Various R Programming Tools for Model Fitting

Various R programming tools for model fitting.


Version 2.18.1 - 2018-06-25

Other Changes:

  • Remove soft-links for NEWS and ChangeLog files for platform portability.

Version 2.18.0 - 2018-06-19

Bug fixes:

  • ci.binom() was using an incorrect method for calcuating binomial conficence intervals. It now calculates the Clopper-Pearson 'exect' interval, which is conservative due to the discrete nature of the binomial distribution.

Other Changes:

  • Support for lme4 objects has been removed due to incompatible changes to the lme4 package.

Version 2.16.0 - 2014-07-24

New features:

  • The estimable() function now returns objects that are of class 'estimable'.

  • The confidence interval function ci() now has a method for 'estimable' objects, with the same layout as for 'lm' objects, making it easier to combine confidence information about model parameters and estimable functions into a single table.

Version 2.15.5 - 2013-07-18

Bug fixes:

  • Correct error in estimable.mlm() that caused it to always fail. Added test code to prevent future issues.

Other Changes:

  • Update man page file for ci() to current Rd syntax.
  • Remove unused argument to ci.mer()

Version 2.15.3 - 2012-06-27

Bug fixes:

  • Update est.mer() to work with "mer" object changes introduced in lme4 version 0.999999-0.

Version 2.15.2 - 2012-04-19

Bug fixes:

  • Update est.mer() to work with recent versions of lme4 which changed 'mer' objects from S3 to S4 class

  • Changes to pass new R CMD check tests

  • The 'Design' package has been replaced my 'rms', so update man page references.

Version 2.15.1 - 2011-01-16

Bug fixes:

  • Fix warnings reported by new versions of R CMD check.

Version 2.15.0

New features:

  • Add support for 'mer' model from lme4.

Bug fixes:

  • Correct several minor .Rd syntax errors

  • Move extra copyright text to Author field instead of License field.

Version 2.14.1

New features:

  • Add support for 'lme' objects to estimable().


  • Fix minor typos in manual page for estimable().

Version 2.14.0

New Features:

  • Add support for 'mlm' objects to estimable

Version 2.13.2

Bug Fixes:

  • Lower and upper end of confidence interval for lmer objects were reversed in est.lmer().

  • Correct Greg's email address in two help files.

Version 2.13.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Problem: R CMD check errors under development version of R 2.5.0 Solution:

    • Add additional packages to 'Suggests' list in DESCRIPTION
    • Remove extra trailing comma in function calls
    • fix various code/doc inconsistencies
  • Problem: estimable() was failing for lmer objects. Solution:

    • Create a generic estimable()
    • Move old function to estimable.default()
    • Add estimable.lmer() to the exported methods list in NAMESPACE

Version 2.13.0

Version 2.12.0

  • Updated Greg's email address.

  • Add support for lmer (lme version 4) objects to ci(), estimable(), and fit.contrast() via code contributed by Randall C Johnson.

  • Add simplfied coefficient specification to estimable() based on a function provided by Randall C Johnson. It is now possible to do things like: estimable(reg, c("xB"=1,"xD"=-1)) instead of: estimable(reg, c( 0, 1, 0, -1)) which should make estimable() much easier to use for large models.

Version 2.1.0

Version 2.0.8

  • Added DESCRIPTION and removed

  • Updated CrossTable.R

  • Updated NAMESPACE file

Reference manual

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2.18.1 by Gregory R. Warnes, 4 years ago

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Authors: Gregory R. Warnes , Ben Bolker , Thomas Lumley , and Randall C Johnson. Contributions from Randall C. Johnson are Copyright (2005) SAIC-Frederick , Inc. Funded by the Intramural Research Program , of the NIH , National Cancer Institute , Center for Cancer Research under NCI Contract NO1-CO-12400.

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Task views: Multivariate Statistics, Statistics for the Social Sciences

GPL-2 license

Imports MASS, gdata

Suggests gplots, gtools, Matrix, nlme, lme4

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