Calculating Proportionality Between Vectors of Compositional Data

The bioinformatic evaluation of gene co-expression often begins with correlation-based analyses. However, correlation lacks validity when applied to relative data, including count data generated by next-generation sequencing. This package implements several metrics for proportionality, including phi [Lovell et al (2015) ] and rho [Erb and Notredame (2016) ]. This package also implements several metrics for differential proportionality. Unlike correlation, these measures give the same result for both relative and absolute data.

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The bioinformatic evaluation of gene co-expression often begins with correlation-based analyses. However, correlation lacks validity when applied to relative data, including count data generated by next-generation sequencing. This package implements several metrics for proportionality, including phi [Lovell et al (2015)] and rho [Erb and Notredame (2016)]. This package also implements several metrics for differential proportionality. Unlike correlation, these measures give the same result for both relative and absolute data.


Further reading

To learn more about proportionality, please see the vignettes and relevant literature.

## To cite propr in publications use:
##   Quinn T, Richardson MF, Lovell D, Crowley T (2017) propr: An
##   R-package for Identifying Proportionally Abundant Features Using
##   Compositional Data Analysis. Scientific Reports 7(16252):
##   doi:10.1038/s41598-017-16520-0
##   Erb I, Quinn T, Lovell D, Notredame C (2017) Differential
##   Proportionality - A Normalization-Free Approach To Differential
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##   134536: doi:10.1101/134536
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##   on relative gene expression data? Theory Biosci 135(1):
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## To see these entries in BibTeX format, use 'print(<citation>,
## bibtex=TRUE)', 'toBibtex(.)', or set
## 'options(citation.bibtex.max=999)'.


propr 4.1.1

  • New get methods
    • Add getMatrix to return propr or propd object as matrix

propr 4.1.0

  • Update propd methods
    • Have updateF return NA theta_mod when moderated = FALSE
    • Have updateF return BH-adjusted p-values
  • Update get methods
    • Add or argument to getResults, toggles how include works
    • Add or argument to getNetwork, toggles how include works
    • Add or argument to getRatios, toggles how include works
  • Add methods
    • New getAdjacency function returns adjacency matrix
    • Uses include and or arguments

propr 4.0.9

  • Update propd methods
    • Add theta_g routine to calculateTheta

propr 4.0.8

  • Add methods
    • New pra method for principal ratio analysis
    • Add vegan to NAMESPACE

propr 4.0.7

  • General maintenance
    • Fix getResults warning
    • Fix getReference bug

propr 4.0.6

  • Update propr methods
    • Extend propr function and object to support metric = "vlr"
  • Update propd methods
    • Add setEmergent warning for unequal group sizes
    • Extend parallel to replace slice
  • Update get methods
    • Now use only one color for getNetwork of theta_d (cytescape still uses two)
    • New include argument for getResults, getNetwork, and getRatios

propr 4.0.5

  • Add methods
    • New parallel method visualizes sample-wise log-ratios
  • Update getResults method
    • For propd objects, any cutoff > 1 will return top N pairs
    • Now always return data sorted according to outcome
  • Update getRatios method
    • For propd objects, define ratio so Group 1 is at top

propr 4.0.4

  • Add methods
    • Add getReference to find a component proportional to center
  • Update getRatios method
    • Now subsets ratios to include only pairs returned by getResults
  • Update zero handling
    • Package now replaces 0s with next smallest value (instead of 1)
  • General maintenance
    • Stop slate and shale export

propr 4.0.3

  • Update getNetwork method
    • Simplify use by guessing network type based on first argument

propr 4.0.2

  • Update propr method
    • Fix bug where alpha-based method always used ivar = "clr"
  • Update ratios method
    • Add alpha argument to set LR = (partner^alpha - pair^alpha) / alpha
    • Now returns log-ratios instead of ratios
  • Add methods
    • Add wide2long to melt counts and log-ratios for visualization
    • Add getRatios function to retrieve melted log-ratios
  • Add tests
    • Add test for getNetwork
    • Add test for getRatios

propr 4.0.1

  • Add methods
    • Add getResults to retrieve results from a propr or propd object
    • Add getNetwork to build networks from propr and propd objects

