Post Processing of (Half-)Hourly Eddy-Covariance Measurements

Standard and extensible Eddy-Covariance data post-processing (Wutzler et al. (2018) ) includes uStar-filtering, gap-filling, and flux-partitioning. The Eddy-Covariance (EC) micrometeorological technique quantifies continuous exchange fluxes of gases, energy, and momentum between an ecosystem and the atmosphere. It is important for understanding ecosystem dynamics and upscaling exchange fluxes. (Aubinet et al. (2012) ). This package inputs pre-processed (half-)hourly data and supports further processing. First, a quality-check and filtering is performed based on the relationship between measured flux and friction velocity (uStar) to discard biased data (Papale et al. (2006) ). Second, gaps in the data are filled based on information from environmental conditions (Reichstein et al. (2005) ). Third, the net flux of carbon dioxide is partitioned into its gross fluxes in and out of the ecosystem by night-time based and day-time based approaches (Lasslop et al. (2010) ).


REddyProc 1.1.5

Moving profiling code and associated dependencies out of the distributed code.

REddyProc 1.1.4

Reworking dependencies

  • implementing logit and invlogit from logtinorm directly in REddyProc
  • moving NetCDF related functions and dependencies to separate package REddyProcNCDF

REddyProc 1.1.3

Code cleanup

  • replacing deprecated dplyr underscore functions by rlang syntax
  • extended tests

REddyProc 1.1.2

Further CRAN issues, not affecting usage:

  • avoid building computation-intensive vignette on CRAN
  • fixed a small memory-leak in uStar-filtering routine whichValueGreaterEqualC
  • deleted one example that still violated CRAN policy by writing to /tmp

REddyProc 1.1

CRAN policy related adjustments, not affecting the usage:

  • avoid writing files outside tempdir()
  • Using latex syntax \donttest{} instead of R function donttest() in examples.
  • Converted the realistic data example from function example section to a series of vignettes.


There have been major code restructurings for implementing alternative light response curves in the day-time flux partitioning. A few non-backward compatible changes have been introduced, e.g. by shortening function names. Hence this version is meant to be tested before changing version number to 1.1.0.

Interface changes

  • renamed usGetAnnualSeasonUStarMappingFromDistributionResult to usGetAnnualSeasonUStarMap
  • renamed usGetSeasonalSeasonUStarMappingFromDistributionResult to usGetSeasonalSeasonUStarMap
  • removed position arguments from sMRFluxPartition consistently use sSetLocationInfo before

Changes in Day-Time partitioning

  • adpted Lasslop prior information on LRC-fit parameters as default
  • more options to control daytim-fitting with partGLControl
  • quickly maximise compatibility with Lasslop-pvWave processing by function partGLControlLasslopCompatible


This is a development version put to github so that all contributers can test and contribute for preparing version 1.0.


  • now marking half-hours for which uStar is missing as a gap
  • not filtering day-time for low uStar (but kept option to do so)

Daytime-Flux partitioning

  • estimating temperature E0 with Reference Temperatue at median of the data
  • smoothing E0 estimates across time
  • re-estimating prior and intial value of RRef for smoothed E0

Further changes

Migration to github

The hosting of the development moved (maybe temporarily) from mercurial to github. Releases will still be put to r-forge, because of its good package-checking setup for several platforms, and the help for submission to CRAN, but versioning and development of the code will be done on github.


A README.Rmd and this file have been added.

Reference manual

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1.2.2 by Thomas Wutzler, a year ago,

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Authors: Department for Biogeochemical Integration at MPI-BGC , Jena , Germany [cph] , Thomas Wutzler [aut, cre] , Markus Reichstein [aut] , Antje Maria Moffat [aut, trl] , Olaf Menzer [ctb] , Mirco Migliavacca [aut] , Kerstin Sickel [ctb, trl] , Ladislav Šigut [ctb]

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GPL (>= 2) license

Imports dplyr, purrr, rlang, mlegp, tibble, magrittr, solartime

Depends on methods

Suggests testthat, minpack.lm, segmented, knitr, rmarkdown, lognorm, ggplot2, tidyr, bigleaf

Linking to Rcpp

Depended on by REddyProcNCDF.

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