A Data Analysis GUI for R

An intuitive, cross-platform graphical data analysis system. It uses menus and dialogs to guide the user efficiently through the data manipulation and analysis process, and has an excel like spreadsheet for easy data frame visualization and editing. Deducer works best when used with the Java based R GUI JGR, but the dialogs can be called from the command line. Dialogs have also been integrated into the Windows Rgui.


0.7-9 o Updated for ggplot2 2.0 o Fixed bug in one sided perm.t.test (thanks to Winston Lin for the report). o Contingency table chi-squared tests no longer use continuity corrections by default for 2x2 tables (Thanks to Oliver Valero Coppin for discussions on this).

0.7-8 0.7-7 o Fixed factor editing bug. (Thanks to Rob Camp for the report) o Fixed small rendering issue in plot builder facets. o Added help link for quick plots and templates. (Thanks to Jane Carlen for the report) o Moved many packages from Depends to Imports to avoid needless top level namespace objects. o Added java thread pool to avoid out-of-memory errors on low memory systems. o Datasets with masked names (such as "sample") are now properly handled by data.frame selectors. (thanks to Lurie Malai for the report) o Added ability to export predictions to new datasets in linear/logistic/GLM models. 0.7-6 o Fixed bug where dialogs written in R would sometimes print debuging info (Thanks to Vincent Nijs for the report) o Fixed incorrect spelling of "Purples" in plot builder (thanks to Kieran Short for the report) o Fixed improper saving of guides in plot builder (thanks to Kieran Short for the report) o Fixed reset bug in correlation dialog (Thanks to Vincent Nijs for the report) o Updated for ggplot2 0.9.3 0.7-5 o Fixed bug introduced in 0.7-3 where VariableSelector could cause freeze upon clicking add/remove in conjunction with large data.frames. o Removed Quaqua laf 0.7-3 o Removed ability to calculate mid p-values and cramer's V o moved back to GPL-2
o added citation link to JSS 0.7-0 o Plot builder: "drop" defaults to TRUE in scales o Plot builder: Fixed issue where save would rarely fail o Plot builder: corrected required aes for errorbarh (Thanks to Manuel Spinola for the report) (Thanks to Matthew Ockendon for the report) o Updated for ggplot 0.9.2 o Data viewer does lazy loading, and can thus now handle data with millions of rows and thousands of columns o Added: "GUI Add-ons" menu item to select common general purpose Deducer Add-on packages. o Moved many interactions from Java with R off the GUI event thread, and most calls to R are now cancelable if they take too much time. 0.6-3 o fixed legend.position and position_fill in plot builder o checks without error when no shared library is present 0.6-0 o updated the Plot Builder for ggplot2 0.9.0 0.5-1 o updated quaqua for os x 10.7 0.5-0 o Added geom_rug and geom_segment to builder o Data viewer even more plug-in friendly o Fixed typo in frequencies.R (Thanks to Bob Muenchen for the report) o Fixed typo in Data Viewer (Thanks to Mark Handcock for the report) o Added missing comma causing syntax error in k-sample test (pairwise Bonferroni) (Thanks to Karl Heinz for the report) o fixed vjust bug in geom_text (Thanks to Allan for the report) o updated for JGR 1.7-8 and R 2.14.0 o Moved paired t-test to Deducer from DeducerExtras 0.4-4 o improved date/time conversion o Fixed bug that caused coord_flip to turn into coord_equal (thanks to Erich Studerus for the bug report) o Fixed http://groups.google.com/group/deducer/browse_thread/thread/a1cbba859d93f07a?pli=1 o Fixed Data Loader in non-JGR consoles o Added borders to variable lists that were missing them. 0.4-3 o Fixed bugs in some of the advanced options in the plot builder (thanks to Erich Studerus for the bug reports) o Data viewer size restricted to screen size o Added k-sample post-hoc comparisons o Factored back end to make it easier to plug deducer into different consoles o Refactored the Data viewer to be plug-in friendly o Added sort to data view column contextual menus o Added Links to manual/videos in the default data viewer panel

