Miscellaneous Functions for the USGS INL Project Office

A collection of functions for creating high-level graphics, performing raster-based analysis, processing MODFLOW-based models, selecting subsets using a genetic algorithm, creating interactive web maps, accessing color palettes, etc. Used to support packages and scripts written by researchers at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Project Office.

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The R package inlmisc is a collection of functions for creating high-level graphics, performing raster-based analysis, processing MODFLOW-based models, selecting subsets using a genetic algorithm, creating interactive web maps, accessing color palettes, etc. Used to support packages and scripts written by researchers at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Project Office.


You can install the stable version from CRAN using the following command:

install.packages("inlmisc", dependencies = TRUE)

Or use the remotes package to install the development version from GitHub.

remotes::install_github("USGS-R/inlmisc", dependencies = TRUE)


Please consider reporting bugs and asking questions on the Issues page.


This software has been approved for release by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Although the software has been subjected to rigorous review, the USGS reserves the right to update the software as needed pursuant to further analysis and review. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the USGS or the U.S. Government as to the functionality of the software and related material nor shall the fact of release constitute any such warranty. Furthermore, the software is released on condition that neither the USGS nor the U.S. Government shall be held liable for any damages resulting from its authorized or unauthorized use.


inlmisc 0.4.5

  • In PlotGraph function, change alignment of main title from center to left-hand side of plot.

  • In ToScientific function, add zero argument, used to substitute a string for values of zero.

  • In PrintTable function: allow colheadings argument to be a data table, used to make column headings with spanners; separate multi-table pages using \clearpage.

  • In misc/preamble.tex file: set 'pdfa' option to true, tries to avoid violations of PDF/A in code generated by hyperref package; add multirow, footmisc, and siunitx packages; ragged right justification of captions.

  • Add alphahull, maptools, and remotes to suggested packages.

  • Remove httr and devtools from suggested packages.

  • In GetRegionOfInterest function: replace obj argument with x and y; add alpha and width arguments, used to compute alpha-shape and expand the region of interest, respectively.

inlmisc 0.4.4

  • Add BuildVignettes function, used to build package vignettes.

  • In SummariseBudget function, improve memory management.

  • Change package imports by adding data.table and removing dplyr.

  • Add SetHinge function, used to specify a hinge location in a color palette.

  • In PrintTable function: d argument can be of class 'matrix'; and a default caption is no longer added when title and headnotes arguments are not specified.

  • Tidy help documentation

  • Add GetRegionOfInterest function, used to calculate the region of interest from spatial points.

  • In FindOptimalSubset function: improve matrix construction of suggestions; change calculation of number of bits in a number.

  • In AddColorKey function, rearrange order of arguments.

  • In PlotCrossSection function: add bend.label argument, used to place labels at top of the bend-in-section lines; change default value of bg.col argument from "#FFFFFFD8" to NULL, and for scale.loc argument from "bottom" to NULL; make font/line color darker for section breaks and features.

  • Rename GetTolColors function to GetColors. Add additional color schemes; replace start and end arguments with stops, a vector of length 2; change blind argument option from "monochromacy" to "monochrome"; return a variant of the GetColors function when argument n is unspecified.

  • For leaflet-search plugin, change version from 2.8.0 to 2.9.6 and tidy wrapper functions.

  • In CreateWebMap function, add service argument for specifying the mapping service to use for accessing base-map tiles.

  • Change required R version from >= 3.2.0 to >= 3.4.0.

inlmisc 0.4.3

  • Add AddNorthArrow function, was previously defined as an internal function.

  • In AddScaleBar function: non-backward compatible argument changes. Remove offset argument and replace with ..., see help documentation for details.

  • Make dichromat a suggested package.

  • Remove viridisLite from suggested packages.

  • Add GetInsetLocation function, used to determine the location for a inset graphics in the main plot region.

  • In AddPoints function: add bty, draw.legend, and draw.points arguments.

  • In PlotGraph function: add xpd argument, determines whether point and (or) line symbols are clipped to the plot region; change default color scheme; change contents of fill argument (non-backward compatible) and add a fillcolor argument; provide main argument a default value of NULL.

  • In FindOptimalSubset function, add monitor argument to check on status of GA run.

  • In GetTolColors function: add color schemes; change default scheme from "bright" to "smooth rainbow"; add start, end, bias, reverse, blind, and gray arguments.

inlmisc 0.4.2

  • In GetTolColors function, revise color schemes based of issue 3.0 of technical note.

