Irucka Embry's Miscellaneous Data Collection

Miscellaneous data sets [Engineering Economics, Environmental/ Water Resources Engineering, US Presidential Elections].

R data package with miscellaneous data sets [Engineering Economics, Environmental/Water Resources Engineering, US Presidential Elections].



Package Contents

This package currently contains 26 datasets:

  • nchannel: Manning's n for Channels (Chow, 1959)
  • npartfull: Manning's n for Closed Conduits Flowing Partly Full (Chow, 1959)
  • nmetalpipe: Manning's n for Corrugated Metal Pipe (AISI, 1980)
  • r* (3 data sets): Nominal Interest Rate Tables (Engineering Economics)
  • i* (19 data sets): Effective Interest Rate Tables (Engineering Economics)
  • pres_elect1: US Presidential Elections (Wikipedia)

Examples (see more examples in the vignettes and in the function descriptions)

load_package("iemisc", "iemiscdata", "data.table", "dplyr", "rpivotTable")
# load needed packages using the load_package function from the install.load
# package (it is assumed that you have already installed these packages)
# Example 1
# Future value given present value
FgivenP(8330, 6, 10, frequency = "annual") # the interest rate is 10%
# or
P <- 8330
n <- 6
P * i10[n, which(names(i10) == "F/P"), with = FALSE][[1]]
# use i10 for the 10 percent effective interest table values
# n is the row number
# which(names(i10) == "F/P"), with = FALSE provides the column number in a
# data.table
# [[1]] provides the value of the vector
# Example 2
# Future value given annual value with continuously compounded interest
FgivenAcont(4500, 5, 20) # 20% interest
# or
F <- 4500
n <- 5
F * r20[n, which(names(r20) == "F/A"), with = FALSE][[1]]
# use r20 for the 20 percent nominal interest table values
# n is the row number
# which(names(r20) == "F/A"), with = FALSE provides the column number in this
# data.table
# [[1]] provides the value of the vector
# Example 3
# View the Manning's n data sets
# Example 4
# View the Wikipedia US Presidental Election Results Table
# The number of elections won by the Winners of the Presidential Election
# using dplyr's count along with piping
pres_elect1 %>% count(Winner)
# view the interactive pivot table of the whole table
# view the interactive pivot table using the Winner Party column
rpivotTable(pres_elect1, cols = "Winner Party")


This software is provided "AS IS." See the GPL License for more information.


iemiscdata is distributed under the GPL-3 (or later) license, as stated in the DESCRIPTION file. For more info, see the GNU General Public License (GPL) page.


iemiscdata 0.6.1

  • Added ie2misc, ie2miscdata as suggested R packages

iemiscdata 0.6.0

  • Revised the examples in the vignettes (Manning's n and viewing the installed PDF file)
  • Changed the examples in the
  • Added effective and nominal interest tables (Engineering Economics)
  • Added Wikipedia US Presidential Election table

iemiscdata 0.5.1

  • Added vignettes (Manning's n and viewing the installed PDF file)
  • Added iemisc, knitr, rmarkdown as suggested R packages

iemiscdata 0.5.0

  • Initial release

Reference manual

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0.6.1 by Irucka Embry, 5 years ago

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Authors: Irucka Embry [aut, cre]

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GPL (>= 3) license

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