propr 4.0.0

  • Update ivar2index method
    • Now replaces zeros with 1 to calculate IQR (fixes "iqlr" bug for alpha > 0)
  • Update propr object backend and API
    • Heavily revise documentation to harmonize propd with propr
    • Create propr function to replace perb, phit, and phis
    • Add @results slot for storing proportionality half-matrix
    • Add @permutes slot for storing reproducible permutations
    • Update subset and [ to disable @results and @permutes
    • Add @fdr slot for storing FDR results
    • Add alpha argument
      • Adjusts alpha-based VLR by var[(component^alpha - reference^alpha)/alpha]
      • Saves alpha to @alpha and alpha-based counts to @logratio
      • Note this is not yet technically equivalent to propd method
    • Add updateCutoffs function to permute FDR for proportionality
      • Add @metric, @ivar and @alpha slots to calculate metric exactly
      • Count rho > cutoff and cor > cutoff as positive results
      • Count phi < cutoff and phs < cutoff as positive results
  • Update propd object backend and API
    • Heavily revise documentation to harmonize propd with propr
    • Fix bug where zeros still get replaced for lrm calculation
    • The updateCutoffs function is now an S4 method
    • Turn @theta slot into @results slot
    • Rebuild pd.d and pd.e objects
  • Update aldex2propr method
    • Update aldex2propr and [ to disable @results and @permutes
    • Add lr2glm and aldex.glm functions
  • Add methods
    • Add qtheta to calculate a cutoff of theta for a given p-value
  • Remove methods
    • Remove differentialCheck
    • Remove prop2prob
    • Remove abstract
    • Remove initialize
    • Remove adjacent
  • Revise vignettes

propr 3.5.1

  • Update CITATION file and README

propr 3.5.0

  • Update alpha-transformation routine
    • Update lrm C++ code
      • Clone Yfull and set to power of alpha
      • Add argument Wfull for complete weights (and check)
      • Update calls to pass Wfull if provided
      • Implement new non-weighted alpha-transformed means
      • Implement new weighted alpha-transformed means
      • Revise alpha-based unit tests
    • Update lrv C++ code
      • Clone Yfull and set to power of alpha
      • Add argument Wfull for complete weights (and check)
      • Update calls to pass Wfull if provided
      • Implement new non-weighed alpha-transformed variances
      • Implement new weighted alpha-transformed variances
      • Revise alpha-based unit tests
    • Remove lrz function

propr 3.2.0

  • Prepare alpha-transformation routine for update
    • Update lrm C++ code
      • Add argument a and prepare code for alpha-based lrm
      • Add argument Yfull for complete data (and check)
      • Update calls to pass Yfull if provided
    • Update lrv C++ code
      • Add argument Yfull for complete data (and check)
      • Update calls to pass Yfull if provided

propr 3.1.9

  • Update C++ code to use && and || instead of & and |

propr 3.1.8

  • Modified propd methods
    • Users can now disable alpha transformation by setting alpha = 0
    • Improve NaN theta value replacement with 1
    • Modified updateF for moderated = TRUE
      • Now offsets counts by 1 to prevent zeros in reference set
      • Now correctly checks for zeros in reference set

propr 3.1.7

  • Check propr and propd input for negative counts
  • Modified propd methods
    • Add dfz slot to the propd class (defaults to 0)
      • Have updateF populate dfz slot if moderated
      • Use dfz to calculate p-value from F-stat
    • Implement revised F-stat moderation
      • Now uses simple moderation term based only on LRV
      • Update test-Fstat.R to reflect changes

propr 3.1.6

  • Modified propd methods
    • Allow p = 0 when initializing propd objects
    • Have calculateTheta compute new weights each permutation

propr 3.1.5

  • Update propr to work with Rcpp >= 0.12.12
  • Modified propd methods
    • All out-of-bounds theta_mod replaced with 1
    • Add @Fivar slot to the propd class
    • Extend updateCutoffs to theta_mod

propr 3.1.4

  • Automatically set @matrix column names when using propr
  • Address notice by CRAN about using Suggests conditionally
    • Vignette will no longer calculate theta when weighted = TRUE
    • Tests for "Fstat" and "theta" now check for limma

