Perform and Display Google Trends Queries

An interface for retrieving and displaying the information returned online by Google Trends is provided. Trends (number of hits) over the time as well as geographic representation of the results can be displayed.

gtrendsR provides an interface for retrieving and displaying Google Trends information.

Trends (number of hits) over time as well as geographic representation of the results can be displayed.

Changes in Google Trends API

Due to recent changes to Google Trends API, the CRAN version of the package is no longer working. If you want to continue to query Google Trends, you have to install the development version of the package. This will be soon deployed on CRAN.


In this simple example, trends for keywords nhl, nba are retrieved for Canada and USA and then plotted from R.

res <- gtrends(c("nhl", "nba"), geo = c("CA", "US"))


Since release 1.3.0, the package is on CRAN and can be installed via


Release-candidate packages are available in the ghrr drat repository and can installed via

install.packages("drat")       # easier repo access + creation
drat:::add("ghrr")             # make it known
install.packages("gtrendsR")   # install it

Development version (which may be less stable) can be installed directly from this repository via

if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")

Using gtrendsR behind a PROXY.

If gtrendsR should be used behind a proxy, especially with NTLM authentication mode, you need to set the proxy parameters using "setHandleParameters" function


setHandleParameters(user = "xxxx", password = "*******", domain = "mydomain", proxyhost = "", proxyport = 8080)
res <- gtrends(c("nhl", "nba"), geo = c("CA", "US"))


Philippe Massicotte and Dirk Eddelbuettel


GPL (>= 2)


gtrendsR 1.4.3

  • Added more options to specify time interval of the search (#289). @JBleher

  • Fixed dangling time zone parameters (#290). @JBleher

  • Fixed also issues with different results when requests were issued from different time zones and different locale settings.

  • Download multiple time ranges for direct comparison.

  • Now also an option to only download interest over time is added.

  • Showing the returned status code when it is failing (i.e. not 200) (#304).

  • Bug fix keyword encoding when there are multiple keywords with '&'. (#300, #301) @ThiesDS

gtrendsR 1.4.2

  • gtrendsR can now be used behind a proxy, see setHandleParameters() (#245) @VictorYammouni

  • Fixes breaking changes introduced by Google Trends (#273, #274)

  • Now able to search with "&" character (#267). gtrends("A&W", geo = "CA")

  • gtrendsR now depends on R >= 3.2.0 (#264)

  • Fixes error when mixing topic and search terms in query (#284) @mamut86

gtrendsR 1.4.1

  • It is now possible to use DMA (gtrends(keyword="obama",geo="US-AL-630")) (#238).

  • Added missing country codes (#213).

  • Can now mix both country and sub country codes (plot(gtrends("pizza", geo = c("CA", "GB-ENG")))) (#218).

  • New parameter low_search_volume allowing low search volume regions (#229).

  • Fixing breaking changes that were introduced by Google Trends (#252) @kevinmager65.

  • Can now search without keywords (gtrends(geo = c("CA"), category = 20)).

gtrendsR 1.4.0

Major change

  • Due to recent changes to Google Trends API, gtrendsR has been almost re-written form scratch. One big visible change is that signing into a Google account is no longer required to download data from Google Trends.

Bug fixes

  • Added missing all DMAs within the US (#146).

  • gtrendsR now correctly use the hl (local) parameter to retrieve data (@antaldaniel).

  • Better support for queries using non-ascii keywords (gtrends("österreich")).

gtrendsR 1.3.5

  • Added some missing country codes (#94). data("countries").

  • Now able to specify for which Google products the request is performed using the gprop parameter (#112). Possible values are froogle for Google shopping, new for Google news, youtube for YouTube videos and images for Google images.

  • Now able to query using Google categories ?gtrends (#89).

  • Returned data is now tidy (#110). The trend object now contains keyword, hits and location header (head(sport_trend$trend)).

  • Fixing a bug where overriding countries variable was breaking package's functionalities (#109).

  • Correct default fallback for querying for google.user and google.password in gconnect (#121)

gtrendsR 1.3.4

  • Fixing login issue due to backend changes made by Google (#103). Thanks to @MrLoh for initial implementation and suggestions.

  • Fixing crash occurring when monthly data was returned (#81).

  • gtrends() will throw a warning if data is returned monthly (#80).

  • gtrends() is now correctly detecting when quota limit is reached (#90).

gtrendsR 1.3.3

  • A ggplot2 object can now be returned for further customization. plot(gtrends("NHL")) + ggtitle("NHL trend") + theme(legend.position="none")

  • Support for hourly and daily data (#67). For example, it is now possible to have hourly data for the last seven days with gtrends("nhl", geo = "CA", res = "7d"). Use ?gtrends for more information about the time resolution supported by the package.

  • Support for categories (#46). Ex.: gtrends("NHL", geo = "US", cat = "0-20") will search only in the sport category.

  • Some countries (ex: Hong Kong) were missing from the list (#69).

  • Various typos and documentation work.

gtrendsR 1.3.2

  • Added support for sub-countries (#25). Ex.: gtrends("NHL", geo = "CA-QC") will return trends data for Québec province in Canada. The list of supported sub-countries can be obtained via data(countries).

  • Data parsing should work for any data returned by Google Trends (i.e. countries independent).

  • Better support for queries using keywords in different languages (#50, #57). Ex.: gtrends("蘋果", geo = "TW")

  • Now able to specify up to five countries (#53) via gtrends("NHL", geo = c("CA", "US"))

  • Fixing issue #51 allowing UK-based queries via geo = "GB"

gtrendsR 1.3.1

  • Fixing issue #34 where connection verification was not done properly.
  • Now able to use more latin character in query. For example: gtrends("montréal").
  • Can now deal with data returned other than in English language.

gtrendsR 1.3.0

  • First version of gtrendsR

Reference manual

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1.5.0 by Philippe Massicotte, a month ago

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Authors: Philippe Massicotte [aut, cre] , Dirk Eddelbuettel [aut]

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GPL (>= 2) license

Imports ggplot2, jsonlite, anytime, curl

Suggests knitr, rmarkdown, tinytest

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