Mode Estimation

Provides estimators of the mode of univariate data or univariate distributions.

The package 'modeest' provides estimators of the mode of univariate unimodal (and sometimes multimodal) data and values of the modes of usual probability distributions.


You can install the release version of modeest from the CRAN with:

# Install the 'genefilter' package from BioConductor first: 
# Then call 'install.packages()' as usual: 

You can install the development version of modeest from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


modeest 2.3.3

  • Small updates in the documentation.
  • Simplification and improvements in the code of parzen(), vieu(), tsybakov(), meanshift(), mlv().

modeest 2.3.2

  • BREAKING CHANGE: mlv() no longer returns a list, it returns a vector of values (usually one single value) for the sake of simplicity and homogeneity with functions such as mean() or median().
  • mfv() or mfv1() are moved to package statip and reexported by modeest.
  • discrete() is now removed. Use mfv() or mfv1() instead.

modeest 2.3.0

  • Hidden kernel related functions are transferred to package statip.
  • discrete() is now deprecated and will be removed in a future version of the package. Use mfv() instead.
  • mfv1() is a new function that always returns a length 1 value (so that mfv1(x)==mfv(x)[[1L]]).

modeest 2.2

  • Thank you to W. H. Beasley who pointed out a slight mistake in the calculation of Bickel's skewness in mlv.integer(). Now the skewness is set at NA in case of multiple modes.
  • The meanshift mode estimator is added.
  • As documented under ?as.numeric, the function as.numeric.mlv() was not correct, and is now replaced by as.double.mlv().

modeest 2.1

  • Thank you to C. Lepoittevin and K. Fijorek who pointed out a misuse of ifelse in the function hsm(). This has been corrected, so now hsm works correctly.
  • Functions fiskMode(), gompertzMode(), koenkerMode(), kumarMode(), laplaceMode(), paralogisticMode(), paretoMode(), rayleighMode() are added.
  • Function symstbMode() is removed.

modeest 1.09

  • The Asselin de Beauville mode estimator has been added.
  • A function as.numeric.mlv() is provided.
  • Methods for the Chernoff distribution are provisionally suppressed, because of their lack of efficiency.
  • The DIP statistic is no longer provided.
  • In function tsybakov(), the argument djeddour is renamed dmp.
  • In functions parzen() and mlv.density(), the argument biau is renamed abc.

Reference manual

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2.4.0 by Paul Poncet, 2 years ago

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Authors: Paul Poncet [aut, cre]

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Task views: Probability Distributions

GPL-3 license

Imports fBasics, stable, stabledist, stats, statip

Suggests evd, knitr, mvtnorm, testthat, VGAM

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