Common R Scripts and Utilities Used by the Statnet Project Software

Non-statistical utilities used by the software developed by the Statnet Project. They may also be of use to others.

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Non-statistical utilities used by the software developed by the Statnet Project. They may also be of use to others.


statnet.common 4.2.0

New utilities

  • .Deprecate_once() calls .Deprecated(), passing all its arguments through, but only the first time it's called.

  • .Deprecate_method() calls .Deprecated(), but only if a method has been called by name, i.e., \code{\var{METHOD}.\var{CLASS}}.

  • forkTimeout() evaluates an \R expression with a hard time limit (except on Windows) by forking a process. Unlike setTimeLimit(), it enforces the limit even on native code.

  • ult() is a convenience function that extracts or replaces elements of a list indexed from the end.


  • statnet.common now depends on \R >= 3.5 due to what appears to be a method dispatching bug in earlier versions.

  • The package no longer Enhances coda.

statnet.common 4.1.4

New utilities

  • despace() removes whitespace from a string.

  • Pseudo-methods colMeans.mcmc.list(), sweep.mcmc.list(), and lapply.mcmc.list() (migrated from the ergm package).

  • filter_rhs.formula() selectively deletes terms in on the RHS of a formula.

  • eval_lhs.formula() extracts the LHS of the formula and evaluates it in the specified environment.

  • NVL2() and NVL3() for flexible substitution of null values.

  • message_print() formats its arguments as if for print() or show() methods, but then prints to stderr like message().

Enhancements to existing utilities

  • paste.and() now takes an additional con= argument, allowing a conjunction other than "and" to be used.

  • ERRVL() now uses lazy evaluation and lets the user dot-substitute the previous argument's try-error into the next argument.

Bug fixes

  • Printing for control lists now works for function arguments.

  • A number of improvements to rle methods.


  • A number of functions have been renamed for consistency:

    • term.list.formula()list_rhs.formula()
    • append.rhs.formula()append_rhs.formula()
    • nonsimp.update.formula()nonsimp_update.formula()
  • Citation utilities have been deprecated, since CRAN's structure makes them unusable.

statnet.common 4.0.0

  • The package now uses Roxygen for documentation.

  • term.list.formula() output format has been changed, since support of attributes on symbols is being deprecated.

  • A library of methods has been added for the base rle class, implementing concatenation, compaction, and a number of binary operations.

  • all_same() has been moved from ergm and renamed to all_identical().

  • A new assignment method NVL()<- overwrites a variable if its value is NULL.

  • A set of classes and functions for manipulating and efficiently performing calculations on dense matrices or vectors with weighted rows or elements (possibly on the log scale) has been added.

  • New control parameter helper function, control.remap() has been added. Autodetection of function names by set.control.class() and check.control.class() has been deprecated and now results in a warning.

  • Improvements to the compressed data frame code, including an order() generic.

  • Miscellaneous robustifications added.

  • Native routine registration has been added.

statnet.common 3.3.0

  • append.rhs.formula(), vectors.namesmatch(), term.list.formula(), and ergm.update.formula() (renamed to nosimp.update.formula()) moved from ergm.

  • Skye Bender-deMoll has been added as a contributor.

statnet.common 3.2.3

  • ERRVL() moved from ergm.

  • Some NAMESPACE and other fixes to pass CRAN checks.

statnet.common 3.2.2

  • control class improvements and bug fixes.

statnet.common 3.1.1

  • Updated e-mail address

  • Some improvements to opttest.

statnet.common 3.1.0

  • Initial release, incorporating the control class framework (set.control.class(), check.control.class(), print.control.list()); startup message framework; NVL();;; paste.and(); citation utilities framework; and opttest() framework.

Reference manual

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4.5.0 by Pavel N. Krivitsky, 8 months ago

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Authors: Pavel N. Krivitsky [aut, cre] , University of New South Wales) , Skye Bender-deMoll [ctb] , Chad Klumb [ctb] (University of Washington)

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