EMF Graphics Output Device

Output graphics to EMF+/EMF.


v3.6-2 -- 2 Jan 2019 -Bug fix: white text color not being set until a non-white text color was used first (bug only in EMF).

v3.6-1 -- 22 May 2018 -emphasize inability to embed fonts in help page -attempt to fix compiler error on certain newer OSX systems

v3.6 -- 21 July 2017 -for rotated text in EMF (as opposed to EMF+), insert rotation into font specification rather than using world transform. This change makes for more ungainly files but greater compatibility with viewing programs that only support a subset of the EMF specification. -fix roundoff error when calculating page size in micrometers (in EMF header; unclear if used by any viewing program)

v3.5 -- 8 June 2017 -implement clipping at EMF/EMF+ level (previously relied on R to clip, which is more aggressive, particularly with regard to text, and led to difference between EMF output vs. other devices) -only issue select object command for EMF font immediately before writing text (previously issued when first requested font metrics, which was not necessary) -change EMF world rotation commands to avoid depending on SAVE/RESTORE DC (which is unclear from spec whether it is supposed to save world rotation state). This change avoids a bug triggered when printing figures with rotated text in Word 2010 (Thanks to Philip Harslett for reporting)

v3.4 -- 7 April 2017 -add option for user to specify DPI used when setting up device coordinate system. Previously was fixed at one dot per 0.01mm (aka 2540 DPI; 0.01mm units are used elsewhere by EMF), but some lazy EMF clients appear to render the image as a bitmap of size equal to inches * DPI.. which can lead to out of memory errors. Changing default to be 300 DPI. -fix handling of miter limit for miter-type line joins in EMF+ files. -correct R_init_* registration entrypoint name -use registered R symbol as entrypoint in .External call -fix PROTECT error (thanks to Tomas Kalibera's tool for identifying)

v3.3-1 -- 10 Feb 2017 -fix edge case on linux where both Xft and zlib are installed but a connection cannot be made to the X server (i.e., if running R from ssh session without forwarding X connections) -add cleanup script

v3.3 -- 9 Feb 2017 -fix additional Solaris compiler errors & warnings -add OSX linker option "-framework CoreText", which allows the devEMF shared library to be loaded separately from standard R (and hence pass cran checks). -fix memory leak in EMF font handling (EMF+ was ok) -fix memory leak in Windows GDI font metric code -fix minor memory leak in Linux font metric code

v3.2 -- 19 Sept 2016 -add raster image support -embed devEMF version number in EMF output (in a comment field) -rework text output to use world transformations -bug fixes related to path rendering -eliminate compiler errors on Solaris C++98 compiler

v3.1 -- 17 Mar 2016 -add back ability to use Adobe font metric (AFM) files, in case no graphical interface (Xft, Windows, Apple) is available to query. Adobe distributes AFMs for the 14 core PDF fonts, and these are now included in the devEMF package (note before v2.0, devEMF accessed the AFMs included in the grDevices package). To keep this package size managable, the AFMs are gzipped, so using this ability requires zlib. -add support for path rendering

v3.0 -- 3 Apr 2015 -add support for EMF+ output. This format has less complete support in client programs but allows for partial transparency. EMF+ output is now the default, but the pure EMF output is still possible with an option to the "emf()" call that opens the device.

v2.0 -- 29 Jan 2015 -switch to platform-specific font metric code instead of accessing the AFM files supplied with core R via a non-public R API (this previous approach violated CRAN policy). The primary downside is that the new code will not operate on non-OSX, non-Windows platforms unless X windows is installed along with the Xft development headers. It should work on OSX and Windows out of the box; please contact me if you have trouble (I primarily work on linux). -bug fix: EMF polygon record had potential rounding mismatch between vertex coordinates and bounding box coordinates. -bug fix: when PS_NULL, set pen BS_NULL (although seems unnecessary in practice)

v1.2-1 -- 18 Feb 2013

  • Bug fix: EMF custom line types not working properly for solid lines. (Thanks to Nis Martensen for reporting and patching)

v1.2 -- 22 Feb 2012

  • Bug fix: TextUTF8 used incorrect vertical alignment. (Thanks to Jared Decker for reporting)
  • change yLineBias to be 0.2 for compatibility with R >= 2.14

v1.1 -- 6 Feb 2012

  • Add support for different line end and join styles. (Thanks to Mathias Walter for suggesting)


  • Amend help to mention that partial transparency is not supported by the EMF format


  • Been using for 6mo with no problems; bump version to 1.
  • Replace remaining few uses of printf with Rprintf


  • Placed package within NAMESPACE (in prep for R-2.14.0)
  • modified ps_fonts.h to make compatible with R-2.14.0 revised handling of gzip i/o

Reference manual

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3.8 by Philip Johnson, 15 days ago

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/devEMF

Authors: Philip Johnson

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-3 license

System requirements: Xft or zlib (only needed for platforms other than OSX and Windows)

Imported by Fgmutils, MCPModPack, eoffice, jsmodule, rrtable, takos.

Suggested by fitPoly, fitTetra, officer.

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