Miscellaneous Helper Functions for B. Bischl

Miscellaneous helper functions for and from B. Bischl and some other guys, mainly for package development.


BBmisc_1.11: 2017-03-09

  • convertToShortString now also prints the content of expressions, and prints NULL like

  • The function checkArg is superseded by the package checkmate. Please use checkmate instead.

  • ensureVector now can be passed multiple classes via cl parameter

  • New argument ensure.list for ensureVector

  • new functions -- printHead -- getBestIndex

BBmisc_1.10: 2016-07-12

  • New argument min.versions for requirePackages

BBmisc_1.9: 2015-02-03

  • New argument .newline for messagef

  • requirePackages can now dispatch to requireNamespace and has argument default.method.

  • normalize now also handles NAs

  • new functions -- mapValues

BBmisc_1.8: 2014-10-30

  • Options for the ProgressBar can now be directly passed to the constructor.

  • Fixed smaller bugs in normalize

  • new functions -- itostr -- getRelativePath -- splitPath -- do.call2

BBmisc_1.7: 21-Jun-2014

  • extractSubList allows for repeated indexing

  • new functions: -- asQuoted -- collapsef -- ensureVector -- explode -- getAttributeNames -- getClass1 -- getUsedFactorLevels -- hasAttributes -- isSubset, isSuperset -- makeFileCache -- normalize -- setValue -- optimizeSubInts

BBmisc_1.6: 23-Apr-2014

  • the ProgressBar now outputs to stderr by default. But the stream can be configured.
  • improve handling of result names (row.names and col.names) in some functions a bit
  • convertRowsToList now converts matrices into list of vector by default (see new arg "as.vector")
  • rename first, last to which.first, which.last
  • improved extractSubList and rowSapply a bit, simplification to matrix can be stated in a more readable way.
  • new functions: -- operator %btwn%. -- convertListOfRowsToDataFrame -- convertMatrixType -- convertColsToList -- v*apply type of functions -- dapply -- rangeVal -- getFirst, getLast -- symdiff -- asMatrixCols, asMatrixRows -- isScalar family of helper functions -- sortByCol

BBmisc_1.5: 25-Jan-2014

  • removed stringsAsFactors, use convertDataFrameCols
  • removed convertDfCols, use convertDataFrameCols
  • removed listToShortString, use convertToShortString
  • new functions: -- dropNamed -- first, last -- binPack -- isValidName

BBmisc_1.4: 06-Nov-2013

  • renamed convertDfCols to convertDataFrameCols
  • deprecated listToShortString, use convertToShortString
  • deprecated stringsAsFactors, use convertDataFrameCols
  • chunk distributes size of chunks in a better way
  • new functions: -- makeS3Obj -- getMaxIndex, getMinIndex -- getMaxIndexOfRows, getMinIndexOfRows, getMaxIndexOfCols, getMinIndexOfCols -- toRangeStr -- getOperatingSystem, isWindows, isUnix, isLinux, isDarwin -- clipString -- getUnixTime -- isScalarValue -- makeDataFrame -- convertToShortString -- convertRowsToList

BBmisc_1.3-64: 20-Aug-2013

  • removed parallelMap et al., this is now hosted in an extra package at: https://github.com/berndbischl/parallelMap
  • bugfix for checkArg, lower/upper only checked first element
  • exta argument "missing.val" for names2
  • extra argument "logicals.as.factor" for convertDFCols
  • some speed improvements for convertDFCols and notin
  • is.error also works now for objects of class "error" and not only "try-error"
  • new functions: -- isDirectory -- rowLapply, rowSapply -- setAttribute -- seq_row, seq_col -- strrepeat -- makeSimpleFileLogger -- isScalarNA -- pause -- printStrToChar

BBmisc_1.2-200: 02-May-2013

  • checkArg can now test whether arg is one of multiple classes (OR disjunctive)
  • bug fix: cpus setting was not properly respected in multicore mode
  • bug fix: warnings where not turned into errors with warningf and option(warn=2)
  • some minor bug fixes
  • parallelMap: switched multicore mode to package parallel
  • new functions -- lib -- argsAsNamedList -- names2 -- convertDfCols

BBmisc_1.1-166: 16-Nov-2012

  • some small fixes and added arguments
  • new functions: -- setRowNames, setColNames -- setClasses, addClasses -- isFALSE -- lsort -- computeMode

BBmisc_1.1-132: 04-Jul-2012

  • removed regmatches dependency

BBmisc_1.1-125: 10-May-2012

  • removed stringr dependency
  • new interface for ProgressBar and more therefore more functionality
  • some global options for progressbar behaviour
  • options immediate and warning.length for warningf
  • checkListElementClass now first checks that argument is a list
  • nin (notin) operator
  • parallelMap function, can delegate to multicore or snowfall
  • stringsAsFactors
  • system3
  • load2

BBmisc_1.0-77: 17-Mar-2012

  • removed calls to .Internal
  • more examples
  • fixed a bug in checkArg
  • makeProgressbar: new option 'inc' to increment
  • stopf: new option warning.length
  • more options for requirePackages
  • new functions: chunk, isExpensiveExampleOk

BBmisc_1.0-58: 05-Jan-2012

  • First submit to CRAN.

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1.11 by Bernd Bischl, 5 years ago


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Authors: Bernd Bischl [aut, cre] , Michel Lang [aut] , Jakob Bossek [aut] , Daniel Horn [aut] , Jakob Richter [aut] , Dirk Surmann [aut]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

BSD_2_clause + file LICENSE license

Imports utils, methods, stats, checkmate

Suggests testthat, microbenchmark, codetools

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