Tools for Identifying Important Nodes in Networks

Includes assorted tools for network analysis. Bridge centrality; goldbricker; MDS, PCA, & eigenmodel network plotting.


networktools 1.0.0

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.

networktools 1.1.0

  • The bridge() function is now available. Can be used to calculate and plot "bridge statistics", including bridge strength, bridge betweenness, bridge closeness, and bridge expected influence.

networktools 1.1.1

  • Bug fixes for bridge strength in the bridge() function
  • The goldbricker() and net_reduce() functions are now available. Useful for comparing correlations in order to eliminate nodes in networks which ostensibly measure the same construct

networktools 1.1.2

  • Additions to bridge() function: can use list input for communities, improved error handling
  • New argument "corMin" in goldbricker function

networktools 1.2.0

  • Three new functions for plotting networks using MDS, PCA, and eigenmodels (MDSnet, PCAnet, EIGENnet)
  • Added an argument in bridge() to average bridge centrality by number of nodes in communities

Reference manual

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