Finnish Open Government Data Toolkit

Algorithms for Finnish open government data.

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Algorithms for Finnish open goverment data in R.

For installation and usage, check the tutorial page.

Authors: See the DESCRIPTION file. Part of rOpenGov.

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CHANGES IN VERSION 0.7.24 (2015-06-22) o Removed get_postal_code_info o Removed get_province_info

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.7.24 (2014-06-04)

o Rewritten the package and moved many functions to other packages o Updated vignette

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.4.03 (2013-09-29)

o Submitted to CRAN

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.4.01 (2013-09-29)

o Cleaned from warnings and errors in package conversion

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.2.03 (2012-10-26)

o Fixed problems in GetLukiot(), GetOikotie(), and GetHRIaluejakokartat(), includes some temporary fixes

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.2.00 (2012-10-24)

o Minor fixed in maps.R and HKK.R

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.83 (2012-09-03)

o Fixed a bug with handling years in hetu-function.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.82 (2012-08-31)

o Added functions hetu and valid.hetu for processing Finnish personal identification numbers.

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.81 (2012-08-14)

o MML data Kunta.FI field updated: Lansi-Turunmaa -> Parainen; Pedersoren kunta -> Pedersore o added R/datavaalit.R

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.79 (2012-08-08)

o removed data/ directory, moved rda files in and o added LoadData function

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.73 (2012-07-09)

o Removed several dependencies and made them marginal (see wiki for description)

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.71 (2012-05-12)

o GetMunicipalityInfo modified o added ConvertMunicipalityNames function o added GetParliamentaryElectionData function o GetMunicipalityInfoMML o GetMunicipalityInfoStatFi o elections*.R functions added for datavaalit

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.59 (2012-03-10)

o Added functions GetOmakaupunki, GetPalvelukartta, GetThemeMap o Joined files googlemaps.R and OpenStreetMap.R to file maps.R

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.58 (2012-03-06)

o XML removed from dependencies

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.57 (2012-02-28)

o added Seutukunta in MML data (via bug fix in GetShapeMML) o spdep added to dependencies (required by GenerateMapColours) o added function GenerateMapColours

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.55 (2012-02-26)

o GetMunicipalityInfo function updated: now retrieving comprehensive municipality-level information from Tilastokeskus and Maanmittauslaitos into a single table o Added options to PlotShape function

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.54 (2012-02-26)

o Added loaders.R (for loading external data into .rda-files) o HKK.R (including GetHKK) rewritten, major changes:

  • XLConnect no longer required
  • GetHKK returns a single SpatialPolygonsDataFrame instead a list of them
  • new function SplitSpatial splits a Spatial*DataFrame object into a list of individual objects based on a splitter field o Updated presidentti2012_PKS_20120201.R to reflect changes in HKK.R

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.53 (2012-02-26) o replaced RBGL with RColorBrewer in dependencies

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.51 (2012-02-26)

o replaced RBGL with RColorBrewer in dependencies

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.50 (2012-02-23)

o added stringOperations.R (Strip function)

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.49 (2012-02-13)

o added package name in front of rgdal and XML functions (XML::function) to handle warnings in package build o removed special characters from vaalit.R

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.48 (2012-02-12)

o Added functions: GetVaalipiiri, GetElectionResultsPresidentti2012 o XML removed from dependencies (problems with R-forge Windows builds) o px.R -> tilastokeskus.R

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.47 (2012-02-03)

o function PlotMatrix added o RBGL added to dependencies, this is required by PlotMatrix

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.46 (2012-02-02)

o added matrixOperations.R: CenterData and UnitScale functions o added functions for analyzing the Finnish presidential election data from Helsingin Sanomat in vaalit.R o removed maakunta.R source file and removed function GetMaakuntainfo and merged with GetProvinceInfo o in FindProvince function argument name change: municipality.list -> municipalities

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.44 (2011-12-31)

o updated GetShapeMML and documentation, and recreated MML.rda

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.43 (2011-12-29)

o GoogleStyleGuide issues completed o examples updated o vignette updated o GitHub taken into use for release version

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.42 (2011-12-27)

o get.population.register -> GetPopulationRegister o preprocess.px -> GetPXTilastokeskus o shape2sorvi -> ReadShape o visualize.shape -> PlotShape o Added internal function is.url

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.41 (2011-12-27)

o WMS functionality included o Added wms.R o Added functions PreprocessWMS, GetWMSlayers, LoadWMSurl, GetWMSraster and ListWMSurls o Added internal functions BuildService and GetCapabilities o Modified AllClasses.R o Added classes WMS and WMSLayer o Added example 20111127-OIVAwms.R

