Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Animal Movement Behavior Using Multivariate Hidden Markov Models

Extended tools for analyzing telemetry data using generalized hidden Markov models. Features of momentuHMM (pronounced ``momentum'') include data pre-processing and visualization, fitting HMMs to location and auxiliary biotelemetry or environmental data, biased and correlated random walk movement models, hierarchical HMMs, multiple imputation for incorporating location measurement error and missing data, user-specified design matrices and constraints for covariate modelling of parameters, random effects, decoding of the state process, visualization of fitted models, model checking and selection, and simulation. See McClintock and Michelot (2018) .

R package for Maximum likelihood analysis Of animal MovemENT behavior Using multivariate Hidden Markov Models

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install_github("bmcclintock/momentuHMM", ref="develop")


McClintock, B.T., Michelot, T. (2018) momentuHMM: R package for generalized hidden Markov models of animal movement. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9(6), 1518-1530.

McClintock, B.T., King R., Thomas L., Matthiopoulos J., McConnell B.J., Morales J.M. (2012) A general discrete-time modeling framework for animal movement using multistate random walks. Ecological Monographs, 82(3), 335-349.

McClintock, B.T. (2017) Incorporating telemetry error into hidden Markov models of animal movement using multiple imputation. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, 22(3), 249-269.


momentuHMM 1.4.3 2018-11-21


  • betaCons argument added to fitHMM and MIfitHMM for specifying equality constraints on transition probability matrix parameters

  • betaRef argument added to fitHMM and MIfitHMM for specifying the reference states for t.p.m. multinomial logit link

  • retryParallel argument added to crawlWrap


  • updated for compatibility with crawl (>= 2.2.1); notable changes include removal of the initial.state argument and addition of the time.scale argument in crawlWrap.

  • changed how fixPar and betaCons are handled when optimizing the likelihood; this should make optimization faster and more stable when these parameter constraints are used

  • formulaDelta=NULL now default in fitHMM, MIfitHMM, and simData

  • %dorng% now used instead of %dopar%, thereby allowing for reproducible foreach loops when using parallel processing

  • cleaned up crawlWrap printing when retryFits>0 and retryParallel=FALSE

  • retrySD argument in fitHMM and MIfitHMM can now be a scalar

  • bug fix in calculation of standard errors (and confidence intervals) for transition probability and initial distribution parameters when workBounds$beta or workBounds$delta are specified other than the default (-Inf,Inf)

  • bug fix in calculation of number of parameters in getAIC when formulaDelta=NULL and initial distribution is fixed using fixPar$delta

  • bug fix in MIpool when estimated standard errors are not finite for some imputations

momentuHMM 1.4.2 2018-06-19


  • Northern fulmar example of Pirotta et al (2018) added to vignette

  • retrySD argument added to crawlWrap for additional flexibility when exploring the likelihood surface using retryFits

  • shape argument added to plotSat and plotSpatialCov functions

  • projargs argument added to plotSat function (for handling projected data coordinates)

  • stateNames argument added to plotSpatialCov function

  • data argument of plotSat function can now be a data frame, momentuHMMData, momentuHMM, miHMM, or miSum object

  • data argument of plotSpatialCov function can now be a data frame, momentuHMMData, momentuHMM, miHMM, or miSum object


  • 'angleStrength' special function name changed to 'angleFormula'

  • strength argument in 'angleFormula' special function is now optional

  • when theta and/or fixPar arguments are missing in crawlWrap, crawl::crwMLE default values are now used

  • bug fix in crawlWrap when retryFits>0 and control argument is NULL. This bug caused additional model fitting attempts to fail

  • modified B-spline examples in fitHMM and simData to accommodate bug fixes in splines2 (>= 0.2.8)

momentuHMM 1.4.1 2018-05-21


  • special function 'toState' can now be used in formula argument for modelling transitions to specific states

  • timeInStates function added for calculating activity budgets

  • modelName argument added to fitHMM and MIfitHMM

  • added setModelName and setStateNames functions

  • added stationary and plotStationary functions for calculating and visualizing stationary state probabilities as a function of covariates

  • plotStationary argument added to plot.momentuHMM, plot.miHMM, and plot.miSum

  • added summary.momentuHMMData function


  • bug fix when a pseudo-design matrix formula includes interactions with >1 factor variable

  • check and print package version upon loading

  • unit tests no longer included in CRAN build because they were taking too long

  • updated citation info

momentuHMM 1.4.0 2018-02-27


  • von Mises consensus distribution of Rivest et al. (2016) can now be specified for angular data streams

  • angleStrength function can now be used in circular-circular regression models. This allows each angular covariate (e.g. wind direction) to be weighted by an additional positive real covariate (e.g. wind speed) as in Rivest et al. (2016).

