Number-Theoretic Functions

Provides number-theoretic functions for factorization, prime numbers, twin primes, primitive roots, modular logarithm and inverses, extended GCD, Farey series and continuous fractions. Includes Legendre and Jacobi symbols, some divisor functions, Euler's Phi function, etc.


numbers NEWS

Version 0.7-1 (2018-05-16)

o Removed 'numbers-package.Rd' on request of K. Hornick, CRAN.

Version 0.6-8 (2017-03-26)

o intnthroot() calculates the integer n-th root.

Version 0.6-7 (2017-01-15)

o modlog() the modular (or: discrete) logarithm. o primroot() got a new keyword 'all=FALSE' to return all primitive roots if it is TRUE. Also, isPrimroot() with the obvious meaning.

Version 0.6-6 (2017-01-10)

o Extended the description line considerably by request of CRAN. o Finally completed the "?numbers-package" entry of the help.

Version 0.6-5 (2017-01-10)

o cf2num() converts (generalized) continued fractions to numbers, with special care for approximating infinite fractions.

Version 0.6-3 (2016-12-20)

o divisors() lists all divisors of a number n from its prime factors. o necklace() and bracelet() compute the number of necklaces resp. bracelets in combinatorics, suggested by David Sterratt. o corrected a 'tiny' bug in modpower(), pointed out by Nathan Carter.

Version 0.6-1 (2015-07-13)

o bell() generates Bell numbers. o Spelling changes in the documentation.

Version 0.5-9 (2015-07-09)

o Changed package 'gmp' status from "Imports:" to "Suggests:"; functions miller_rabin() and mersenne() require 'gmp' to be loaded. o sigma() renamed to Sigma() to avoid name clash.

Version 0.5-8 (2015-07-01)

o atkin_sieve(): Atkin's prime number sieve. o Small bug corrected: eulerPhi(1) == 1 .

Version 0.5-6 (2015-03-14)

o Pi-day 3.14.15 9:26:53.58 contribution: dropletPi() realizes the droplet/spigot algorithm for pi; droplet_e() has been renamed to dropletE().

Version 0.5-3 (2015-02-12)

o radical() computes the radical of n, i.e the product of unique prime factors of n.

Version 0.5-2 (2015-01-28)

o miller-rabin() executes the probabilistic Miller-Rabin primality test, faster than isPrime(), but still slower than gmp::isprime().

Version 0.5-1 (2015-01-27)

o egyptian_complete() returns the number of solutions found. o legendre_sym() returned Boolean nonsense, has been corrected.

Version 0.4-9 (2014-12-30)

o ordpn() order of a prime number in n!, i.e. n faculty. o fibonacci() and lucas() corrected; the recursive computation has been replaced by an iterative approach.

Version 0.4-7 (2014-08-03)

o agm() exact to machine accuracy; returns only the AGM value.

Version 0.4-5 (2014-01-03)

o Imports 'gmp'. o Primes() avoids creating additional memory, doubled its speed.

Version 0.4-3 (2013-11-16)

o legendre_sym() Legendre and Jacobi symbol. o quadratic_residues() lists all quadratic residues.

Version 0.4-1 (2013-03-30)

o mersenne() computes Mersenne prime numbers. o Renamed factorize() to primeFactors() (avoid masking ...)

Version 0.3-5 (2013-01-12)

o catalan() Catalan numbers. o pythagorean_triple() generating Pythagorean triples.

Version 0.3-3 (2012-11-20)

o hermiteNF() Hermite normal form. o lucas() Lucas numbers as sequence. o Added corrections to mGCD() and mLCM().

Version 0.3-1 (2012-10-04)

o chinese() Chinese Remainder Theorem. o egypt_methods(), egypt_complete() Egyptian fractions o zeck() Zeckendorf representation. o Improving modular arithmetics: mod(), rem(), div().

Version 0.2-1 (2012-09-25)

o agm() algebraic-geometric mean. o fibonacci() Fibonacci sequence. o droplet_e() for generating digits of e.

o Modular functions: - modinv(), modlin() modular inverses; - primroot() primitive roots.

o Greatest common divisor, least common multiple: - extGCD(), GCD(), mGCD(), LCM(), mLCM(), coprime().

Version 0.1-1 (2012-09-24)

o More Number-theoretic functions: - eulersPhi; moebius(), mertens(); - sigma(), tau(), omega(), Omega().

o Shifted number-theoretic functions from 'pracma' to 'numbers': - contFrac() continuous fractions; - ratFarey() rational approximation through Farey sequence.

o Prime number functions: - primeSieve(), Primes(), isPrime(), factorize(); - twinPrimes(), nextPrime(), previousPrime(); - isNatural(), isIntpower().

o New package 'numbers' on R-Forge.

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0.8-1 by Hans W. Borchers, a month ago

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Authors: Hans Werner Borchers

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