Interpolate Munsell Renotation Data from Hue/Chroma to CIE/RGB

Methods for interpolating data in the Munsell color system following the ASTM D-1535 standard. Hues and chromas with decimal values can be interpolated and converted to/from the Munsell color system and CIE xyY, CIE XYZ, CIE Lab, CIE Luv, or RGB. Includes ISCC-NBS color block lookup. Based on the work by Paul Centore, "The Munsell and Kubelka-Munk Toolbox".


NEWS for munsellinterpol package

Changes for version 2.3-1 [2019-04-16]

  • for the function IsWithinMacAdamLimits(), switched to a zonohedral representation of the color solids
  • moved rootSolve from dependency to import
  • removed function xyz2srgb()
  • removed dependency geometry
  • removed folder demo

Changes for version 2.2-1 [2019-01-27]

  • added fix to track a change in package 'spacesRGB'
  • added Color of the Year for 2019 to User Guide
  • moved most startup code from .onAttach() to .onLoad()

Changes for version 2.1-3 [2018-07-22]

  • added the Nickerson Color Difference formula
  • refactored by putting XYZ-related functions in new package 'spacesXYZ'
  • added precomputed CATs for Illuminant D65 <-> Illuminant C (for sRGB <-> Munsell conversion)
  • fixed issue with no long double (noLD) test

Changes for version 2.0.1 [2018-06-06]

  • the 2 core functions: MunsellToxyY() and xyYtoMunsell() have been re-written, and have new options
  • added function ColorBlockFromMunsell() for ISCC-NBS color names and centroids
  • added functions plotLociHC() and plotPatchesH()
  • added support for wide-gamut Adobe RGB
  • added support for user-defined RGB spaces
  • improved set of optimal xyY's for Illuminant C
  • new munsellinterpol User Guide
  • 2 new vignettes
  • Imports package rootSolve, for the inverse mapping xyY -> HVC
  • added extensive test suite

Reference manual

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2.6-1 by Glenn Davis, a year ago

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Authors: Jose Gama [aut, trl] , Paul Centore [aut, cph] , Glenn Davis [aut, cre]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 3) license

Imports rootSolve, spacesRGB, spacesXYZ

Suggests microbenchmark, mgcv, knitr, rmarkdown, flextable

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