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Packages by Frederic Bertrand

bigalgebra — 1.1.0

'BLAS' and 'LAPACK' Routines for Native R Matrices and 'big.matrix' Objects

bootPLS — 0.9.9

Bootstrap Hyperparameter Selection for PLS Models and Extensions

c060 — 0.2-9

Extended Inference for Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Cox and Generalized Linear Models

mi4p — 1.0

Multiple Imputation for Proteomics

penalizedSVM — 1.1.3

Feature Selection SVM using Penalty Functions

peperr — 1.4

Parallelised Estimation of Prediction Error

plsRbeta — 0.2.9

Partial Least Squares Regression for Beta Regression Models

plsRglm — 1.5.0

Partial Least Squares Regression for Generalized Linear Models

sageR — 0.6.0

Applied Statistics for Economics and Management with R

survAUC — 1.1-1

Estimators of Prediction Accuracy for Time-to-Event Data