A Platform for the Study of Macro-Ecology of Life History Traits

Tools for easy generation of (life-history) traits maps based on species range (extent-of-occurrence) maps.


Changes in version 0.3-4

BUG FIXES o Fix examples to comply to gdal 2.3.0 and higher.

Changes in version 0.3-3

BUG FIXES o Updated rangeMapFetch methods to avoid https://github.com/r-dbi/RSQLite/issues/65

Changes in version 0.3-0 SIGNIFICANT USER-VISIBLE CHANGES o View_rmap() project viewer replaces the RangeMapper() GUI. o RangeMap.fetch(spatial = FALSE) returns a rmap.frame object. o Plot(rmap.frame-object) is based on ggplot2. o If a parallel backend is registered processRanges() runs in parallel. o processRanges() allows all sql data types when saving metadata (contributed by Joan Maspons). o when FUN is an R function rangeMapSave() can run in parallel (contributed by Joan Maspons). o ramp() is a quick alternative to initiate a project; it combines all the functions from rangeMap.start() to processRanges() and rangeMap.save() but is less flexible as compared with an incremental project building.

NEW FUNCTIONS o View_rmap() shiny-based project viewer. o as.rmap.frame() data.table to rmap.frame conversion o tables() sqlite databse summary. o rangeMapProjInfo() rangeMap sqlite project summary. o ramp() a quick project starter. o theme_rangemap() a ggplot theme o palette_rangemap() a color palette.

Changes in version 0.2-8 BUG FIXES o The package works now with RSQLite (>= 1.0.0).

Changes in version 0.2-7 NEW FEATURES o WKT2SpatialPolygonsDataFrame()

Changes in version 0.2-6 BUG FIXES o fixed a bug in bio.merge().

Changes in version 0.2-4 NEW FEATURES o The old tcltk GUI has been replaced with a GUI based on shiny.

Changes in version 0.2-3 NEW FEATURES o method assemblageFetch() to extract species sets (species assemblages) & the associated life history data.

Changes in version 0.1-7 NEW FEATURES o method metadataUpdate() to compute taxa-level metadata once a project is set. o A new utility function, rangeFetch(), to fetch a range from a rangeMapper project.

Changes in version 0.1-5

BUG FIXES o fixed a bug in vertices().

NEW FEATURES o vertices is a new method of general use. Extract vertices from a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame and optionally applies an aggregating function to each Polygon. o rangeTraits() & processRanges () changed to work with vertices().

Changes in version 0.1-3

NEW FEATURES o rangeMapProcess-methods. Small-range polygons (i.e. smaller than a canvas cell) will return as many cells as there are 'Polygon'- s(e.g. each polygon will snap to the nearest canvas cell).

Reference manual

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0.3-7 by Mihai Valcu, a year ago


Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/rangeMapper

Authors: Mihai Valcu [aut, cre] , James Dale [aut] , Joan Maspons [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Analysis of Spatial Data

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports methods, sp, rgdal, rgeos, raster, maptools, gridExtra, lattice, ggplot2, RColorBrewer, classInt, magrittr, data.table, foreach, future, doFuture, future.apply

Depends on RSQLite

Suggests shiny, doParallel, testthat, knitr, rmarkdown, MASS

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