Authenticate and Create Google APIs

Create R functions that interact with OAuth2 Google APIs <> easily, with auto-refresh and Shiny compatibility.

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This library allows you to authenticate easily via local use in an OAuth2 flow; within a Shiny app; or via service accounts.

The main two functions are gar_auth() and gar_api_generator().


This takes care of getting the authentication token, storing it and refreshing. Use it before any call to a Google library.


This creates functions for you to use to interact with Google APIs. Use it within your own function definitions, to query the Google API you want.


Auto-build libraries for Google APIs with OAuth2 for both local and Shiny app use.

Get more details at the googleAuthR website

The googleAuthRverse Slack team has been setup for support for using googleAuthR and the libraries it helps create. Sign up via this Google form to get access.

R Google API libraries using googleAuthR

Here is a list of available Google APIs to make with this library. The below libraries are all cross-compatible as they use googleAuthR for authentication backend e.g. can use just one OAuth2 login flow and can be used in multi-user Shiny apps.

Feel free to add your own via email or a pull request if you have used googleAuthR to build something cool.

googleAuthR now has an R package generator which makes R package skeletons you can use to build your own Google API R package upon. Browse through the 154 options at this Github repository.

Example Shiny app

An example shiny app with Google authentication is deployed to here. It uses the example app that is available in system.file("shiny", package="googleAuthR")

Thanks to


googleAuthR is available on CRAN


Check out News to see the features of the development version.

If you want to use the development version on Github, install via:



googleAuthR v0.7.0

  • Deprecate batch endpoint fully as per
  • Add gar_api_page() to help page through APIs (#121)
  • Add a url_override argument to generated Google API functions to help with (#121)
  • Add support for the Google Sign In JavaScript API via a Shiny module (#119 - thanks @dkulp2) - see googleSignIn
  • Add support for new Shiny authentication flow where you load auth before main ui.R - see gar_shiny_auth()

googleAuthR v0.6.3

  • Another go at JavaScript approval prompt options
  • Support web apps (Shiny) in gar_set_client (#107)
  • Shiny auth will not attempt to create a .httr-oauth file (#84)
  • Update docs for gar_batch_walk() with some examples (#175)
  • Add bigQueryR and googleAnalyticsR to suggests for CRAN test checks.

googleAuthR v0.6.2

  • Encoding fixed as it broke some functions downstream (#101)
  • Fix batching with caching options (#106)
  • Add gar_set_client to load client id/secret from JSON (Idea via @jennybc / @jimhester at gargle/gmailr)

googleAuthR v0.6.1

  • Fix bug with batching that didn't parse data (#103)
  • If you specify a filename in gar_auth(token = "blah") that doesn't exist, will create new token there instead of an error
  • If you specify a valid auth token filename, the scopes and client Id/secret options will now update to the settings within it
  • Add encoding to URL parameters you pass in (#101)

googleAuthR v0.6.0

Major changes

  • A Slack team set up for googleAuthR package support, sign up via
  • Default demo project scopes now NULL, set your own Google Project via options() or by setting up environment arguments (#74):
  • Add ability to return the email of the service account on a GCE instance, gar_gce_auth_email
  • Add ability to cache API calls into memory or writing to local disk (#69 and #68)
  • Make optional a trailing slash on URIs (#73)
  • Improve header checks to be more RFC compliant (#78)
  • Use httrs RETRY function for retries that handles handles better (#67)
  • RStudio Addin now offers menu to prepopulate scopes for APIs from discovery API.
  • Add googleAuthR.batch_endpoint option for specific library batches.
  • Remove TRAVIS support in environment arguments
  • Add gar_check_existing_token() to improve user feedback on why a reauthentication occurs

Bug fixes

  • Fix http2 framing layer error that sometimes happens in misconfigured http2 servers (#87)
  • Update minimum dependency to R 3.3.0 to support Shiny function bugs.

