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rfisheries — by Karthik Ram, 7 years ago

'Programmatic Interface to the 'openfisheries.org' API'

A programmatic interface to 'openfisheries.org'. This package is part of the 'rOpenSci' suite ( http://ropensci.org).

workloopR — by Vikram B. Baliga, a year ago

Analysis of Work Loops and Other Data from Muscle Physiology Experiments

Functions for the import, transformation, and analysis of data from muscle physiology experiments. The work loop technique is used to evaluate the mechanical work and power output of muscle. Josephson (1985) modernized the technique for application in comparative biomechanics. Although our initial motivation was to provide functions to analyze work loop experiment data, as we developed the package we incorporated the ability to analyze data from experiments that are often complementary to work loops. There are currently three supported experiment types: work loops, simple twitches, and tetanus trials. Data can be imported directly from .ddf files or via an object constructor function. Through either method, data can then be cleaned or transformed via methods typically used in studies of muscle physiology. Data can then be analyzed to determine the timing and magnitude of force development and relaxation (for isometric trials) or the magnitude of work, net power, and instantaneous power among other things (for work loops). Although we do not provide plotting functions, all resultant objects are designed to be friendly to visualization via either base-R plotting or 'tidyverse' functions. This package has been peer-reviewed by rOpenSci (v. 1.1.0).

opentripplanner — by Malcolm Morgan, 7 months ago

Setup and connect to 'OpenTripPlanner'

Setup and connect to 'OpenTripPlanner' (OTP) < http://www.opentripplanner.org/>. OTP is an open source platform for multi-modal and multi-agency journey planning written in 'Java'. The package allows you to manage a local version or connect to remote OTP server to find walking, cycling, driving, or transit routes. This package has been peer-reviewed by rOpenSci (v.

hydroscoper — by Konstantinos Vantas, a year ago

Interface to the Greek National Data Bank for Hydrometeorological Information

R interface to the Greek National Data Bank for Hydrological and Meteorological Information. It covers Hydroscope's data sources and provides functions to transliterate, translate and download them into tidy dataframes.

unifir — by Michael Mahoney, 8 days ago

A Unifying API for Calling the 'Unity' '3D' Video Game Engine

Functions for the creation and manipulation of scenes and objects within the 'Unity' '3D' video game engine (< https://unity.com/>). Specific focuses include the creation and import of terrain data and 'GameObjects' as well as scene management.

terrainr — by Michael Mahoney, 8 days ago

Landscape Visualizations in R and 'Unity'

Functions for the retrieval, manipulation, and visualization of 'geospatial' data, with an aim towards producing '3D' landscape visualizations in the 'Unity' '3D' rendering engine. Functions are also provided for retrieving elevation data and base map tiles from the 'USGS' National Map < https://apps.nationalmap.gov/services/>.

dittodb — by Jonathan Keane, 2 months ago

A Test Environment for Database Requests

Testing and documenting code that communicates with remote databases can be painful. Although the interaction with R is usually relatively simple (e.g. data(frames) passed to and from a database), because they rely on a separate service and the data there, testing them can be difficult to set up, unsustainable in a continuous integration environment, or impossible without replicating an entire production cluster. This package addresses that by allowing you to make recordings from your database interactions and then play them back while testing (or in other contexts) all without needing to spin up or have access to the database your code would typically connect to.

googleLanguageR — by Mark Edmondson, 2 years ago

Call Google's 'Natural Language' API, 'Cloud Translation' API, 'Cloud Speech' API and 'Cloud Text-to-Speech' API

Call 'Google Cloud' machine learning APIs for text and speech tasks. Call the 'Cloud Translation' API < https://cloud.google.com/translate/> for detection and translation of text, the 'Natural Language' API < https://cloud.google.com/natural-language/> to analyse text for sentiment, entities or syntax, the 'Cloud Speech' API < https://cloud.google.com/speech/> to transcribe sound files to text and the 'Cloud Text-to-Speech' API < https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/> to turn text into sound files.

tracerer — by Richèl J.C. Bilderbeek, a year ago

Tracer from R

'BEAST2' (< https://www.beast2.org>) is a widely used Bayesian phylogenetic tool, that uses DNA/RNA/protein data and many model priors to create a posterior of jointly estimated phylogenies and parameters. 'Tracer' (< https://github.com/beast-dev/tracer/>) is a GUI tool to parse and analyze the files generated by 'BEAST2'. This package provides a way to parse and analyze 'BEAST2' input files without active user input, but using R function calls instead.

essurvey — by Jorge Cimentada, 7 months ago

Download Data from the European Social Survey on the Fly

Download data from the European Social Survey directly from their website < http://www.europeansocialsurvey.org/>. There are two families of functions that allow you to download and interactively check all countries and rounds available.