Interface with Google BigQuery with Shiny Compatibility

Interface with 'Google BigQuery', see <> for more information. This package uses 'googleAuthR' so is compatible with similar packages, including 'Google Cloud Storage' (<>) for result extracts.

This is a package for interating with BigQuery from within R.

See the bigQueryR website for examples, details and tutorials.

This package is on CRAN, but to install the latest development version you can install from the cloudyr drat repository:

# latest stable version
install.packages("bigQueryR", repos = c(getOption("repos"), ""))

Or, to pull a potentially unstable version directly from GitHub:



bigQueryR 0.4.0

  • support nullMarker, maxBadRecords, fieldDelimiter in upload jobs
  • Support BigQuery type DATE for R class Date data.frame columns (BigQuery type TIMESTAMP still default for POSIXctcolumns) (#48)
  • Allow custom user schema for uploads of data.frames (#48)
  • Rename misnamed global functions from bq_ prefix to bqr_ prefix
  • Add allowJaggedRows and allowQuotedNewlines options to upload via bqr_upload_data()
  • bqr_get_job now accepts a job object as well as the jobId
  • Fix bug with bqr_upload_data where autodetect=TRUE didn't work with gcs:// loads from Cloud Storage
  • Fix bug with bqr_query() that caused a 404 error sometimes.

bigQueryR 0.3.2

  • Move to new batch endpoint (#41)

bigQueryR 0.3.1

  • Fix asynch job fail if user previously set.seed() (#37)
  • skip tests on CRAN causing error
  • fix warning in scope check (#40)

bigQueryR 0.3.0

  • Add support for realtime queries, useQueryCache = FALSE
  • Add support for standard SQL (#21)
  • Add support for hms/timestamp class uploads (#27)
  • Add support for partitioned tables (#28)
  • Fix bug that only returned one row for single column queries (#31 - thanks Rob)
  • Allow loading of data from Google Cloud Storage to BigQuery for large files
  • no error if delete non-existent table (#26)
  • Add auto authentication if set environment var BQ_AUTH_FILE to location of auth file
  • Add default project if set environment var BQ_DEFAULT_PROJECT_ID to project-id
  • Add default dataset if set environment var BQ_DEFAULT_DATASET to dataset-id
  • Add auto paging through table lists in bqr_list_tables() (#29)
  • Make it clearer when jobs resulted in errors in the job print methods
  • Migrate to using googleCloudStorageR for Cloud Storage stuff
  • Set default authentication scope to
  • Unit tests
  • Upload table will now correctly report errors
  • More user feedback on BigQuery jobs when running
  • Allow upload of data.frames asynchrnously
  • Allow auto-detection of schema for uploads

bigQueryR 0.2.0

  • Download asynch queries straight to disk via googleCloudStorageR

bigQueryR 0.1.0

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Initial release

Reference manual

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0.5.0 by Mark Edmondson, 2 years ago

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Authors: Mark Edmondson [aut, cre] , Hadley Wickham [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

MIT + file LICENSE license

Imports googleAuthR, googleCloudStorageR, jsonlite, httr, assertthat

Suggests shiny, knitr, rmarkdown, testthat, data.table, purrr

Suggested by googleAnalyticsR, googleAuthR.

See at CRAN