D3 JavaScript Network Graphs from R

Creates 'D3' 'JavaScript' network, tree, dendrogram, and Sankey graphs from 'R'.

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This README includes information on set up and a number of basic examples. For more information see the package's main page.


Here's an example of simpleNetwork:

# Create fake data
src <- c("A", "A", "A", "A", "B", "B", "C", "C", "D")
target <- c("B", "C", "D", "J", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I")
networkData <- data.frame(src, target)
# Plot

Here's forceNetwork:

# Load data
# Plot
forceNetwork(Links = MisLinks, Nodes = MisNodes, Source = "source",
             Target = "target", Value = "value", NodeID = "name",
             Group = "group", opacity = 0.4,
             colourScale = JS("d3.scaleOrdinal(d3.schemeCategory20);"))

Here's sankeyNetwork using a downloaded JSON data file:

# Recreate Bostock Sankey diagram: http://bost.ocks.org/mike/sankey/
# Load energy projection data
URL <- paste0("https://cdn.rawgit.com/christophergandrud/networkD3/",
Energy <- jsonlite::fromJSON(URL)
# Plot
sankeyNetwork(Links = Energy$links, Nodes = Energy$nodes, Source = "source",
             Target = "target", Value = "value", NodeID = "name",
             units = "TWh", fontSize = 12, nodeWidth = 30)

Interacting with igraph

You can use igraph to create network graph data that can be plotted with networkD3. The igraph_to_networkD3 function converts igraph graphs to lists that work well with networkD3. For example:

# Load igraph
# Use igraph to make the graph and find membership
karate <- make_graph("Zachary")
wc <- cluster_walktrap(karate)
members <- membership(wc)
# Convert to object suitable for networkD3
karate_d3 <- igraph_to_networkD3(karate, group = members)
# Create force directed network plot
forceNetwork(Links = karate_d3$links, Nodes = karate_d3$nodes, 
             Source = 'source', Target = 'target', NodeID = 'name', 
             Group = 'group')

Saving to an external file

Use saveNetwork to save a network to stand alone HTML file:

simpleNetwork(networkData) %>% saveNetwork(file = 'Net1.html')


networkD3 began as a port of d3Network package to the htmlwidgets framework. d3Network is no longer supported.


All changes to networkD3 are documented here.

Additions referenced with relevant GitHub Issue or Pull Request number. Please see those for more details.


Major changes

  • Highlights links to nodes on hover in forceNetwork. pull/#178

  • Arrow heads enabled for directed networks in forceNetwork with arrows = TRUE. pull/#182.

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Node titles enclosed in <pre> tags. pull/#180

  • simpleNetwork now an alias of forceNetwork rather than separate. pull/#181

  • Resolved regression from d3.js V4 upgrade where forceNetwork graphs were not centered in Shiny apps. pull/#179

  • Updated URL links in documentation.


  • Improved examples for d3.js v4+


  • Upgraded to d3.js version 4.5.0 from version 3.5.2. HUGE thanks to CJ Yetman who did basically all of the work for this. #143


  • Explose sinksRight option for sankeyNetwork so that users can decide not to have the last nodes moved to the right border. Thanks to Florian Breitwieser.


  • simpleNetwork, forceNetwork, and sankeyNetwork should now work with tbl_df link and node data frames. Thanks to @mexindian for suggesting.


  • Add resize to sankeyNetwork for flexdashboard. Thanks to Kenton Russell for adding.

  • Fixed a bug where Source and Target labels were not properly concatenated in sankeyNetwork tooltips. Thanks to Tuija Sonkkila for reporting.

  • Improved igraph_to_networkD3 so that it now handles more general weight names. Thanks to Maurits Evers for reporting.


  • forceNetwork, simpleNetwork, and sankeyNetwork generate errors if data does not appear to be zero-indexed. Thanks to Peter Meissner for prompting this addition.

  • Bug fix for igraph_to_networkD3 so that it now accepts the value attribute. Thanks to Louis Goddard.

  • Bug fix for diagonalNetwork when using hierarchical lists with singular connections. Thanks to @RohdeK.

  • Fix viewbox position when rerendered in shiny. Thanks to @RohdeK.

  • Added the iterations argument to sankeyNetwork, which adjusts the y-axis positioning. Thanks to @giko45.


  • Added the function igraph_to_networkD3 to convert an igraph class object to a list that can be used with networkD3.

  • Fixed a bug where linkColour was not actually passed to the widget for diagonalNetwork and radialNetwork. Thanks to Pierre Formont.


  • forceNetwork now allows you to supply a vector of colours to the linkColourargument. This enables the user to highlight links to specific nodes. Thanks to Garth Tarr.

  • Minor documentation improvements.