googleAuthR v0.5.1

Major changes

  • Fix bug in gar_auto_auth where it expects a file.path not a token object

googleAuthR v0.5.0

Major changes

  • Correct bug of incorrect redirect URL when no port (#45)
  • Catch error for retry if no status response at all
  • Fix bug where unnamed customConfigs were ignored
  • Fixes to discovery API package creations, order of parameters and NULL parameters
  • Add authentication option when using Google Compute Engine gar_gce_auth() (#52)
  • Add a warning if the cached .httr-oauth token has different scopes to the ones specified at time of authentication (#53)
  • Add debug body aid: if option(googleAuthR.verbose = 0) then a request with a body will write to a file request_debug.rds in working directory
  • Passing in a file location token to gar_auth("file-location.rds") will only load the first element [[1]] if that token is a list of Token2.0 class objects
  • Add debug tool gar_token_info() which will report on current authentication. Available at options(googleAuthR.verbose = 2)

googleAuthR v0.4.0

Major changes

  • Add client based authentication in JavaScript plus example app
  • Add check to gar_auth_service to see if you have downloaded right JSON file
  • Discovery API functions to get details on Google APIs added: gar_discovery_apis_list and gar_discovery_api
  • Add gar_create_package that takes gar_discovery_api JSON and creates R package
  • Change warnings() in batch to myMessage() level 2
  • ensure batch requests only occur per second to help calculation of QPS limits
  • Add 404 message if batch requests are not found.
  • Fixed halt error if message can't parse body JSON, will now fail gracefully but carry on
  • allow overwriting of default httr "encode" again (#28)
  • Headers will contain up to date version number of package
  • Add gar_auto_auth and gar_attach_auto_auth for auto-authentication upon a package load
  • Fix bug where you couldn't pass in the file location of the ".httr-oauth" location to gar_auth()
  • gar_auth now raises errors not NULL for passing incorrect token file locations of tokens
  • gar_auth respects renamed .httr-oauth tokens now via getOption("googleAuthR.httr_oauth_cache")
  • Add link to Github repo with auto-generated packages:

googleAuthR v0.3.1

Major changes

  • Add link to example shiny app
  • Add option(googleAuthR.rawResponse) - skip API checks on response - should now work
  • A successfull request is now classed as all response codes matching ^20 e.g. 201, 204 etc.

googleAuthR v0.3.0

Major changes

  • Document default options in ?googleAuthR
  • Add option(googleAuthR.rawResponse) - skip API checks on response.
  • Add an example Shiny app in /inst/shiny/shiny-example.R
  • Add an RStudio Addin for easy authentication. Run via menu or googleAuthR:::gar_gadget()
  • Move simplifyVector option to be able to be passed in generated function, defaults to getOption("googleAuthR.jsonlite.simplifyVector")
  • Remove scopes option as not used.
  • Added googleAuthR.verbose to control feedback. 0 = everything, 1 = debug, 2=normal, 3=important
  • Make the retry kick in more often for every 5** and 429 status error
  • Support non-JSON uploads (#28)
  • Add option to force user consent screen on Shiny login
  • Move specification of scope for gar_auth_service to param for more flexibility
  • Migrated shiny functions to Shiny Modules (#27)

googleAuthR v0.2

Major changes

  • Added ability to add your own custom headers to requests via customConfig in gar_api_generator
  • Add 'localhost' to shiny URL detection.
  • Google Service accounts now supported. Authenticate via "Service Account Key" JSON.
  • Exposed gar_shiny_getUrl and the authentication type (online/offline) in renderLogin
  • renderLogin : logout now has option revoke to revoke authentication token
  • Added option for googleAuthR.jsonlite.simplifyVector for content parsing for compatibility for some APIs
  • Batch Google API requests now implemented. See readme or ?gar_batch and ?gar_batch_walk for details.
  • If data parsing fails, return the raw content so you can test and modify your data parsing function
  • Missed Jenny credit now corrected
  • Add tip about using !is.null(access_token()) to detect login state
  • Add HTTP backoff for certain errors (#6) from Johann
  • Remove possible NULL entries from path and pars argument lists
  • Reduced some unnecessary message feedback
  • moved with_shiny environment lookup to within generated function
  • added gzip to headers

googleAuthR v0.1

Major changes

  • Shiny compatibility
  • Local authentication compatibility

Reference manual

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1.4.1 by Mark Edmondson, a month ago

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Authors: Mark Edmondson [aut, cre] , Jennifer Bryan [ctb] , Johann deBoer [ctb] , Neal Richardson [ctb] , David Kulp [ctb] , Joe Cheng [ctb]

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