propr 3.1.3

  • New ratios and ratiosRcpp functions recast matrix as feature ratios

propr 3.1.2

  • Rename "Calculating Differential Proportionality" vignette
  • Update CITATION file and README
  • Modified propd methods
    • Stop plot functions from creating surplus figure in notebook
    • Use theta_d network method for any non-emergent theta type
    • Add suppressWarnings to compositions::plot call

propr 3.1.1

  • New vignette to discuss F-statistics
  • Modified propd methods
    • Add suppressWarnings to compositions::acomp call

propr 3.1.0

  • Modified propd methods
    • The propd function no longer calls updateCutoffs
    • The calculateTheta function no longer calculates F-statistic
    • Update vignette to reflect these changes
    • Object now stores weights if weighted
  • Modified calculateTheta
    • Added weights argument to pass pre-computed weights
    • Still calculates weights if NA weights argument
    • Consolidated weighted and alpha lrv calls
  • Modified C++ backend
    • Extend lrv to weighted alpha calls
    • Added unit test for weighted alpha calls
    • Merge boxRcpp with lrv and remove boxRcpp
    • Merge lrmRcpp with lrm and remove lrmRcpp
    • Rename lrvMod function to omega
  • New updateF function
    • Added new ivar2index function used by propr and updateF
    • Calculates 4 types of moderated F-statistics
    • Calculates 4 types of non-moderated F-statistics
    • Update propd documentation to reflect change
    • Extend moderation to non-clr references

propr 3.0.7

  • New corr function calculates log-ratio based correlation
  • Fixed mistake with vignette indexing

propr 3.0.6

  • Modified visualization tools
    • Correctly spell geiser function as geyser
    • Allow propd methods to accept 0s
  • Update documentation
    • Finish revision of all vignettes

propr 3.0.5

  • Modified propd Class
    • Now only replaces 0s if alpha is missing or NA
    • Now tabulates 0s whether replaced or not
  • Modified calculateTheta
    • Now replaces 0s to calculate LRM if alpha is provided
    • Now alerts user when using alpha to approximate LRV
  • Update documentation
    • Create new DESCRIPTION that includes differential proportionality
    • Create new README that includes differential proportionality
    • Revise "a_introduction" and move portion to stand-alone critique
    • Revise "b_visualization" and fix co-cluster selection mistake
    • Fork off and revise "d_advanced" as stand-alone critique
    • Spell check and revise other vignettes

propr 3.0.4

  • Modified calculateTheta
    • Now saves log-ratio variance (LRV) modifier in output
  • Modified visualization tools
    • New decomposed function for LRV decomposition
    • Uses LRV modifier for weighted theta types

propr 3.0.3

  • Modified visualization tools
    • Updated plot.propd method to display theta_f

propr 3.0.2

  • Modified propd Class
    • Added @weighted slot now used by updateCutoffs
  • Implement @theta for "weighted theta" calculation
    • Added wtmRcpp for weighted mean calculation
    • Added wtvRcpp for weighted variance calculation
    • Added lrm function with optional weighted calculations
    • Added lrv function with optional weighted calculations
  • Implement "weighted theta" calculation
    • Added calculateThetaW_old for unit testing
    • Added weighted lrv calculation
  • Modified calculateTheta
    • Moved log-ratio mean calculations here
    • Added weighted lrm calculation

propr 3.0.1

  • Modified propd Class
    • Added @active slot now used by updateCutoffs
    • Added setActive method to switch between theta types
  • Modified calculateTheta
    • Added theta_f which equals 1 - theta_e
    • Added only argument to retrieve only one theta type

propr 3.0.0

  • Modified package skeleton
    • Added differential proportionality article to CITATION
    • Added propriety project pre-merger changelog to
  • Manually merged R functions from propriety project
    • New functions: propd and methods, calculateTheta, updateCutoffs
    • Added deprecated functions anticipating unit tests
  • Manually merged C++ functions from propriety project
    • New functions: half2matrix, boxRcpp, ctzRcpp, lrmRcpp
    • Added deprecated functions anticipating unit tests
  • Modified unit tests
    • Added requireNamespace check for ALDEx2 tests
    • Added unit tests from propriety project
  • Modified data
    • Rebuilt pd.d and pd.e data
    • Added top.counts as count data using filtered caneToad.counts
    • Added as log-ratio data using filtered caneToad.counts
    • Removed top data

