-07) o fix a bug in raster support causing raster to be usable only once

o	win backend: release and re-get DC on resize -- fixes resizing
issues in CairoWin() for some Windows versions

1.4-6 (2011-02-10) o adds raster image support (courtesy of R core)

o	update Windows libcairo binary to cairo 1.10.2, use static
build to avoid DLL issues and add 64-bit binary

1.4-5 (2009-07-16) o minor Windows configuration change

o	fix SET_VECTOR_ELT issue for R 2.9.0+

1.4-4 (2008-10-17) o adapt to changes in R-devel (2.9.0-to-be), clean up warnings

1.4-3 (2008-07-21) o make the use of an invalid font non-fatal

o	allow Cairo to compile on some older systems that don't have

o	updated libcairo binary for Windows to 1.6.4 (from GTK+)

1.4-2 (2008-04-03) o adapt to even more changes in R 2.7

1.4-1 (2008-03-14) o adapt to R 2.7 changes

1.4-0 o fix DPI detection in X11 back-end and use 90dpi as a fallback

o	fix cra settings to be closer to what other devices use

o	CairoX11 no longer fixes DPI to 72, "auto" is now the default.
In addition, CairoWin and CairoX11 allow additional arguments
to ba passed to Cairo.

1.3-5 (2007-08-27) o adapt to const char* CHARs in R-devel

o	fix a bug in CairoSVG (wrong argument name)

o	fix a bug in CairoPS (units were not set to "in" and
width/height had no defaults)

o	fix unintentional doubling of the .ps suffix

1.3-4 (2007-05-10) o more fixes in flag-guessing

o	some vector backends (e.g. PDF, SVG) were falling back to
bitamp rasterization, we try to prevent this 

o	address expose issues with some X11 servers

o	add CairoSVG wrapper

o	add an unified way to register back-ends and get a list of all
supported types.

o	add Cairo.capabilities() function

1.3-3 2007-04-25 o improve detection of cairo and its dependencies

o	work around missing API such that cairo 1.0 can be used.
However, it is strongly encouraged to use cairo 1.2 or
possibly 1.4 as they contain important bugfixes.

o	fix page numbering to start at 1 (was 0) and update
documentation correspondingly

1.3-2 2007-04-18 o added format autodetection for tiff and png. The 32-bit version of either format is used if the background is not opaque.

o	fixed bug in the value returned by Cairo

o	added type and file attributes to the Cairo object

o	added (hidden, experimental) functions that allow direct
modification of image content in Cairo (.image, .ptr.to.raw
and .raw.to.ptr)

1.3-1 o change semantics of canvas and bg to match other devices: canvas is used by devices that don't support any kind of transparency in case bg is translucent

o	fixed data ordering issues in TIFF and JPEG output

o	added "compression" parameter to TIFF back-end which
now defaults to LZW compression

1.3-0 o add support for canvas and dpi specification

o	allow backends to detect native resolution

o	add support for custom parameters (e.g. quality for jpeg)

1.2-1 o improve rendering on bitmap devices by aligning straight lines to the pixel grid and adding bleed to such fills.

o	added wrappers that take exactly the same parameters as
existing devices such as png, jpeg, pdf, postscript, X11 or
windows and map them to calls to Cairo. They can be used to
replace native devices by Cairo without the need to change
existing code.

o	added namespace

1.2-0 o additional interactive back ends: X11 (XLib) and win (Win32)

o	enhanced back-end API to support interactive back-ends

o	change default backgroud color to "white", because
alpha-blending doesn't work properly in cairo when painting on
purely transparent background.

o	change the way filenames are interpreted, use multi-file
printf convention as other devices do.

o	added support for jpeg and tiff image formats

1.1-0 o additional file/stream back-ends: svg, ps

o	enhanced back-end API

1.0-0 o fixed function names to not conflict with GDD

0.1-5 o added R connections patch support at config time. see http://wiki.r-project.org/rwiki/doku.php?id=developers:r_connections_api

0.1-4 (2006-12-07) o add pdf backend (Jeff Horner)

o	fix up backend infrastructure (Jeff Horner)

0.1-3 (2006-12-06) o add freetype and fontconfig support (Jeff Horner)

o	fix memory leaks (Jeff Horner)

o	make transparent background default with bg="transparent"

0.1-2 (2006-12-05) o add support for caps/joints (patch by Jeff Horner)

o	make rectangels to snap to grid (patch by Jeff Horner)

o	use transparent image background by default

0.1-1 (2005-12-23) o first official release, image backend works, others are waiting to be implemented by volunteers

Reference manual

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