Create Interactive Graphs with 'Echarts JavaScript' Version 5

Easily create interactive charts by leveraging the 'Echarts Javascript' library which includes 36 chart types, themes, 'Shiny' proxies and animations.

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ECharts 4 for R, see the website for examples and documentation.


echarts4r 0.2.1

Support for timeline added

  • e_clean removed as it was not of use anymore.
  • e_list added to pas raw list of options.
  • Improved e_color_range helper.
  • e_lm & e_loess now support group_by.
  • e_scattter scaling much more robust with new arguments. Also not takes an optional symbol argument.
  • Jitter points with e_scatter
  • e_append adapated to work with new scatter-family of function (scaling).
  • e_lines_gl added.
  • Improved examples.
  • Can now register multiple maps with e_map_regiter.
  • Error handling in e_loess and e_lm to better work with groups.
  • e_capture to capture events not implemented.
  • e_bands to add confidence bands.
  • Added example of heatmap with geo.
  • Fixed bug where the background color was not applied with e_color.
  • e_scatter size forced to numeric to avoid buggy character vector caused by apply function.
  • Forces webgl rendering for e_globe, e_scatter_gl and e_flow_gl.
  • Groups are now ordered in order to ensure match across series when using timeline = TRUE.
  • e_theme now also accepts default.
  • auritus theme added.
  • bar.width argument renamed to bar_width in e_histogram.
  • e_map_3d and e_map correctly assign name argument.
  • Axis and tooltip formatters helpers added e_tooltip_item_formatter & e_axis_formatter, thanks to Artem Klevtsov.
  • e_error_bar added to plot error bars.
  • Ability to specify icons in e_legend.
  • e_aria added to enable generating Accessible Rich Internet Applications.

echarts4r 0.2.0

Arguments containing . have been replaced by _ for clarity. I.e.: coord.system => coord_system.

Deprecated functions from 0.1.2 have been removed, they can be found in the echarts4r.assets package:

  • e_convert_texture
  • e_stars_texture
  • e_composite_texture
  • e_globe_texture
  • e_map_texture

The scatter family of function has been reworked: the scale argument now takes a scaling function. To accomodate to this, the e_visual_map function also takes, optionally, a scaling function. Retired e_keras_history due to its uselessness.

echarts4r 0.1.2

  • e_labels to easily add labels.
  • Mapbox support see e_mapbox.
  • Improved e_scatter.
  • Improved e_toolbox.
  • Fixed e_axis (and corresponding e_x_axis and e_y_axis) bugs.
  • e_add added for nested data.
  • e_showtip_p and e_hidetip_p fixed.
  • e_focus_adjacency_p and e_unfocus_adjacency_p proxies to highlight adjacent nodes (on graph/network) added.
  • Deprecation of texture related functions in favour of echarts4r.assets.
  • e_single_axis added, works with e_scatter.
  • e_text_style added, to customise global fonts.
  • e_angle_axis now takes serie argument, see example.
  • Improved documentation of many functions.
  • e_common to pass options that will apply to all subsequent charts.

First iteration of the graphic low-level API:

  • g_graphic_g
  • g_group_g
  • g_image_g
  • g_text_g
  • g_rect_g
  • g_circle_g
  • g_ring_g
  • g_sector_g
  • g_arc_g
  • g_polygon_g
  • g_polyline_g
  • g_line_g
  • g_bezier_curve_g
  • Added actions that can be tied to buttons.
  • Added the ability to add buttons.
  • Added e_arrange & e_connect to connect charts interactions and visualise them together.
  • Better supprot for radial, angle, and polar charts.
  • Callbacks added e_on and e_off.
  • e_map_custom added to work with custom registered maps.
  • e_datazoom takes a toolbox argument to optionally not the dataZoom toolbox element.
  • Much improved documentation
  • e_map and e_map_3d no longer require the serie argument.
  • e_mark_*: The serie argument of the mark family functions (i.e.: e_mark_point) can now take a vector and if left NULL the point is marked on all series.

echarts4r 0.1.1

Now available on CRAN

  • No longer passes entirety of data.frame to the fron-end.

echarts4r 0.1.0

echarts4r now understands dplyr::group_by

  • e_clean to remove original data from visualisation and lighten up end product.

echarts4r 0.0.2

  • e_keras_history added - plot keras history (loss & acc).
  • e_format_axis, e_format_x_axis, e_format_y_axis added - format axis labels & pointers.
  • e_tooltip now takes a default trigger = "item".
  • e_flip_coords added - to flip x/y corrdinates.
  • Grid & Axis vignettes.
  • e_register_map fixed.
  • renderer argument added to e_charts to enable SVG renderer.

echarts4r 0.0.1


  • e_lm, e_glm and e_loess.


Initial version with chart types:

  • Bar
  • Line
  • Area
  • Step
  • Scatter
  • Effect Scatter
  • Candlestick
  • Funnel
  • Sankey
  • Graph
  • Heatmap
  • Parallel
  • Pie
  • Tree
  • Treemap
  • River (streamgraph)
  • Sunburst
  • Boxplot
  • Calendar
  • Gauge
  • Polar
  • wordcloud
  • liquidFill
  • Map
  • Pictorial
  • Line 3D
  • Bar 3D
  • Scatter 3D
  • Map 3D
  • Geo 3D
  • Globe 3D
  • Flow GL
  • Graph GL
  • Scatter GL

Reference manual

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0.4.2 by John Coene, 15 days ago,

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Authors: John Coene [aut, cre, cph] , Wei Su [ctb] , Helgasoft [ctb] , Xianying Tan [ctb] , Robin Cura [ctb] , Mathida Chuk [ctb]

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Apache License (>= 2.0) license

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