  • Added NodeGroup and LinkGroup parameters to sankeyNetwork so links can be colourised. Thanks to Edwin de Jonge.

  • fontFamily is now applied to legends in forceNetwork. Thanks to Casey Shannon.

  • Improved bounding behaviour with forceNetwork. Now bounds both the links and nodes. Thanks to Koba Khitalishvili.


  • Fixed an issue with sankey viewBox sizing.


  • sankeyNetwork fully supports cycles

  • sankeyNetwork gets same responsive sizing and better fitting introduced in 0.2.4 for diagonalNetwork and radialNetwork.

  • sankeyNetwork gets same full margin control introduced in 0.2.4 for diagonalNetwork and radialNetwork.


  • Added chordDiagram to show directed relationships among entities.


  • More robust margin argument for diagonalNetwork and radialNetwork allows for a single value or specification of top, right, bottom, and left by named vector or list.

  • Responsive sizing using the viewBox attribute of svg for diagonalNetwork and radialNetwork should allow for fitting in the container with no fiddling.


  • Internal improvements to reduce dependencies: no longer depends on RCurl, plyr, and rjson.

  • Updated examples:

  • Using jsonlite makes JSONtoDF obsolete with the fromJSON function.

  • All Github data links now use the CDN link from rawgit, so the examples should be more inline with Github raw policies.


  • sankeyNetwork changes:

    • Removes forced font family in favor of inherited from css or specified through the fontFamily argument.

    • Fixes issue with backslashes in the label for links.

    • Puts unicode right arrow in the tooltip. Adds argument to specify units for the tooltip label.

    • Handles cycles by updating this forked repo: https://github.com/soxofaan/d3-plugin-captain-sankey.

    • Makes assumptions that Source is column 1 and Target is column 2 if not provided.


  • Fixed an issue with forceNetwork on Firefox. Thanks to @agoldst.

  • Fixed an issue where forceNetwork node size would not return to default after mouseover. Thanks to Pascal Pernot.


  • Added dendroNetwork to create hierarchical cluster network diagrams (dendrograms).

  • treeNetwork is DEPRECATED.

  • Placed functionality from treeNetwork to radialNetwork. The new radialNetwork function has the same functionality, but has been renamed to be more accurately descriptive and avoid confusion with dendroNetwork.

  • Added diagonalNetwork, which creates tree network diagrams using diagonal instead of radial nodes.

Thanks to Jonathan Owen.


  • Added clickAction argument to forceNetwork to allow the user to pass a JavaScript expression through to be activated on click of a node. Thanks to Peter Ellis.

  • Added bounded argument to forceNetwork to allow the user to create a bounding box for the plot. See http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/1129492. Thanks to Charles Sese.

  • Added fontFamily argument to forceNetwork, simpleNetwork, sankeyNetwork, and treeNetwork. Thanks to Peter Ellis.

  • Added opacityNoHover argument to forceNetwork to set the opacity of node labels when nodes are not hovered over. Thanks to Peter Ellis.


  • Include JS from htmlwidgets, to make it easier for users to pass arbitrary JS to more arguments.

  • Other internal code and documentation improvements.


  • fontSize used for all functions rather than fontsize. Thank you to @Hunter-Github for spotting this inconsistency.


  • Minor improvement to treeNetwork documentation. Thanks to Steven Beaupré and MrFlick.


  • forceNetwork gains three new arguments.

    • legend allows you to add a node colour legend.

    • radiusCalculation and Nodesize allow you to vary node radius by some values.

Thank you to Charles Sese for these additions.


  • zoom argument added to simpleNetwork and forceNetwork to allow zooming. Thanks to @timelyportfolio.

  • Updated treeNetwork URL.

  • Update link in forceNetwork example.

Enhanced flexibility when using data frames manipulated with dplyr/data.table. Thanks to Kevin Kuo.


  • Minor internal correction to d3.js version number.


  • treeNetwork added allowing the user to create tree networks. Thanks to B.W. Lewis.

  • Upgrade to d3.js version 3.5.2.


  • sankeyNetwork added.

  • colourScale argument added to forceNetwork and sankeyNetwork to allow the user to change the node colour scale.

Reference manual

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0.4 by Christopher Gandrud, 5 years ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/christophergandrud/networkD3/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/networkD3

Authors: J.J. Allaire [aut] , Peter Ellis [ctb] , Christopher Gandrud [aut, cre] , Kevin Kuo [ctb] , B.W. Lewis [ctb] , Jonathan Owen [ctb] , Kenton Russell [aut] , Jennifer Rogers [ctb] , Charles Sese [ctb] , CJ Yetman [aut]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL (>= 3) license

Imports htmlwidgets, igraph, magrittr

Suggests htmltools, jsonlite

Enhances knitr, shiny

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