Forest Growth Model Utilities

Growth models and forest production require existing data manipulation and the creation of new data, structured from basic forest inventory data. The purpose of this package is provide functions to support these activities.


Fgmutils 0.94 o added functions: projectBaseOriented, evalAgeBased, avaliaVolumeAgeBased o update functions: roundAge, avaliaEstimativas Fgmutils 0.93 o esta versão atende as seguindes necessidades e atualizações: o deixar os graficos quadrados com ylim = c(100, -100) em res% o separar as estatisticas rmse, rmse%, bias, baias%, cv, r2, mai, rrmse , ce em outro df o retornar o dataframe com os campos de estatistica adicionados o dividir os modelos em pastas ao salvar em disco o exibir resultado do testeF arendodado no grafico o inserir legenda linha de tendencia nos graficos o trocar B por betta em greek simbols o permitir salvar em png/postscript o trocar po por ranking no teste f retornado da função que avalia o Miqueias Fernandes Fgmutils 0.92 o bug fix in function predizer() Fgmutils 0.91 o added function to classify age roundAge() Fgmutils 0.9 o a new concept of mathematical evaluation model was introduced to this, two new functions have been implemented: avaliaEstimativas e avaliaVolumeAvancado o to support the functioning of these 8 were written more functions: calculaVolumeDefault getColumnsOfBase contemParametros getFormulaExclusivaOfAjust getBaseOfAjust getParametrosOfModel getColumnsOfAjust predizer o so that the coherent concept with high OO software development standards could be implemented these four functions have been added: criaModeloExclusivo criaModeloGenerico geraModelo salvaModelo o 15 statistical functions have been added to calculate the valuation models of Statistics (they are adapter functions of this package): estatisticasBiasPERCENTUAL estatisticas estatisticasBIAS estatisticasR2 estatisticasCE estatisticasResiduoPERCENTUAL estatisticasCorrPERCENTUAL estatisticasResiduos estatisticasCORR estatisticasRmsePERCENTUAL estatisticasCvPERCENTUAL estatisticasRMSE estatisticasCV estatisticasRRMSE estatisticasMAE o to present the results of these 5 were added: getggplot2GraphicObservadoXEstimado getGraphicResiduoAbs getGraphicHistogram getGraphicResiduoPerc getGraphicObservadoXEstimado Fgmutils 0.8 o defineClasses function add option verbose to show status and add getDataFrame option to return a data.frame type o getClasses function add o classificaClasseDAP function changed to accept dap in limits of dfClassesDAP and get NhaClasse and NCLASSES fields o function classificarDAP add to classify dap from inventarios o using datatable to reduce the process time Fgmutils 0.7 o atualizaCampoBase function updated to work with all types in fields Fgmutils 0.6 o add separaDados function Fgmutils 0.5 o add listToDataFrame function Fgmutils 0.4 o add function isfinitedataframe, mspr, avalisAjuste, syx, fator_bias, bias, R21a, R29a, residuoPerc, calculaPerc, calculaA, atualizaCampoBase, mae, rmse, syxPec, mspr, ce, rrmse Fgmutils 0.3 o add function ifrm, whichmedian,classificaClasseDAP, defineClasses2. Fgmutils 0.3 o add function ifrm, whichmedian,classificaClasseDAP, defineClasses2.

Fgmutils 0.2 o Dependency on package 'siar' removed. o Various small fixes of the documentation. o change in function getanoMedicao, making it more generic o add function listToDataFrame, check.integer

Fgmutils 0.1

o   add functions atualizaCampoBase, converteCampoParaCharacter, criaDadosPareados, getAnoMedicao, retornaValo, verificaTipoColuna.

Reference manual

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0.9.5 by Clayton Vieira Fraga Filho, 3 years ago

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Authors: Clayton Vieira Fraga Filho , Ana Paula Simiqueli , Gilson Fernandes da Silva , Miqueias Fernandes , Wagner Amorim da Silva Altoe

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Imports data.table, tcltk, utils, stats, graphics, devEMF, png, grDevices, methods, ggplot2, gridExtra

Depends on sqldf, stringr, plyr

Suggests testthat

Depended on by fdq.

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