Interface to 'Dygraphs' Interactive Time Series Charting Library

An R interface to the 'dygraphs' JavaScript charting library (a copy of which is included in the package). Provides rich facilities for charting time-series data in R, including highly configurable series- and axis-display and interactive features like zoom/pan and series/point highlighting.



  • Fix bug which prevented accessing dygraph object in HTMLWidget (#196)


  • Added pointShape parameter to dyOptions and dySeries function to set point shapes other than dots

  • Updated dyPlugin behavior to merge same plugin's options for every repeated function call


  • Added dyRibbon for creating horizontal band of colors to visualize categorical variables

  • Added dyRebase for creating straw broom charts

  • Updated dyCandlestick with parameter to compress data by time periods

  • Handle display of quarterly scales via moment-quarter plugin

  • Make dyUnzoom and dyCrosshair available as package functions


  • Added dyCandlestick for creating candlestick/OHLC style charts

  • Added dyPlotter for defining custom plotters

  • Added Shiny callbacks that react when the user clicks on the graph

  • Support for non-date values in shiny input bindings (#132)

  • Don't call shiny input bindings if they aren't yet available


  • Fix for shiny input binding regression introduced in move to instance bound widgets (#123)

dygraphs 1.1.1-1

  • Create shiny input binding after dygraph is created (#121)

  • Reflect color in dyEvent text label (#122)


  • New dyPlugin function for including dygraphs plugins

  • Properly handle NULL dyEvent label (#112)

  • Handle milliseconds in time events (#85)

  • Add elementId parameter to dygraph function to specify explicit elementId

  • Implement factory method so dygraph is addressable from widget instance: e.g. HTMLWidgets.getInstance(document.getElementById('mywidget')).dygraph

dygraphs 0.9

  • Handle vector data in dyEvent

  • Don't do sizeChanged polling (no longer required)

  • Option to disable y-axis touch events on mobile devices

dygraphs 0.8

  • Manage visibility of dygraphs in all types of boostrap tab panes

  • Call widget.resize whenever parent size changes

dygraphs 0.7

  • Ensure that dygraphs are shown properly in R Markdown tabsets

  • Ensure that dygraphs are shown properly in reveal.js presentations

  • Fix bug which prevented custom plotters from working in dySeries

dygraphs 0.6

  • Add support for plotting data with a numeric x-axis (previously only time series data was accepted).

  • Add new logscale option for numeric x-axis.

  • Add stemPlot option to dyOptions and dySeries.

dygraphs 0.5

  • Update embedded dygraphs to version 1.1

  • Add support for show='follow' to dyLegend

  • Add labelsUTC option to dyOptions

  • Change default x axis label width to 60 (necessitated by changes to default dygraphs 1.1 x-axis year formatting)

  • Allow explicit specification of series periodicity when creating a dygraph

dygraphs 0.4.5

  • Correct serialization of dates with year < 1000

  • Add axis argument to dyShading for horizontal shading

  • Add dyLimit function for drawing horizontal limit lines

  • Add retainDateWindow option for more flexibility as to whether the user data window (zoom level) is retained when updating data and/or options for an existing dygraph.

  • Fix infinite redraw issue which occurred with shiny uiOutput and grouped dygraphs.

  • Fix failure to update shiny date range input after graph is re-rendered based on new data or options.

dygraphs 0.4.3

  • Support dynamic updating (i.e. for Shiny reactive outputs) for all dygraphs properties (destroy and rebuild the entire dygraph on renderValue)

  • Fix an axis value issue that occurred with seconds and useDataTimezone

  • Fix issue where dygraph in ioslides didn't display on slide entry

dygraphs 0.4.2

  • Fix bug with specification of multiple series colors

dygraphs 0.4.1

  • Add useDataTimezone option to enable time display using the underlying xts timezone rather than the timezone of the client workstation.

  • Add Shiny input binding for the currently selected dateWindow

  • Fix bug with incorrect formatting of ISO8601 dates on Windows

  • Fix bug which caused specification of only a single custom color to fail

  • Add explicit showRoller option to dyRoller function

dygraphs 0.3.3

Initial release to CRAN

Reference manual

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Authors: Dan Vanderkam [aut, cph] (dygraphs library in htmlwidgets/lib , , Petr Shevtsov [cre, cph] , JJ Allaire [aut] , RStudio [cph] , Jonathan Owen [aut, cph] , Daniel Gromer [aut, cph] , Benoit Thieurmel [aut, cph] , Kent Laukhuf [ctb] , jQuery Foundation [cph] (jQuery library) , jQuery contributors [ctb, cph] (jQuery library; authors listed in inst/htmlwidgets/lib/jquery/AUTHORS.txt)

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