Isotonic Inference for Circular Data

A bunch of functions to deal with circular data under order restrictions.


================== = Library isocir =

version 2.0-6, 05/12/2016

  • Update some functions, particularly the C code.


version 2.0-5, 18/02/2015

  • Rewrite some parts of ACO function to improve its efficiency.


version 2.0-3, 04/12/2014

  • CLM obtains the Circular Local Maximization of the circular Kendall Tau (control.method="cirktau")


version 2.0-2, 24/11/2014

  • TSP with alpha1 doesnt check the contrary circular order any more.


version 2.0-1, 18/11/2014

  • Fix some bugs (sce).
  • Add some methods of aggregation of circular orders for the Hodge technique.


version 2.0, 07/10/2014

A full revision of the package, fixing some bugs and renaming some functions to be more logical.


version 1.9-9, 20/05/2014

Help files (.Rd) updated.

================= version 1.9-8, 11/05/2014

Function eq.test: the confidence coefficient is calculated inside the function and there is a new output file called frequencydist.csv.

================= version 1.9-7, 1/04/2014

Function ACO and eq.test: increase the number of times heuristics are used in order to get a better approximation of estimators.

================= version 1.9-6, 23/03/2014

Function eq.test: more changes to obtained the distribution under the null in a more logical way.


version 1.9-5, 22/03/2014

Function eq.test: Some bugs solved and other improvements.


version 1.9-4, 23/01/2014

Function eq.test: Values of statistic added to the output.


version 1.9-3, 06/01/2014

Names changed:

  • cirsce --> msce
  • cirktau --> mcirktau

Bug solved in CLM in case of missing values.


version 1.9-2, 08/10/2013

General improvements in the code and in the help files.


version 1.9-1, 08/10/2013

ACO function:

  • Circular Borda positions is improved.
  • TSP approach for alpha=1 is improved.
  • New options of distance are added to Hodge approach.


version 1.9, 26/09/2013

FOCO function is changed to ACO function and a considerable improvement of the code is done.


Version 1.8, 16/09/2013

Function CIRE:

  • relaxing condition 5 of PAVA circular to allow equalities in both sides.
  • no argument new, just the new implementation with C.
  • 0 and 2pi data are allowed in CIRE with circular restriction.


Version 1.7, 13/08/2013

Function CIRE

  • adding argument new to be able to choose between the old implementation in R or the new with C. =================

Version 1.6, 14/08/2013

In the function FOCO the code has some changes as consequence of the implementation of some improvements in the methodology (the distances when the argument time is used with TSP).


Version 1.5, 23/04/2013

Missing values are now taken into account correctly in the next functions:

  • cirsce
  • FOCO
  • CLM

Some little bugs corrected:

  • cond.test function (when SCE=0)
  • FOCO function (when TSP heuristics have one only solution)
  • CLM function (when circular PAVA must or not be used).


Version 1.4, 12/02/2013

A great change in the algorithm which calculates the CIRE in C code in order to be even more computationally eficient and fast.


Version 1.3, 23/01/2013

A new method of fusion of circular order has been implemented and added to: FOCO

CLM Now, all the methodology is computationally eficient.

Version 1.2, 23/01/2013

Some new functions have been incorporated: FOCO CLM cirKendall cirktau cirsce naiveSCE

These functions have the implementation of different methodologies to fuse circular orders.


Version 1.1-4, 22/01/2013

cond.test and mrl can now deal properly with missing data. Some bugs are solved in CIRE function.


Version 1.1-3, 13/12/2012

CIRE can deal with missing values in the data. There is also an improvement in its control of arguments.


Version 1.1-2, 29/10/2012

An improvement in the C code that is part of the function CIRE


Version 1.1-1, 27/09/2012

Some specific changes that make the package more user-friendly.

================= Version 1.1, 16/04/2012

Removed the functions cirmean, cirkappa since analogous functions are available in an existing package circular.

Rewrited all the remaining functions to improve their speed. Renamed most of the functions for clarity as follows:

CIREi --> CIRE CTi -->cond.test cirSCE --> sce plotcircularm --> plot.isocir

Changed the names of two arguments of former CIREi function:

  • from isotropic to circular
  • from levels to groups.

Changed the name of the argument of former CTi function from levels to groups.

Added isocir/src/funCIRE.C in order to improve the speed of CIRE.

Created the S3 class isocir and the methods: isocir, is.isocir, print.isocir and plot.isocir, related to this class.

Generated again the random data set with replications that is called datareplic.

================= Version 1.0, 27/04/2010 Released the version 1.0 in the CRAN.

Sandra Barragan Departmento de Estadistica e Investigacion Operativa Universidad de Valladolid Spain [email protected]

Reference manual

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2.0-7 by Sandra Barragan, 4 days ago

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Authors: Sandra Barragan , Miguel A. Fernandez and Cristina Rueda.

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