propr 2.2.0

  • Modified dataset from Rollins et al. 2015
    • Removed transcripts with < 10 counts in < 10 samples
  • Add dataset from Marguerat et al. 2012
    • Absolute data stored as marg.abs

propr 2.1.9

  • Replace rhoToPhs function with lr2phs
    • Fixed phis bug when using alr-transformation
    • Fixed aldex2propr bug when using alr-transformation
    • Add unit tests for lr2 with ivar
  • Create initialize method to handle ivar and select
    • phit, perb, and phis use new with lr2
    • phit now accepts ivar and select
    • phit now has pca and snapshot
    • Add iqlr and "multi"-alr
  • Updated "Frequently Asked Questions" vignette

propr 2.1.8

  • Modified visualization tools
    • The bucket function now uses non-parametric ANOVA
    • The cytescape function now supports 3D visualization
    • The cytescape function now names columns correctly
  • Add "Frequently Asked Questions" vignette
  • Removed lrmodel module

propr 2.1.7

  • Force column and row names when calculating proportionality
    • Added plotCheck to cytescape function

propr 2.1.6

  • The aldex.cor function now returns average p-value
    • Now uses cor.test as lr2cor foundation instead of cor
  • Modified aldex2propr function
    • Added select argument like in perb function
    • Documented select argument in Details
  • Modified perb function
    • Alerts user when 'ivar' is missing from 'select'
    • Documented select argument in Details

propr 2.1.5

  • Stop exporting progress and migraph functions
  • Color cytescape edges correctly when plotting phi or phs
  • Add progress bar to smear function

propr 2.1.4

  • Add progress bar to aldex2propr and aldex.cor functions
  • Penalize lr2cor and aldex.cor p-values for two-tailed test
  • Add the migraph module to help make igraph networks
  • Modified visualization tools
    • Rebuilt cytescape using migraph module

propr 2.1.3

  • New aldex2propr function convertsaldex.clr object
    • Uses Monte Carlo instances from ALDEx2 package
  • New lr2cor and aldex.cor functions
    • Measures feature associations with continuous variables
  • Modified backend code
    • New backend.h allows import of backend.cpp
    • New lr2 functions calculate proportionality
      • Input log-ratio transformed counts
  • Modified visualization tools
    • Removed minPairs argument from cytescape

propr 2.1.2

  • Modified visualization tools
    • New pca function masks mds function
  • Include inst/CITATION file

propr 2.1.1

  • Modified propr Class
    • Merged propr-class and propr documentation
  • Modified phit, perb functions
    • Merged phit and perb documentation
    • New phis function returns (1 - rho) / (1 + rho)
    • NAs in count matrix now throw error
    • 0s now replaced with 1s
  • Modified visualization tools
    • Merged documentation

propr 2.1.0

  • Modified [ method
    • Now joins newly indexed pairs with any existing index
  • New cytescape function
    • Uses @pairs slot to build an interaction network

propr 2.0.9

  • Modified visualization tools
    • Courtesy prompt argument extended to smear and dendrogram
    • Improved error handling and documentation
  • Modified abstract function
    • New dt argument indexes significant results in @pairs
  • Modified simplify function
    • Now builds index of lower left triangle of matrix
  • New adjacent function
    • Uses @pairs slot to build an adjacency matrix

propr 2.0.8

  • Modified visualization tools
    • bucket now depends on slate function
  • Modified backend code
    • New coordToIndex performs inverse of indexToCoord
  • Modified prop2prob function
    • Return p-values as a sorted data.table
    • Now lets user select method for p-value adjustment
    • New prompt argument turns off big data prompt
    • Fix pass by reference bug in linRcpp
  • New abstract function
    • Combines two propr objects into one

propr 2.0.7

  • New lrmodel class
    • Use modelCLR to capture the clr-transformation rule
    • Use predict to deploy this rule to new data
  • Modified backend code
    • Added corRcpp function from correlateR package
    • Added linRcpp function for Z-transformation
    • Added lltRcpp and urtRcpp to retrieve a half-matrix
    • Added labRcpp to label a half-matrix
  • New prop2prob function
    • Allows hypothesis testing of rho equals naught
    • Tests differential proportionality