  • checkPar0 function added to aid users with initial parameter (e.g. Par0, beta0, delta0) specification

  • centroids argument added to MIfitHMM

  • useInitial argument added to MIfitHMM for using parameter estimates of first model fit as initial values for all subsequent model fits

  • retrySD argument added to fitHMM and MIfitHMM for specifying standard deviation of random normal perturbations when using retryFits

  • alternative optimization methods (Nelder-Mead'' andSANN'') can now be specified in fitHMM and MIfitHMM using the optMethod and control arguments

  • prior argument added to fitHMM and MIfitHMM for specifying prior distributions on working parameters

  • AICweights function added for calculating AIC weights across a set of candidate models

  • sample size (n) argument added to AIC.momentuHMM for calculating small sample corrected AIC (i.e. AICc)

  • crawlPlot argument added to plot.crwData as a wrapper for crawl::crwPredictPlot

  • various graphical parameters added to plot.momentuHMM for plot customization


  • For multiple imputation analyses, pseudoRes (and plotPR) can now calculate (and plot) pseudo-residuals individually for each model fit

  • cons and workcons arguments are now deprecated; please use workBounds instead

  • verbose argument in fitHMM and MIfitHMM is now deprecated; please use nlmPar instead

momentuHMM 1.3.0 2017-12-06


  • Dynamic activity centers (i.e., those with coordinates that can change over time) can now be handled via the centroids argument in prepData and simData. An example based on the group dynamic model of Langrock et al. (2014) has been added to the vignette.

  • initialPosition argument in simData can now be specified as a list indicating the initial position for each individual


  • multinomial logit link now used on zeroInflation and oneInflation parameters

  • bug fix in calculation of pseudo-residuals (pseudoRes) with zeroInflation and/or oneInflation

  • bug fix in CIreal when natural scale delta estimates are near boundary

  • bug fix in crawlWrap when predTime is of length one

  • bug fix in MIpool when initial distribution includes covariates

  • splines and splines2 package dependencies changed to Suggests in DESCRIPTION file

momentuHMM 1.2.0 2017-10-19


  • Regression formulas can now be specified for the initial distributions of HMMs using the formulaDelta argument in fitHMM, MIfitHMM, and simData. These changes are backwards compatible with previous versions, but note that the number and order of arguments has been changed in fitHMM, MIfitHMM, and simData.


  • If step length is zero at time t or t+1, simData and prepData now return NA for turning angle at time step t

  • bug fix in pseudoRes such that pseudo-residuals now "reset" for each individual

  • bug fix in fitHMM when using fixPar to fix initial distribution (delta)

  • bug fix in fitHMM when nbStates=1 and circularAngleMean=TRUE

  • bug fix in fitHMM when nbStates=1 and retryFits>0

momentuHMM 1.1.1 2017-09-19


  • Normal (Gaussian) and Bernoulli distributions can now be specified for data streams

  • Harbour seal example of McClintock et al (2013) added to vignette


  • added pseudoRes continuity adjustment for discrete distributions

momentuHMM 1.1.0 2017-08-15


  • fixPar argument in fitHMM and MIfitHMM now specified on the same scale as the initial parameters (Par0, beta0, and delta0 arguments)

  • Factor-level covariates (e.g. 'sexM', `sexF') can now be included in pseudo design matrix DM arguments of fitHMM, MIfitHMM, and simData

  • obsPerAnimal argument in simData can now be specified as a list indicating the number of observations for each individual


  • vignette now built using knitr

  • bug fix in crawlWrap when predTimes argument includes times that are before the time of first observation

  • bug fix in plot.miSum calculation of natural scale parameters when cons and/or workcons MIfitHMM arguments are used

momentuHMM 1.0.1 2017-07-17


  • Elephant seal example of Michelot et al (2017) added to vignette


  • turning angles for lat/long coordinates (type='LL') now calculated based on initial bearings using geosphere::bearing in turnAngle

  • bug fix when calculating activity center distances from lat/long coordinates (type='LL') in distAngle

  • bug fix in prepData when successive pairs of coordinates are NA

momentuHMM 1.0.0 2017-06-16

Initial CRAN posting

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