Add More 'AdminLTE2' Components to 'shinydashboard'

Extend 'shinydashboard' with 'AdminLTE2' components. 'AdminLTE2' is a free 'Bootstrap 3' dashboard template available at <>. Customize boxes, add timelines and a lot more.

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shinydashboardPlus is based on the idea of ygdashboard, the latter not compatible with shinydashboard (you cannot use shinydashboard and ygdashboard at the same time). With shinydashboardPlus you can still work with the shinydashboard classic functions and enrich your dashboard with all additional functions of shinydashboardPlus!


See a demonstration here or run:


Below an example of application in medicine:



shinydashboardPlus 0.7.0

Breaking Changes

  • remove all CSS functions, namely setShadow(), setPulse(), setShake() and setZoom(), since they are contained in shinyEffects

New features

  • 6 new color statuses for boxPlus() headers: navy, teal, orange, maroon, black and purple
  • add new argument .items to rightSidebar(): useful if we do not want to embed elements in tabs.
  • add dashboardFooter()
  • add dashboardUser(), dashboardUserItem(), renderUser() and userOutput()
  • add carousel() and carouselItem()
  • new argument to dashboardPagePlus: sidebar_fullCollapse enable the sidebar to be fully collapsed as in shinydashboard. Fix #24, thanks @serkserk
  • by default, opening the right sidebar shifts the body content to the left, similarly as the left sidebar

major changes

Minor changes

  • new hex icons
  • update gallery
  • update vignettes (RinteRface)


  • fix issue when the dashboardHeaderPlus() title was NULL
  • fix #22 thanks to @trallard (missing licence)

shinydashboardPlus 0.6.0

New features

  • add new flipBox()
  • new sidebar in the boxPlus() function: set up with the following arguments "enable_sidebar", "sidebar_content", "sidebar_width", "sidebar_background" and "sidebar_start_open"
  • new "left_menu" argument in the dashboardHeaderPlus() to include elements in the left part of the navbar. (In addition to what you can already do in the right part with shinydashboard)
  • new dropdownBlock() to include shiny input elements in a navbar left menu (optimized for all screen sizes)
  • new "fixed" argument to the navbar (dashboardHeaderPlus()). If TRUE, the navbar is fixed-top. (static-top by default)
  • new setZoom() function (similar as setShadow())
  • new setPulse() function
  • new setShake() function
  • add "enable_preloader" and "loading_duration" to dashboardPagePlus() (custom preloader)
  • update the shinydashboardPlusGallery()
  • add a "style" argument to dashboardLabel()
  • change the website images
  • add "collapsed argument" to userPost() to show or hide comments when the application starts.

Bug fixes

  • now appButton() open a new window when clicked
  • now socialButton() open a new window when clicked
  • do not show comments when there are no comments in socialBox()
  • do not show the footer when it is NULL in socialBox()
  • add style overflow-y auto to socialBox() in case there are more than 2 comments (avoid "infinite" height boxes)
  • on mobiles (or small screens), navbar left menu items display inline, instead of column...
  • disable timelineItem() footer when NULL
  • center images in userPostMedia()
  • fix #8 thanks to @scottyraymond (dropdownBlock() icon not displaying)

shinydashboardPlus 0.5.0

Bug fixes

  • Fix an important issue in the rightSidebar(). When the function was called without any element, it triggered an error because the number of items was 0
  • clicking on starBlock(), navPillsItem() and the socialBlock() title does not reload or redirect at the top of the page
  • clicking on the attachmentBlock() link open a new page in a new tab (target = "_blank")
  • correct vignettes title (

Breaking changes

  • change argument name in dropdownItem() (boxPlus()): "target" is replaced by "url".
  • Widely simplify the rightSidebar() function: remove rightSidebarTabList(), rightSidebarTabItem() and rightSidebarPanel() from the user interface. See here to discover how to set up a new rightSidebar()

Major changes

  • add a "width" argument to the rightSidebar() (set to 230 pixels by default) to improve customization.
  • new function setShadow() to set shadow and hover effects on any elements
  • add an "active" argument to rightSidebarTabContent(): see #4
  • add a "sidebar_background" argument to dashboardPagePlus()
  • new verticalProgress() bars!
  • new functions in the rightSidebar(): rightSidebarMenu(), rightSidebarMenuItem(), menuIcon() and menuInfo() (see shinydashboardPlusGallery())
  • new dropdown menu for boxPlus(): add dropdownItemList(), dropdownItem() and dropdownDivider() functions (see shinydashboardPlusGallery())
  • add "width" and "height" args to timelineItemMedia() and userPostMedia()
  • remove useless content

New Side content

  • add a pkgdown website
  • add cran downloads to readme

shinydashboardPlus 0.2.0

  • new timelines: timeLineBlock() either inside or outside a box
  • new userPost function: userPostToolItemList(), userPostToolItem(), userPostMedia(), userPostToolItem()
  • new boxProfile function: boxProfileItemList(), boxProfileItem()
  • update shinydashboardPlusGallery()
  • add shinydashboardPlusGallery()
  • update all examples
  • some minor fixes
  • NOTE: mailForm is not working at the moment!

shinydashboardPlus 0.1.0

  • new right sidebar: rightSidebar()
  • improved classic boxes: boxPlus()
  • new boxes: gradientBox(), widgetUserBox(), socialBox()
  • new box elements: boxPad(), attachmentBlock(), descriptionBlock(), productList(), navPills(), todoList(), userList(), boxComment()
  • new buttons: appButton() and socialButton() (NOTE: these are not inputButtons!)
  • additional elements: starBlock(), loadingState(), blockQuote(), dashboardLabel()
  • switch between shinydashboard and shinydashboardPlus: dashboardHeaderPlus(), dashboardPagePlus()

Reference manual

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. You can click here to download the reference manual.


2.0.3 by David Granjon, 4 months ago,

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Authors: David Granjon [aut, cre] , RinteRface [cph] , Almasaeed Studio [ctb, cph] (AdminLTE2 theme for Bootstrap 3) , Guang Yang [ctb, cph] (ygdashboard original template) , Winston Chang [ctb, cph] (Functions from shinydashboard) , Victor Perrier [ctb] (improved the shinydashboardPlusGallery)

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 2) | file LICENSE license

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