  • In PlotGraph function, improve placement of tick marks.

  • Remove colorspace from suggested packages and replace with viridisLite.

  • In ToScientific function, better identify whether to print numeric values in fixed or scientific notation.

  • In AddScaleBar function, non-backward compatible argument changes and formatting improvements.

  • In PlotGraph function: fix bug that resulted in an error when type = "n"; and add main argument for placing a title at the top of the plot.

  • Make gstat and roxygen2 suggested packages.

  • Remove httr, maps, and maptools from suggested packages.

  • In misc/preamble.tex file: tidy code; include fix for spacing after number in List of Figures and List of Tables; remove helvet package; and add float package, provides the H float modifier option.

  • In AddInsetMap: add an optional e argument, a numeric vector describing the extent of the smaller axis-aligned rectangle; add "center" option for loc argument; and add bty argument, determines if a box is to be drawn around the inset map.

  • Update leaflet-search.min.js and leaflet-search.min.css files to version 2.8.0.

  • Add PrintFigure function, used to print the LaTeX code associated with a figure.

inlmisc 0.4.0

  • Add GetTolColors function, used to access color palettes by Paul Tol.

  • Avoid importing all functions from a package.

  • Remove AddCertificate function, no longer needed with new version of R (3.4.3).

  • Add PrintTable function, used to print the LaTeX code associated with a data.frame object.

  • In PlotMap function, remove option to map points.

  • In ReadCodeChunks function, remove dependency on knitr-intro.Rmd file in example.

  • In AddColorKey function, replace scientific argument with scipen, see getOption("scipen") command.

  • In AddColorKey function, add log argument to specify axis to be logarithmic.

  • In AddColorKey, use m x 10^n format for tick labels written in scientific notation.

  • In RecreateLibrary function, add parallel argument to install packages from source using parallel processes.

  • In ToScientific function, add big.mark argument with default value of ",".

  • In ToScientific function, fix bug that formatted 0 as NA when type = "plotmath".

  • In CreateWebMap function, pass ... arguments to leaflet::leaflet function, these arguments were previously passed to the leaflet::leafletOptions function.

  • In CreateWebMap function, add maps argument to specify which base maps to include.

  • In CreateWebMap function, remove coordinates and zoom level information from top of map.

  • Add AddHomeButton, AddClusterButton, and AddSearchButton, and AddLegend functions, used to add additional web map elements.

  • In FindOptimalSubset function, allow integer chromosomes to be specified for the suggestions argument.

  • Add additional argument checks using checkmate package.

inlmisc 0.3.5

  • In PlotMap function, fix bug introduced by previous fix of raster range calculation.

  • Made AddCertificate an internal function.

  • Add argument checks using checkmate package.

inlmisc 0.3.4

  • In PlotMap function, fix bug in range calculation of raster values by removing finite = TRUE.

  • In PlotMap function, fix extent of background image, rivers, lakes, and roads using par("usr").

  • Add FindOptimalSubset function, used to identify an optimal subset using a genetic algorithm.

inlmisc 0.3.3

  • In AddPoints function: add option to scale symbol size to radius; revise calculation of symbol size and legend labels.

  • In PlotMap function, let r argument accept any object that can be converted to a RasterLayer class.

  • In LaTeX preamble: add verbatimbox package; add maketitle format.

  • In PlotMap function, add simplify argument, used to convert raster to polygons prior to plotting.

  • In Grid2Polygons function: allow grd argument to be an object of class SpatialPixelsDataFrame or Raster*; transform coordinate reference system (CRS) of ply argument to match the CRS of the grd argument; and add zlim argument, a limit on the attribute variable.

  • In ToScientific function, add arguments scipen, delimiter, and ...; and rename lab.type argument to type. Code in place for backwards compatibility.

inlmisc 0.3.2

  • In RecreateLibrary and SavePackageDetails functions, add support for gzip file compression.

  • In SavePackageDetails function, fix bug that results in an 'invalid cross-device link' error on some flavor's of R.

inlmisc 0.3.1

  • Rename SavePackageNames function to SavePackageDetails.

  • Add AddCertificate function, used to add a X.509 certificate to your CA bundle.

  • Make httr a suggested package.

  • In RecreateLibrary function, add local argument, file paths of files containing builds of packages.

