Find, Map, and Gather Environmental Data and Metadata

A tool for locating, mapping, and gathering environmental data and metadata, worldwide. Users can search for and filter metadata from > 157,000 environmental monitoring stations among 219 countries/territories and >20 networks/organizations via elevation, location, active dates, elements measured (e.g., temperature, precipitation), country, network, and/or known identifier. Future updates to the package will allow the user to obtain datasets from stations within the database.


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2017-01-18 metScanR v0.0.1 (initial release)

  • Database included with package source.
  • Database contains ~13,000 environmental monitoring stations among 11 different networks located within the U.S. and parts of Canada
  • Functions include siteFinder and mapSiteFinder

2017-05-18 metScanR v1.0.0 (major release)

  • Database removed from package source and stored on Github at Most recent version of database is automatically accessed whenever 'metScanR' package is loaded to R environment.
  • Database updated to include ~107,000 environmental monitoring stations among 18 different networks, worldwide
  • Converted siteFinder into wrapper function to call newly added functions:
    • getNearby
    • getElevation
    • getDates
    • getNetwork
    • getVars
    • getCountry
    • getId
  • Created terms database using n-gram approach to merge similar terms and elements used among various networks in database. This database is used on the backend when searching for measured variables
  • Output from functions is now in list format. Initial release output in data.frame format. Changed to list format for space efficiency.
  • Removed 'minimum radius' requirement when searching for nearby stations
  • Depracated '', 'Lat', and 'Lon' parameters and replaced with 'siteID', 'lat' and 'lon'. Functions and parameters in this package will follow a camelCase naming struncture
  • Added .onLoad and .onAttach functions to access, download, save, and load the updated metScanR database to local environment.
  • Added Robert Lee as co-author

2017-11-01 metScanR v1.1.0 (minor release)

  • Removed obsolete dependencies - CRAN NOTE post Major Release v1.0.0
  • Replaced numerous NULL initializations with missing() within functions
  • North American Deposition Program (NADP) network added to database; site- and element-level metadata added
  • Ameriflux network added to database; site-level metadata only
  • toupper() function added to getId() and getNetwork() functions to account for Ameriflux, AMon, AirMon, and AMNet networks
  • more robust logic added to getVars() function to remedy disconnect between traceability and master terms databases
  • added new function, getStation() that returns metadata for user entered site(s)
  • Moved NRCS to getNetwork() function and moved all NRCS sub-networks, e.g., SCAN, SNOTEL, etc., to getID() function. This better fits the framework of umbrella organizations (network) and individual sub-networks, such as SCAN.
  • USGS and BOR stations have been detached from NRCS umbrella and are now independent networks

2017-11-06 metScanR v1.1.1 (Bug fix)

  • Fixed bug in mapSiteFinder(). Passing metadata with only 1 idType, e.g., "Ameriflux", caused error when calling function within mapSiteFinder().
  • Implemented tests for mapSiteFinder() using testthat package.
  • Altered .onLoad() and .onAttach files to auto-download external database each time upon startup.
  • Fixed bug in getDates(). There was an error in the paste0 portion of the Error message.

2018-03-19 metScanR v1.2.0 (minor release)

  • The metScanR package now comes with a small database, one that comprises ~5,300 environmental monitoring stations. The full database contains >100,000 stations and can be downloaded via the updateDatabase() function. Running this function will update the local version of the database with the most up-to-date database stored at
  • Added getTerritory() function. This function returns metadata for stations within a territory or US state.
  • Added logic to check for internet connection and updates to external database. If user is already running the most current version of database locally the R package will not download database. If the user is running an outdated version, R will ping the external database and download it locally.
  • Added new parameters: startVarsDate and endVarsDate to getVars() function. see ?getVars for more information
  • Added new parameter: limit to mapSiteFinder which users can adjust if they wish to plot thousands of environmental stations. This was previously capped at 10,000 stations
  • Bug fix for siteFinder() code when internally calling any metScanR function allowing multiple inputs, e.g., getVars(), getCountry().
  • Deprecated elevThresh in getElevation() and replaced with elevMin and elevMax

2019-01-29 metScanR v1.2.1 (patch)

  • updateDatabase() now checks the search path before updating. this properly detaches metScanR if loaded.
  • minor code change to getvars()

2019-02-01 metScanR v1.2.2 (patch)

  • Found a copy-paste error in getNetwork(), which ultimately affected siteFinder() code
  • Reverted back to original mapSiteFinder() leaflet background and switched from RColorBrewer to matlab package for color scheme in mapSiteFinder(). RColorBrewer has a max limit of colors, which resulted in an error if many different networks are plotted.
  • Created many new tests in our testthat function
  • Created unit tests to compliment testthat tests

Reference manual

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1.2.3 by Josh Roberti, 2 years ago

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Authors: Josh Roberti [aut, cre] , Cody Flagg [aut] , Lee Stanish [aut] , Robert Lee [aut]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Hydrological Data and Modeling

GPL-3 license

Imports geosphere, matlab, leaflet, grDevices, plyr, RCurl, utils

Suggests testthat

Suggested by Z10.

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