Single and Multi-Objective Optimization Test Functions

Provides generators for a high number of both single- and multi- objective test functions which are frequently used for the benchmarking of (numerical) optimization algorithms. Moreover, it offers a set of convenient functions to generate, plot and work with objective functions.


smoof 1.5.1

New features

  • Added: Shekel function
  • Added: inverted Vincent function
  • Added: modified Rastrigin function
  • Added: Hartmann{3,4,6} functions


  • Better handling of additional arguments in makeFunctionsByName
  • convertTo{Minimization,Maximization} now flips sign of optima


  • logging and couting wrapper now have class smoof_function

smoof 1.5

New features

  • Added shortcuts {s,m}nof for generating single-/multi-objective objective functionswith numeric parameters only
  • Added: missing single-objective tag for BBOB functions
  • Added: log.scale argument for autoplot
  • Added: CITATION file


  • Fixed: precision issue caused by rPython respectively RJSONIO::toJSON, which by default strips numeric values to only 4 digits.
  • Fixed: ggplot2 warnings
  • Fixed: wrong lower bound in MOP3 test function
  • Fixed: issue in definition of Cosine Mixture Function due to faulty online sources
  • Fixed: issue with min<->max conversion if functions has.simple.signature = FALSE and explicit return statement was used.
  • Fixed: mean function was not set properly for noisy functions
  • Improved docs slighly

smoof 1.4

New features

  • Added makeGOMOPFunction to create multi-objective test function based on a set of single objective functions.
  • Added new single-objective functions: Branin (modified version by Forrester et al. (2008))
  • Added new multi-objective functions: Van Valedhuizen's test suite (MOP1-7), Binh-Korn function, BiSphere (bi-objective Sphere), Dent function, Viennet function.
  • Added first mixed parameter space funtion: Zhou2011
  • visualizeParetoOptimalFront now draws lines instead of points
  • Added possibility to draw interactive 3D surface plots via smoof::plot3D(fn, package = "plotly")


  • Fixed: issue in formula and global optimum of BukinN2 function
  • overworked and refactored autoplot functions
    • dropped use.facets parameter (always use facets now if discrete parameters exist)
    • We now support mixed functions with up to two numeric params (or one numeric vector param of length 2) and up to 2 discrete/logical (or a corresponding vector param)
  • visualizeParetoOptimalFront now draws lines instead of points
  • Removed S3 method definition of getParamSet. This function is now contained in ParamHelpers 1.8

smoof 1.3

New features

  • Added optional reference point ref.point for multi-objective functions
    • Reference point for ZDT functions is (11, 11)
    • Reference point for DTLZ function family is r = (11, ..., 11) with #r = #objectives
    • Added getter getRefPoint
  • Added possibility to pass the true mean function of a noisy function, i.e., the "unnoisy" via the smoof parameter fn.mean
    • Added getter getMeanFunction
  • makeMPM2Function now has additional parameters rotated and peak.shape
  • Modified: function name is optional now

smoof 1.2

New features

  • Added: functions convertToMaximization and convertToMinimization
  • Added: main parameter for plot and autoplot. By default the function name is used for the plot title.
  • objective functions now can be passed an additional id attribute. All predefined smoof functions have an id now.
  • visualizeParetoOptimalFront now works for bi-objective functions with arbitrary search space dimensions and works by calling the mco::nsga2 algorithm. Due to this, the parameters show.only.front, are dropped.
  • Renamed makeFunctionByName to makeFunctionsByName
  • Added tags 'single-objective' and 'multi-objective'
  • filterFunctionByTags now stops if both 'single-objective' and 'multi-objective' tags are passed
  • All functions now check the passed paramter to be of the right dimension and type
  • makeFunctionsByName now expects a character vector generator names (the list methods was removed)
  • Generator names now do not contain the 'Function' suffix


  • Fixed: autoplot and plot do not work for wrapped functions.
  • Fixed: hasConstraints for wrapped smoof functions
  • Fixed: getUpperBoxConstraints

smoof 1.1

New features

  • Parameter set of predefined smoof function now contains a single vector parameter instead of multiple single numeric parameters. This is consistent with function calls now, since these always expect a single vector or list.
  • Added helper function get{Lower,Upper}BoxConstraints
  • smoof functions now expect an optional 'minimize' argument which indicates which objectives should be minimized or maximized respectively
  • Added shouldBeMinimized function
  • Added function makeFunctionByName, which expects a function name or a list of functions names. The corresponding generator(s) is/are called. Useful if you want, e.g., filter functions by tags and generate them directly afterwards.
  • Added hasTags helper function.
  • filterFunctionByTags now has an additional logical argument 'or'. If this is set to TRUE, a subset of the passed tags is sufficient to select a function.
  • Added multi-objective DTLZ function family
  • Added 2D single objective functions: Aluffi-Pentini-(Zirilli), Complex, Engvall, Jennrich-Sampsam, Judge, Kearfott
  • Renamed bochachevsky function to bohachevsky.n1


  • Fixed some wrong tag assigments
  • Fixed global optimum of Giunta function

smoof v1.0:

  • First submission to CRAN.

Reference manual

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Authors: Jakob Bossek [aut, cre] , Pascal Kerschke [ctb]

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Task views: Optimization and Mathematical Programming

BSD_2_clause + file LICENSE license

Imports BBmisc, ggplot2, RColorBrewer, plot3D, plotly, mco, Rcpp, RJSONIO

Depends on ParamHelpers, checkmate

Suggests testthat, rPython

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