Examples: visualization, C++, networks, data cleaning, html widgets, ropensci.

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xtable — by David Scott, 4 years ago

Export Tables to LaTeX or HTML

Coerce data to LaTeX and HTML tables.

htmltools — by Carson Sievert, 3 months ago

Tools for HTML

Tools for HTML generation and output.

R2HTML — by Milan Bouchet-Valat, a year ago

HTML Exportation for R Objects

Includes HTML function and methods to write in an HTML file. Thus, making HTML reports is easy. Includes a function that allows redirection on the fly, which appears to be very useful for teaching purpose, as the student can keep a copy of the produced output to keep all that he did during the course. Package comes with a vignette describing how to write HTML reports for statistical analysis. Finally, a driver for 'Sweave' allows to parse HTML flat files containing R code and to automatically write the corresponding outputs (tables and graphs).

hwriter — by Gregoire Pau, a year ago

HTML Writer - Outputs R Objects in HTML Format

Easy-to-use and versatile functions to output R objects in HTML format.

XML — by CRAN Team, 3 months ago

Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus

Many approaches for both reading and creating XML (and HTML) documents (including DTDs), both local and accessible via HTTP or FTP. Also offers access to an 'XPath' "interpreter".

htmlwidgets — by Carson Sievert, 3 months ago

HTML Widgets for R

A framework for creating HTML widgets that render in various contexts including the R console, 'R Markdown' documents, and 'Shiny' web applications.

Hmisc — by Frank E Harrell Jr, a month ago

Harrell Miscellaneous

Contains many functions useful for data analysis, high-level graphics, utility operations, functions for computing sample size and power, simulation, importing and annotating datasets, imputing missing values, advanced table making, variable clustering, character string manipulation, conversion of R objects to LaTeX and html code, recoding variables, caching, simplified parallel computing, general moving window statistical estimation, and assistance in interpreting principal component analysis.

maptools — by Roger Bivand, 13 days ago

Tools for Handling Spatial Objects

Please note that 'maptools' will be retired during October 2023, plan transition at your earliest convenience (see < https://r-spatial.org/r/2023/05/15/evolution4.html> and earlier blogs for guidance); some functionality will be moved to 'sp'. Set of tools for manipulating geographic data. The package also provides interface wrappers for exchanging spatial objects with packages such as 'PBSmapping', 'spatstat.geom', 'maps', and others.

texreg — by Philip Leifeld, a year ago

Conversion of R Regression Output to LaTeX or HTML Tables

Converts coefficients, standard errors, significance stars, and goodness-of-fit statistics of statistical models into LaTeX tables or HTML tables/MS Word documents or to nicely formatted screen output for the R console for easy model comparison. A list of several models can be combined in a single table. The output is highly customizable. New model types can be easily implemented. Details can be found in Leifeld (2013), JStatSoft . (If the Zelig package, which this package enhances, cannot be found on CRAN, you can find it at < https://github.com/IQSS/Zelig>. If the mnlogit package, which this package enhances, cannot be found on CRAN, you can find an old version in the CRAN Archive at < https://cran.r-project.org/src/contrib/Archive/mnlogit/>.)

vembedr — by Ian Lyttle, a year ago

Embed Video in HTML

A set of functions for generating HTML to embed hosted video in your R Markdown documents or Shiny applications.