Wrapper Package for Design of Experiments Functionality

Various kinds of designs for (industrial) experiments can be created. The package uses, and sometimes enhances, design generation routines from other packages. So far, response surface designs from package rsm, latin hypercube samples from packages lhs and DiceDesign, and D-optimal designs from package AlgDesign have been implemented.


Changes to package DoE.wrapper

The package is still under (slow) development. Suggestions and bug reports are very welcome.

10/05/2019, version 0.10

  • added information on the change in random number generation introduced in R 3.6.0, which affects randomization of designs, in appropriate places (including a section "Warning") for all affected functions (bbd.design, ccd.design, ccd.augment, Dopt.design, Dopt.augment, lhs.design)
  • added information about the reproducibility strategy of package lhs in the documentation of function lhs.design
  • updated test result files to reflect the call of RNGkind for temporary reproduction of the old randomization behavior (will be moved and updated to new behavior, once noLD doubts have been cleared)

15/09/2017, version 0.9

  • added an option "qual" to Dopt.design, in order to facilitate the generation of qualitative designs from specifying nruns and nlevels only
  • changed package title to title case
  • made editorial coding improvements to Dopt.design
  • added stats to imports
  • added [.coded.data from rsm to internal functions, in order to make Russ Lenth's code for accessing old rsm functions work without change while avoiding problems with R CMD check
  • modified outdated notes about "intensive development" in manual files
  • fixed small bug that had factor.names element of design.info without names for Dopt.design, when factor.names was specified as a character vector

29/09/2014, Version 0.8-10

  • adapted test output to a correction to Box-Behnken designs in package rsm and to changes in precision
  • commented out an example for Dopt.design for saving test time

13/09/2013, Version 0.8-9

  • copied the hidden functions find.gen and generators.from.design from package FrF2 into package DoE.wrapper
  • included the hidden functions .randomize, .block.indices (old rsm functions) and .parse.coding and .form2str (code.design) from rsm into DoE.wrapper
  • modernized author information and acknowledged Russ Lenth as a contributor
  • changed depdended packages to imported packages (except for DoE.base, FrF2 and rsm)
  • added imports from DiceDesign and rsm to namespace file

22/03/2013, Version 0.8-8

  • modified ccd.augment, reacting to changes to run.order attribute in FrF2

14/12/2012, Version 0.8-7

  • incorporated some functions from package rsm (thanks to Russ Lenth), as the new version 2 of rsm broke DoE.wrapper functionality (interim solution)
  • minor fix to bbd.design documentation
  • fixed a row name issue for a special case in ccd.augment
  • fixed bbd.design test file to also test blocked designs

15/11/2011, Version 0.8-6

  • bug fix: rownames and run order were not properly matched for ccd.design and ccd.augment (relevant for users who programmed on these, or for users who got confused about the logic behind these)

07/11/2011, Version 0.8-5

  • bug fix on description and documentation: package description text has been updated, and mis-worded title and description for functions ccd.design and ccd.augment have been corrected

27/09/2011, Version 0.8-4

  • bug fix: a character string as a formula in Dopt.design led to unwarned wrong results for the design (wrong default formula used!). Although a character string was not appropriate according to the documentation, this is of course inacceptable. Fix: a character string is now allowed, if it can be coerced to a formula for both Dopt.design and Dopt.augment
  • minor improvements on the documentation: improved documentation of value of Dopt.design, and added Dopt.design and Dopt.augment to some "see also" sections

04/06/2011, Version 0.8-3

  • added function decode.design for making sure that coding information is available at all times for response surface designs
  • corrected version numbers in NEWS file

31/01/2011, Version 0.8-2

  • made run.no.in.std.order factor with properly ordered levels for bbd.design and unblocked version of Dopt.design (standard order currently not so useful for blocked designs)

01/09/2010, Version 0.8-1

  • fixed duplicate seealso sections in two help files

10/08/2010, Version 0.8

  • added functions rsmformula and code.design for easy usage of function rsm and its post-processing methods
  • added names to the coding element of bbd designs
  • added a coding element to the design.info attribute of designs of type lhs, in order to support their analysis with the standard second order methods of package rsm
  • clarified documentation of ncenter for ccd.augment
  • omitted the meshratio quality criterion from lhs objects, because it severely slowed down generation of larger designs
  • modified NEWS file for better viewing with function news() Bugfixes:
  • Dopt.design would not always work, because of column number mismatches between design itself and desnum for candidate data sets with extra columns.

03/04/2010, Version 0.7-1

  • added dependency on DoE.base version 0.10, since summary of several design types from DoE.wrapper (especially type Dopt) was not as intended with earlier versions of DoE.base
  • fixed documentation bugs for Dopt.design

26/03/2010, Version 0.7

  • added function Dopt.design for D-optimal designs with or without blocking based on functions optFederov and optBlock of package AlgDesign
  • added function Dopt.augment for augmenting various designs with D-optimal additional runs
  • added several variants of designs for computer experiments from package DiceDesign
  • bug fix: creator element of designs created with ccd.design now gives the original call, not interim calls

14/09/2009, Version 0.6-2

  • made all factor names valid R names in all design generating functions
  • bug fix: design.info attribute for blocked Box-Behnken designs did not include the bbreps and wbreps elements, which caused e.g. function summary.design to fail on them; for avoiding unnecessary case distinctions, these elements (always 1) have been added.

07/09/2009, Version 0.6-1

  • updated links in help files to work with R 2.10.0 onwards
  • renamed package help file (typo correction)

25/08/2009, Version 0.6

  • added ncenter element to design.info attribute of bbd designs
  • added block.name element to design.info attribute of ccd designs even if the cube portion is not blocked
  • added test cases to ccd.augment.test.R in order to detect problems related to levels of the design factors
  • added test cases for function qua.design with design functions that are not available in package DoE.base

21/08/2009, Version 0.5 First version on CRAN

Reference manual

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0.11 by Ulrike Groemping, 5 months ago

http://prof.beuth-hochschule.de/groemping/DoE/, http://prof.beuth-hochschule.de/groemping/

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/DoE.wrapper

Authors: Ulrike Groemping [aut, cre] , Lenth Russ [ctb]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Design of Experiments (DoE) & Analysis of Experimental Data

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports stats, lhs, DiceDesign, AlgDesign

Depends on FrF2, DoE.base, rsm

Suggests skpr

Depended on by DoE.multi.response, RcmdrPlugin.DoE.

See at CRAN