  • In AddGradientLegend function, add n argument, the desired number of tick-marks to be drawn.

inlmisc 0.3.0

  • Add Grid2Polygons function from the Grid2Polygons package.

  • Total revision of the RecreateLibrary and SavePackageNames functions.

  • In ToScientific function, improve default value for digits argument.

  • Add AddGradientLegend function, used to add a continuous color gradient legend strip to a plot.

inlmisc 0.2.7

  • Add RecreateLibrary function, used to recreate an existing library on a new installation of R.

  • Add FormatPval function, used to format p-values.

  • Add bm and makecell packages to LaTeX preamble.

  • Changes in PlotGraph function include: Add option for plotting interval censored data by specifying type = "i". Select box-and-whisker plot using type = "w", was previously type = "box". Default for seq.date.by argument changed from "year" to NULL.

  • Add CreateWebMap function, creates a Leaflet map widget using The National Map services.

  • Tidy help documentation for functions.

inlmisc 0.2.6

  • Add endian argument to ReadModflowBinary function. Argument describes the endian-ness (or byte-order) of the binary file and is required for calls to the readBin function. Thanks to Professor Brian Ripley for identifying this issue.

inlmisc 0.2.5

  • In SummariseBudget function, the desc argument no longer needs to be specified. If missing, all data types are summarized.

  • In SummariseBudget function, remove default for desc argument and add id argument, the auxiliary variable name.

  • In ReadModflowBinary function, enable cell-by-cell budget files to be read when they are not in compact form.

  • Change legend format for binned point data from [#, ) to ># to #.

  • Fix bug that resulted in error when plotting a single point location using the AddPoints function.

  • Add AppVeyor to package.

inlmisc 0.2.4

  • Fix bug that resulted in incorrect dimensions for saved graphics.

inlmisc 0.2.3

  • In PlotMap, PlotCrossSection, and AddColorKey functions, dynamically adjust vertical plot margins based on the number of lines in the user specified labels.

  • In AddPoints function, remove draw.legend argument and rename pos argument to legend.pos. A NULL value for legend.pos will prevent the legend from being drawn.

  • Change function name from AddBubbles to AddPoints.

  • In PlotMap and PlotCrossSection functions, fix layout so color key dimensions don't change on resize.

  • In PlotMap function, add file.close argument. A logical that indicates if the graphics device driver should be shut down when the function exits.

  • In AddBubbles function, allow z argument to be an object of class factor.

  • In AddBubbles function, account for aspect ratio when constructing legend.

  • In AddBubbles function, rename bg.pos argument to bg, and set bg.neg = NULL. The bg argument may now be used to specify circle colors for all z values, not just positive values. See help documentation for details.

  • In AddBubbles function, specifying a single numeric value for the inches arguments results in a fixed radius being used for all circle symbols.

  • In PlotMap function, account for z-axis limits prior to removing rows and columns having all missing values.

  • In PlotMap function, change default for scale.loc argument from "leftbottom" to NULL; the scale bar is no longer drawn by default.

  • In PlotMap function, change asp argument from 1 to NULL. Defaults to 1 when data is projected, otherwise, a calculated value based on axes limits is used.

  • Add function POSIXct2Character, used to convert objects from POSIXct to character class.

  • Update URL links to HTTP Secure

  • Generalize CITATION file

inlmisc 0.2.2

  • Change argument name in ReadModflowBinary function from f to path.

  • Add ReadCodeChunk function, reads knitr code chunks into the current session.

  • Change NEWS file to markdown format.

  • Remove misc folder from .Rbuildignore file, adds the misc/preamble.tex file back to the package build.

inlmisc 0.2.1

  • Fix invalid URLs.

inlmisc 0.2.0

  • Add file argument to PlotMap and PlotCrossSection functions. Specifying this argument will start a graphics device driver for producing either a PDF or PNG file.

  • Width and height of graphics device is no longer calculated when drawing to screen.

inlmisc 0.1.2

  • Explain the USGS and INL acronyms from the Title in the DESCRIPTION file.

  • Fix invalid URLs.

inlmisc 0.1.0

  • First version of inlmisc

Reference manual

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0.5.5 by Jason C. Fisher, 2 days ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/USGS-R/inlmisc/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/inlmisc

Authors: Jason C. Fisher [aut, cre]

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Task views: Analysis of Spatial Data

CC0 license

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Suggests alphahull, dichromat, doParallel, doRNG, grid, gstat, maptools, png, remotes, roxygen2, testthat

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