Bayesian Analysis of Finite Mixtures of Plackett-Luce Models for Partial Rankings/Orderings

Fit finite mixtures of Plackett-Luce models for partial top rankings/orderings within the Bayesian framework. It provides MAP point estimates via EM algorithm and posterior MCMC simulations via Gibbs Sampling. It also fits MLE as a special case of the noninformative Bayesian analysis with vague priors. In addition to inferential techniques, the package assists other fundamental phases of a model-based analysis for partial rankings/orderings, by including functions for data manipulation, simulation, descriptive summary, model selection and goodness-of-fit evaluation. Main references on the methods are Mollica and Tardella (2017) and Mollica and Tardella (2014) .


NEWS/ChangeLog for PLMIX

2.0.1 2018-04-26

MINOR CHANGES o gibbsPLMIX(...): o [::] colnames added to output values labelled as P and W. o mapPLMIX(...): o [::] dimnames change for output value labelled as P_map. o [::] names added to output value labelled as W_map. o rank_summaries(...): o [::] format and label change for the former output value labelled as missing_pos now labelled as na_or_not. o [::] output values labelled as mean_rank and marginals now contain dimnames.

2.0 2018-01-31

BUG FIXES o mapPLMIX(...) o random_start(...) o rank_summaries(...)

MAJOR CHANGES o bicPLMIX(...): o [::] replaced former argument weights as G. o [::] added default values for the arguments ref_known and ref_vary. o [::] added the reference Schwarz (1978). o gibbsPLMIX(...): - added the centered_start argument for the random generation of the starting values, similarly to the mapPLMIX(...) and mapPLMIX_multistart(...) functions. o label_switchPLMIX(...): o [::] added new function to perform label switching adjustment of the posterior MCMC samples, formerly implemented by both the ppcheckPLMIX(...) and the ppcheckPLMIX_cond(...) functions. o mapPLMIX(...): o [::] modified the default value of the argument eps in accordance with that of the related mapPLMIX_multistart(...) function. - modified the default value of the argument plot_objective. - dropped object Rho_map from the output list. - renamed object z of the output list as z_hat. o [::] renamed object classification of the output list as class_map. o [::] bic value is computed only for the default flat priors case, otherwise NULL is returned. o mapPLMIX_multistart(...): o [::] recoded default value of the argument init. o ppcheckPLMIX(...) and ppcheckPLMIX_cond(...): o [::] removed former arguments MAPestP, MAPestW, ls_adj and adj_post_sample needed for the label switching adjustment, which is currently implemented by the novel label_switchPLMIX(...) function. o [::] removed final_sampleP and final_sampleW objects from the output. o rank_summaries(...): o [::] renamed the argument and output object pairedcomparisons as pc. o [::] renamed the output object missing_positions as missing_pos, o rPLMIX(...): o [::] renamed former rankingoutput argument with format. o selectPLMIX: o [::] removed argument log_lik.

MINOR CHANGES o ppcheckPLMIX(...) and ppcheckPLMIX_cond(...): o [::] added some messages. o "G=" replaced with "G_". o make_partial(...): o [::] renamed argument probcensoring as probcens.

DOCUMENTATION o The manual has been globally reviewed and improved with additional implementation details and some new examples. o Added new examples for the three data objects d_apa, d_carconf and d_dublinwest showing how to extract the subset of complete orderings from the whole dataset. o Updated reference Mollica and Tardella (2016) as Mollica and Tardella (2017). o d_german dataset: modified the citation Croon (1989). o mapPLMIX(...) and mapPLMIX_multistart(...): o [::] added the citation Gormley and Murphy (2006). o ppcheckPLMIX(...) and ppcheckPLMIX_cond(...): o [::] removed example of label switching adjustment. o selectPLMIX(...): o [::] added Details section. o [::] renamed output objects fitting_measures, effective_number_of_parameters and selection_criteria as fitting, penalties and select_criteria.

CITATION INFO o Added bibTex entries in the file CITATION. o Updated reference Mollica and Tardella (2016) as Mollica and Tardella (2017) in the CITATION info.

NEW FEATURES o Removed package combinat from Imports. o Changed order in the namespace list (former: foreach abind rcdd FSA).

Reference manual

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2.1.1 by Cristina Mollica, 2 years ago

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Authors: Cristina Mollica [aut, cre] , Luca Tardella [aut]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Psychometric Models and Methods

GPL (>= 2) license

Imports Rcpp, abind, foreach, ggplot2, ggmcmc, coda, reshape2, rcdd, gridExtra, MCMCpack, gtools, label.switching, radarchart, prefmod, rankdist, StatRank, pmr, PlackettLuce, stats, utils

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