Packages by Martin R. Smith

CongreveLamsdell2016 — 1.0.3

Distance Metrics for Trees Generated by Congreve and Lamsdell

PlotTools — 0.3.0

Add Continuous Legends to Plots

Quartet — 1.2.6

Comparison of Phylogenetic Trees Using Quartet and Split Measures

Rogue — 2.1.6

Identify Rogue Taxa in Sets of Phylogenetic Trees

TBRDist — 1.0.2

Rearrangement Distances Between Unrooted Phylogenetic Trees

Ternary — 2.3.1

Create Ternary and Holdridge Plots

TotalCopheneticIndex — 2.0.1

Quantify the Balance of Phylogenetic Trees

TreeDist — 2.7.0

Calculate and Map Distances Between Phylogenetic Trees

TreeSearch — 1.5.0

Phylogenetic Analysis with Discrete Character Data

TreeTools — 1.10.0

Create, Modify and Analyse Phylogenetic Trees