R Based Twitter Client

Provides an interface to the Twitter web API.

twitteR is an R package which provides access to the Twitter API. Most functionality of the API is supported, with a bias towards API calls that are more useful in data analysis as opposed to daily interaction.

Getting Started

  • Please read the user vignette, which admittedly can get a bit out of date
  • Create a Twitter application at http://dev.twitter.com. Make sure to give the app read, write and direct message authority.
  • Take note of the following values from the Twitter app page: "API key", "API secret", "Access token", and "Access token secret".
  • You can use the CRAN version (stable) via the standard install.packages("twitteR") or use the github version. To do the latter:
    • install.packages(c("devtools", "rjson", "bit64", "httr"))
    • Make sure to restart your R session at this point
    • library(devtools)
    • install_github("geoffjentry/twitteR")
  • At this point you should have twitteR installed and can proceed:
    • library(twitteR)
    • setup_twitter_oauth("API key", "API secret")
      • The API key and API secret are from the Twitter app page above. This will lead you through httr's OAuth authentication process. I recommend you look at the man page for Token in httr for an explanation of how it handles caching.
    • You should be ready to go!
  • If you have any questions or issues, check out the mailing list


CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1.8 (2014-12-31)

USER VISIBLE CHANGES o The use of ROAuth and RCurl has been removed in favor of the httr package. This changes how OAuth authentication is handled, with the new system going through setup_twitter_oauth() and load_twitter_oauth().

 o Changed from using int64 to bit64 for large integer support

 o setup_twitter_oauth() will report if an authentication attempt fails

BUG FIXES o getCurRateLimitInfo now requires at least one supported resource family

NEW FEATURES o Added lookup_statuses, which will retrieve a vector of tweet IDs

o Added resultType to searchTwitter, provided by Ajay Gopal

o Added maxID to searchTwitter, provided by Paul Nulty

o updateStatus now has an argument 'mediaPath' which can be used to 
upload images. Provided by Christopher Hackett.

o Added a DB persistence layer, with store_tweets_db/load_tweets_db and 

o Added a convenience method search_twitter_and_store() which can be used
to periodically update a database table with search results. 

o Added a function strip_retweets which will attempt to remove retweets
from a list of Status objects.

o Added a function 'retweeters' and a convenience method 'getRetweeters'
to the Status class. This function takes an ID of a tweet and a count
(default is 20) and will return the IDs of users who have retweeted this
tweet. The getRetweeters convenience method only takes the count.

o Added argument forceUtf8Conversion (accessible via ... in all exposed
functionality) which if set to FALSE (default is TRUE) will disable the
forced conversion to UTF-8. Note that doing this can cause bad behavior
if responses pass on characters outside of UTF-8.

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1.7 (2013-7-8)

NEW FEATURES o Added a 'urls' slot to the Status class. This is a data.frame containing information about any t.co shortened URLs, providing the expanded URL, a display string and the character positions the URL was extracted from. This only applies to t.co shortened URLs.

o Added a function decode_short_urls as a utility to help users process
shortened URLs which were not t.co shortened.

o Included patch to force all characters to UTF-8 before passing along
to rjson

o Added function "favorites" which takes a user and returns a list of
their n most recent favorited tweets. Also added convenience method
to the user class getFavorites()    

o Added favoriteCount field to the status class, i.e. x$getFavoriteCount()

o Added isRetweet field to the status class, i.e. x$getIsRetweet()

o Added retweets function to get retweets of a status, and a 
$getRetweets() convenience method to the status class.


o Fixed a bug where userTimeline would fail if given a single user
object (as opposed to simple screen names, IDs, etc)

o Fixed a bug in lookupUsers - if the user arg was NULL an error would
be thrown. Now returns empty list

o Fixed a bug in the assignment of latitude/longitude for tweets, these
will now be properly populated

o users$toDataFrame will now honor the stringsAsFactors argument

o getFavoritesCount() will now work properly on users.

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1.6 (2013-04-05)


o Fixed a bug in searchTwitter which would fill the tail end of a query
with duplicated tweets if the user requested more than available

o Changed showStatus to use character based input due to large IDs

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1.5 (2013-03-26)


- Changed 'blockOnRateLimit' (boolean) to 'retryOnRateLimit' (integer). If
 this value is supplied (to any of the twitteR API wrappers) the system
 will retry up to N times if Twitter's rate limit in effect. If the 
 retry limit is reached (even if it was 0) twitteR will now try to return
 any partial results that had been accumulated prior to the rate limit
 (with a warning)
  • Added function getTwitterOAuth(consumer_key, consumer_secret) which is a wrapper around the ROAuth creation/handshaking process which embeds the Twitter URLs. Will also call registerTwitterOAuth for you and then return the OAuth credential so you can save it for future use if you wish.


  • ROAuth (>= 0.9.4) is now a Depends

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1.4 (2013-03-18)


  • Allow for by-hour filtering in since/util

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1.3 (2013-03-17)


  • Fixing bug from 1.1.2's bug fix, search now works properly w/ max_id

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1.2 (2013-03-16)


  • Bug fixes from abicky
  • removed a browser call to the status class

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1.1 (2013-03-03)


- Added 'longitude' and 'latitude' fields to the status class, pulls
from the 'coordinates' field of a tweet (when available)

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.1.0 (2013-03-01)


 - Purely a version number bump to reflect the new API status

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.99.28 (2013-02-23)


 - Added profileImageUrl to the User class, along w/ getProfileImageUrl() 

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.99.27 (2013-01-21)


 - Added includeRts option to userTimeline

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.99.26 (2013-01-02)


 - now depending on rjson >= 0.2.24


 - supply argument blockOnRateLimit which does as the name suggests

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.99.24 (2013-01-02)


  - Convert search to using the 1.1 API

CHANGES IN VERSION 0.99.23 (2012-12-27)


   - Multiple functions (e.g. publicTimeline) were removed due to the
   corresponding functionality being removed from the API

   - The trend system has been completely rewritten

   - The rate limit system has been completely rewritten

   - The friendships() function has been added

Reference manual

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1.1.9 by Jeff Gentry, 5 years ago


Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/twitteR

Authors: Jeff Gentry <[email protected]>

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

Task views: Web Technologies and Services

Artistic-2.0 license

Imports methods, bit64, rjson, DBI, httr

Suggests RSQLite, RMySQL

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