Linguistic Typology and Mapping

Provides R with the Glottolog database <> and some more abilities for purposes of linguistic mapping. The Glottolog database contains the catalogue of languages of the world. This package helps researchers to make a linguistic maps, using philosophy of the Cross-Linguistic Linked Data project <>, which allows for while at the same time facilitating uniform access to the data across publications. A tutorial for this package is available on GitHub pages <> and package vignette. Maps created by this package can be used both for the investigation and linguistic teaching. In addition, package provides an ability to download data from typological databases such as WALS, AUTOTYP and some others and to create your own database website.


lingtypology 1.0.13 (30.05.2018)

  • add the possibility to use "fake" language in the "map.feature()" function.
  • lingtypology take into account leaflet 2.0.0 updates
  • add possibility to use combination of shape and label arguments
  • the base layer of the mini-map is the same as the base layer of the main map
  • add the "label.font" argument to the "map.feature()" function
  • update a "circassian" database
  • add the "valpal.feature()" function API for Valency Patterns Database
  • add the "oto_mangueanIC.feature()" function API for Oto-Manguean Inflectional Class Database
  • add new method for density counterplot. "density.method" argument with two options: "kernal density estimation" or "fixed distance".
  • arguments "density.longitude.width", "density.latitude.width", "isogloss.longitude.width", "isogloss.latitude.width" are deprecated. There are "density.width" and "isogloss.width" instead.
  • add "facet" argument

lingtypology 1.0.12 (09.03.2018)

  • add the "" argument to the "map.feature()" function (Thanks @nikopartanen for the idea).
  • repair the "afbo.feature()" function.
  • add a message with citation information to all "...feature" function (Thanks @nikopartanen for the idea).
  • add the "atlas.database()" function for creating atlases with rmarkdown.
  • add the "isogloss" argument to the "map.feture()" function for creating multiple isoglosses.
  • correct Even coordinates,
  • correct "is.glottolog()" function.

lingtypology 1.0.11 (15.01.2018)

  • add "shape" arguments.
  • argument "label.only" is deprecated.

lingtypology 1.0.10 (15.12.2017)

  • add the argument "line.type", that could be used for creating the decision boundary of the logistic regression on the map.
  • add arguments "line.opacity", "line.label", "line.width".
  • add the argument "graticule" to function map.feature().
  • add argument "label.only" to function map.feature().

lingtypology 1.0.9 (30.11.2017)

  • correct queries of the length one for wals.feature() and afbo.feature() functions. #22
  • add arguments for line ("line.lng", "", "line.color").

lingtypology 1.0.8 (07.10.2017)

  • add argument "density.control" to function map.feature().
  • add argument "label.emphasize" to function map.feature().
  • add arguments "minichart", "", "minichart.labels" and "minichart.time" to function map.feature().
  • coloring scheme is changed.
  • argument "radius" renamed to "width".

lingtypology 1.0.7 (15.09.2017)

  • add argument "zoom.level" to function map.feature().
  • colour repetition bug corrected. Issue #18
  • NA bug in stroke.features corrected. Issue #19
  • add arguments for rectangle (rectangle.lng,, rectangle.color).

lingtypology 1.0.6 (16.08.2017)

  • all functions that takes iso or glottolog codes from user remove spaces and punctuation marks. So users can make mistakes (like lang.gltc('icel1247 ') or lang.gltc('icel1247,')), but functions will ignore them. (Thanks @macleginn for this idea)
  • add argument "official" to function
  • add function phoible.feature() for downloading PHOIBLE data.
  • add function wals.feature() for downloading WALS data.
  • add function afbo.feature() for downloading AfBo data.
  • add function sails.feature() for downloading SAILS data.
  • add function abvd.feature() for downloading ABVD data.

lingtypology 1.0.5 (21.06.2017)

  • coloring bug corrected.
  • add function autotyp.feature() for downloading AUTOTYP data.
  • density estimation arguments works with independent features.

lingtypology 1.0.4 (13.05.2017)

  • glottolog database is improved.
  • added warning for languages without coordinates.
  • label.hide option terned to TRUE.
  • added density estimation visualization.
  • transfered to ropensci.

lingtypology 1.0.3 (14.04.2017)

  • improved spellchecker.
  • added the argument for zoom panel appearence.
  • added some official languages to the countries dataset.
  • added instructions for using dplyr with lingtypology.
  • glottolog databases are improved.
  • added search by alternative language names to is.glottolog() function.
  • makelink changed to make.url; link creation improved (Thanks @languageSpaceLabs and @tzakharko for the comments).
  • added numeric features processing (Thanks @languageSpaceLabs and @tzakharko for the comments).
  • map.orientation with values 'Pacific' and 'Atlantic' added (Thanks @languageSpaceLabs and @tzakharko for the comments).

lingtypology 1.0.2 (23.02.2017)

  • ROpenSci wishes met.
  • coloring the bug caused by leaflet new release fixed.
  • added position arguments to every legend.
  • added arguments for working with scale bar.
  • added arguments for working with minimap.
  • added arguments for working with labels.
  • all changes are illustrated in package vigniette.

lingtypology 1.0.1 (29.01.2017)

  • fixed all warnings in CRAN checks.
  • fixed the bug with two feature set mapping.
  • added map.feature arguments for legends (stroke.title, stroke.legend).
  • changed default for control argument to FALSE.
  • corrected Rmd, examples and help.
  • added image arguments.
  • added the tile argument for layouts.
  • added the multiple tile argument.
  • added the argument.
  • added the argument glottolog.source (Many thanks to Robert Forkel for his issue and his work!).
  • fixed the coloring problem.
  • fixed the makelink function.
  • some coordinates and language names corrected and stored in glottolog.modified.

lingtypology 1.0.0 (29.12.2016)

  • initial release.

Reference manual

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1.1.7 by George Moroz, a month ago,,

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Authors: George Moroz [aut, cre] , Kirill Koncha [ctb] , Mikhail Leonov [ctb] , Anna Smirnova [ctb]

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GPL (>= 2) license

Imports leaflet, leaflet.minicharts, stats, utils, stringdist, grDevices, jsonlite

Suggests knitr, rmarkdown, testthat, covr, MASS, sp, rgeos, rgdal, ggplot2, ape

Suggested by phonfieldwork.

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