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.40 (2011-12-26)

o get.geocode.GoogleMaps -> GetGeocodeGoogleMaps o get.staticmap.GoogleMaps -> GetStaticmapGoogleMaps o get.geocode.OpenStreetMap -> GetGeocodeOpenStreetMap o preprocess.PKS.aluejakokartat -> GetHRIaluejakokartat o preprocess.PKS.lukiot -> GetLukiot o getPresidentti2012Data -> GetPresidentti2012 o -> GetWorldbankMigration o load.apurahat -> GetApurahat o preprocess.Oikotie -> GetOikotie o Removed datasets: Oikotie, PKS.lukiot (use Get-functions instead) o Added and updated examples and Louhos-articles

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.39 (2011-12-24)

o -> GetPostalCodeInfo o -> GetProvinceInfo o -> GetMunicipalityInfo o municipality2province -> FindProvince o get.hsy -> GetHSY o preprocess.shape.mml -> PreprocessShapeMML o Added internal function GetShapeMML to provide the details on original MML data preprocessing

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.38 (2011-12-22)

o Changes to follow R Style Guide o get.gadm -> GetGADM; now converting all names into UTF-8; also some changes to output o gadm.position2region -> FindGADMPosition2Region; also some changes to output o Added internal function: ConvertGADMResolution

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.36 (2011-12-21) o get.gadm: alue -> map / fixed taso / added korvaa.skandit

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.34 (2011-12-20)

o Roxygenization completed. The package documentation now generated for instance with library(devtools); document("pkg")

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.32 (2011-12-19)

o Changed several R file names to more general ones (Juuso) o ROxygen fields added to googlemaps.R, HRI.R, koulut.R, kulttuuri.R, Oikotie.R, OpenStreetMap.R, vaalit.R, worldbank.R o Documented PKS.lukiot, Oikotie, and PKS.aluejakokartat data sets in data.documentation.R

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.31 (2011-12-18)

o get.vaestorekisteri -> get.population.register o Roxygen fields added to HSY.R, mml.R, population.register.R, px.R, visualization.R o roxygen removed from dependencies o added data.documentation.R for Roxygen documentation of the sorvi data sets; documented MML and translations data sets

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.30 (2011-12-18)

o get.gadm: argument name change: alue -> resolution o get.maakuntatiedot.R -> o added sorvi-package.R o Roxygen fields added to gadm.R,, Also moved urls in function arguments from within the functions where applicable o roxygen added to dependencies

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.29 (2011-12-11)

o added vaalit.R which contains getPresidentti2012Data

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.28 (2011-12-09)

o added HSY.R which contains get.hsy function; this was unintentionally missing from version 0.1.27

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.27 (2011-12-06)

o added get.hsy function for automated retrieval of HSY data o removed HSY data o get.postinumerot ->

CHANGES IN VERSIOn 0.1.26 (2011-12-05)

o get.maakuntatiedot -> o Added functions,, municipality2province

CHANGES IN VERSIOn 0.1.25 (2011-12-04)

o Added HSY data

CHANGES IN VERSIOn 0.1.23 (2011-11-15) o Lisatty funktiot

CHANGES IN VERSIOn 0.1.22 (2011-11-12) o Lisatty funktiot load.apurahat() ja load.maakuntakartta()

CHANGES IN?VERSION?0.1.14?(2011-10-30) o MML:n datat lisatty valmiiksi esikasiteltyna data(MML)-objektiin (data/MML.rda) o funktionimet muutettu englanninkielisiksi: hae -> get; putsaa -> preprocess

CHANGES IN?VERSION?0.1.13?(2011-10-24) o Dokumentointia paivitetty versiosta 0.1.11.

CHANGES IN?VERSION?0.1.11?(2011-10-23) o Juuson ensimmainen p?ivitys o Datoja: Oikotie, paakaupunkiseudun aluejakokartat, lukiot o Funktiot yll? olevian datojen muokkaamiseen o Funktioita RGoogleMapsin kayttoon o HUOM! Dokumentaatio osin puutteellista!

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.09 (2011-10-18)

o mml.R Maanmittauslaitoksen datoille apufunktioita

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.08 (2011-10-18)

o vignetteen esimerkkeja aineistohauista ym. o Maanmittauslaitoksen karttadatoja lisatty inst/extdata/Maanmittauslaitos/

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.04 (2011-10-09)

o hae.postinumerot: Suomen kuntien ja postinumeroiden mappaamiseen o korvaa.skandit: apufunktio skandien kasittelyyn

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.03 (2011-10-09)

o Valineita vaestorekisterikeskuksen datan screenscrapingiin (hae.vaestorekisteri) ja GADM-muotoisen karttadatan hakuun (hae.gadm)

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.1.01 (2011-10-06)

o Eka versio

Reference manual

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0.7.26 by Leo Lahti, 6 years ago,

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Authors: Leo Lahti , Juuso Parkkinen , Joona Lehtomaki , Juuso Haapanen , Jussi Paananen , Einari Happonen

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Official Statistics & Survey Methodology

BSD_2_clause + file LICENSE license

Imports ggplot2, RColorBrewer, dplyr, reshape2

Suggests gdata, knitr, rmarkdown, RCurl, rjson, testthat

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