0.4-2 o Added interactive plots: scatter, histogram, bar, box, mosaic, and Parallel coordinate 0.4-1 o ggplot2 GUI: fixed stat summary layout bug o Fixed combobox bug on Mac OS 64-bit o Added TextFieldWidget and ObjectChooserWidget o Factor editor and Recode dialog handle empty strings o Menu items for common templates 0.4-0 o ggplot2 GUI added o Removed all calls to low level rni o Added alternate parameter based plug-in API 0.3-2 o API bug fixes 0.3-1 o Mac OS CRAN build fix 0.3-0 o Listeners for Swing callbacks to R functions o ListWidget added o Data viewer less painfully slow, and several bugs fixed o Added variable transformation dialog, with options for centering, standardizing, robust standardizing, log, reciprocal, rank, box-cox, powers, quantile binning, equal width binning, arcsine, and custom expressions. Before and after histograms can be displayed. 0.2-3 o Added plug-in interface and tools for GUI package development 0.2-2 o Fixed compatibility issue with new version of ggplot2 o Some minor bug fixes 0.2-1 o Changed interface to a number of R functions to improve API 0.2-0 o R 2.10 / JGR 1-7 compatible o Some minor bug fixes o Changed data.frame sorting function

0.1 o GLM models, with 1. model preview 2. Intuitive model builder 3. diagnostic plots
4. Component residual and added variable plots 5. Anova (type II and III implementing LR, Wald and F tests) 6. Parameter summary tables and parameter correlations 7. Influence and colinearity diagnostics 8. Post-hoc tests and confidence intervals with (or without) adjustments for multiple testing. 9. Custom linear hypothesis tests 10.Effect mean summaries (with confidence intervals), and plots 11.Exports: Residuals, Standardized residuals, Studentized residuals, Predicted Values (linear and link) Cooks distance, DFBETA, DFFITS, hat values, and Cov Ratio 12.Observation weights and subseting o Logistic regression models with all GLM features + ROC plots o Linear regression models with all GLM features + Heteroskedastic robust tests. o Now works with non-JGR consoles o Integrated menu system into the Windows Rgui o Online manual accessible from dialogs

0.0-1 o added new data viewer with excel like editing. a variable view is included assist in the editing of variable properties. o added in variable recoding dialog to Data menu and variable view o added factor editor to Data menu o added data.frame sorting dialog and R function to Data menu o added data.frame merging dialog to Data menu o added frequency dialog to Analysis menu, which returns variable level frequencies o added descriptives dialog to Analysis menu, which creates common descriptive statistic tables including mean, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, skew and kurtosis. Custom statistics can also be included easily within the gui or in the console. Descriptives can also be stratified by any number of variables. o Added Contingency tables dialog, along with support R functions. Prints out contingency tables in a pretty format, along with cell statistics such as expected counts, residuals, standardized residuals, adjusted standardized residuals, row %, column % and cell total %. Stratification by a separate variable is supported.Various statistical tests and effect sizes are implemented, including the chi-squared, likelihood ratio, Fisher's exact, Kruskal-Wallis, and Mantel-Haenszel tests along with the Cramer's V, Kendall's Tau, and Spearman's Rho measures of effect size. Monte Carlo simulated tests are available for the Chi-squared and Fisher's exact tests. Mid p-values are implemented for Monte Carlo and exact tests. o Added data.frame subset dialog. o Added Two sample tests. Currently implements the t-test, ks.test, wilcoxon, resampling (permutation), and the brunner-munzel test. Functions for pretty printing are provided which make the application of these tests to multiple variables much more visibly appealing. o Added One sample tests. Currently implements the t-test and the Shapiro-Wilk. o Added K sample tests. Currently implements ANOVA, Welch ANOVA, and kruskal-wallis. o Added Correlations. Currently implements Pearson's, Spearman's, and Kendall's.

Reference manual

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0.7-9 by Ian Fellows, 6 years ago

http://www.deducer.org/manual.html http://www.fellstat.com

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/Deducer

Authors: Ian Fellows with contributions from others (see documentation).

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-2 license

Imports rJava, e1071, scales, plyr, foreign, multcomp, effects

Depends on ggplot2, JGR, car, MASS

Suggests lawstat, Hmisc, XLConnect

System requirements: Java (>= 1.4), JRI

Imported by oii.

Depended on by DeducerPlugInExample, DeducerPlugInScaling, DeducerSpatial, DeducerSurvival, DeducerText.

Suggested by gMCP.

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