propr 2.0.6

  • Modified visualization tools
    • plotCheck extended to all plot functions
    • plot method now calls smear function
    • dendrogram plot now rendered using ggplot2
    • snapshot plot now rendered using ggplot2
    • bokeh plot now on positive log scale
    • plotly support added
  • Modified backend code
    • Temporarily removed a_bool function
  • Modified [ method
    • Removed bool and copy arguments

propr 2.0.5

  • Modified backend code
    • New a_bool function returns thresholded boolean matrix
  • Modified [ method
    • New bool argument toggles whether to use a_bool
    • New tiny argument toggles whether to use simplify
    • New copy argument toggles a_bool copy-on-modify

propr 2.0.4

  • New visualization tools
    • slate returns a table of VLR, VLS, and rho
    • bokeh plots pairs by the individual variances
  • Modified index-naive plot functions
    • Now uses fastcluster::hclust implementation
    • New prompt argument turns off big data prompt
    • prism now depends on slate function
  • Modified dendrogram function
    • Now uses fastcluster::hclust implementation
    • Now returns an hclust object

propr 2.0.3

  • Modified subset method
    • Argument select now correctly rearranges features
  • Modified rhoRcpp function
    • Now accommodates new perb function feature
  • Modified perb function
    • New select argument returns subsetted matrix
    • This subset does not alter values of rho

propr 2.0.2

  • Modified perb function
    • User can now specify name of ivar reference
  • Altered image method
    • Now includes dendrogram with heatmap
    • No longer uses index pairs
    • Now called snapshot
  • New prism function
  • New bucket function
  • New mds function
  • New vignette

propr 2.0.1

  • Modified phit, perb functions
    • These functions now force zero removal
  • New simplify function
    • Subsets propr object based on index in @pairs slot
    • Returns an updated index

propr 2.0.0

  • Modified phit, perb functions
    • Permutation testing removed
    • Added lazyPairs construct
      • Slot @pairs not populated until after [
  • Modified propr Class
    • @pairs slot now integer vector
      • Populated with indexPairs function
      • Translate with indexToCoord function
    • show method updated for lazyPairs construct
    • [ method completely redesigned
      • First argument specifies operation
      • Second argument specifies reference
      • Indexes @matrix based on these
    • subset method revised but still copy-on-modify
      • Resets @pairs when called
    • $ method removed
  • Visualization tools revised
    • plot, image, dendrogram methods
      • Improved performance
      • Compatible with new @pairs indexing
      • No longer requires column names
  • Modified backend code
    • Rephrased code for proprPhit
    • Rephrased code for proprPerb
    • Rephrased code for proprVLR
    • All functions translated into C++
      • Estimated 80% reduction in RAM overhead
      • Estimated 100-fold performance increase
      • ALR methods no longer drop dimension
      • All have modify-in-place behavior

propr 1.1.0

  • New orientation expected for input data
    • Updated backend and vignette accordingly
    • Removed redundant transpositions
  • Fixed rare subsetting errors
  • Tweaked plot methods

propr 1.0.0

  • Introduced phit function
    • Implements Lovell's phi proportionality metric
    • Returns object of class propr
  • Introduced perb function
    • Implements Erb's rho proportionality metric
    • Returns object of class propr
  • Introduced propr Class
    • show method
      • Subsets propr based on @pairs slot
    • subset method
      • Subsets propr based on @matrix slot
    • plot method
      • Plots pairwise lr proportionality
    • dendrogram method
      • Plots clusters of lr-transformed data
    • image method
      • Plots heatmap of lr-transformed data

Reference manual

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4.2.6 by Thomas Quinn, 2 years ago

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Authors: Thomas Quinn [aut, cre] , David Lovell [aut] , Ionas Erb [aut] , Anders Bilgrau [ctb] , Greg Gloor [ctb] , Ryan Moore [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Imports fastcluster, ggplot2, grDevices, igraph, Rcpp, stats, utils

Depends on methods

Suggests ALDEx2, Biobase, cccrm, compositions, data.table, datasets, grid, ggdendro, knitr, limma, parallel, plotly, reshape2, rgl, rmarkdown, SDMTools, testthat, vegan

Linking to Rcpp

Imported by RaceID.

Suggested by MiRKAT.

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