Invoke 'Repast Simphony' Simulation Models

An R and Repast integration tool for running individual-based (IbM) simulation models developed using 'Repast Simphony' Agent-Based framework directly from R code supporting multicore execution. This package integrates 'Repast Simphony' models within R environment, making easier the tasks of running and analyzing model output data for automated parameter calibration and for carrying out uncertainty and sensitivity analysis using the power of R environment.


Change Log

This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.




  • Run models from Repast source directory


R/Repast [0.7.0] - 2018-06-25


  • Easy.Run Compact call for running a simulation model
  • hybrid.distance A helper function for calculating categorical/quantitative metric
  • hybrid.value A helper function for generating a list with a value and a range
  • enginestats.reset Reset the internal statistics
  • enginestats.calls Update/return the number of model invocations
  • rrepast-plots.R New file for separate the ploting functions
  • rrepast-parallel.R New file adding parallel model execution support
  • parallelize Configure R/Repast for running model in parallel using multicore
  • ParallelInit Initialize the parallel execution environment
  • ParallelClose Shutdown the parallel execution environment
  • ParallelRun Parallel model execution
  • ParallellRunExperiment Parallel experimental setup execution
  • WrapperRun Facade for model execution
  • WrapperRunExperiment Facade for experiment execution
  • lcontains Auxiliary function for checking if a list contains an element
  • lget Auxiliary function for getting a list element value
  • AddFactor0 Polimorphic function for creating factos with range and levels
  • GetFactorLevels Returns the levels of a R/Repast factor


  • Easy.Stability Added a new parameter for modifying the default model parameters
  • Easy.Setup Checks added
  • Easy.Sobol for parallel execution
  • AddFactor New parameter for truncating values


  • config.scenario Bug detecting the tag
  • config.copylib Bug on returning value

R/Repast [0.6.0] - 2017-03-27


  • GetSimulationParameterType Returns the declared type of a 'Repast' model parameter
  • config.scenario Add the rrepast integration to the scenario file
  • config.check Check if Repast model is configured for rrepast
  • config.copylib Copy the required lib to the Repast model classpath
  • jarfile Return the full path to some jar inside the rrepast package
  • check.scenario Check for scenario integration code
  • check.integration Check for the integration library in the model's library dir
  • UpdateFixedParameters Modify the value of parameters which should be kept fixed
  • rrepast-easyapi.R New file for separate the easy api functions
  • rrepast-aoe.R New file for separate the analysis of experiments functions
  • rrepast-pb.R New file for separate progress bar helper functions
  • rrepast-engine.R New file for separate the low level engine methods
  • rrepast-helper.R New file for holding auxiliary functions
  • Easy.getPlot For geting plots from Morris and Sobol from returned data structure


  • Easy.Setup Add an option to configure model file and copy jars
  • AddFactor modified to correctlly build the data frame.
  • Easy.Morris Added a new parameter for modifying the default model parameters
  • Easy.Sobol Added a new parameter for modifying the default model parameters


  • Engine.getParameterType Does no return any value
  • Fixed title position in ggplot2 plots

R/Repast [0.5.0] - 2016-05-08


  • Easy.Setup Experiment initialization
  • Easy.Calibration Find the best set of paramters for the model
  • Plot.Calibration Plot results of calibration process
  • AoE.NRMSD Calculates the Normalized Root-Mean-Square
  • AoE.MAE Calculates the average-error magnitude
  • simple.fitting Simple calibration method based on experimental setup
  • filterby Selects a subset of a data frame
  • col.sum Sum dataset columns
  • pick.fittest Choose the best solutions
  • dfround Round dataframe columns
  • Results.GetExperiment
  • Results.GetObject
  • Results.GetCharts
  • Calibration.GetMemberKeys
  • Calibration.GetMemberList



  • PB.update Failed to update progress bar correctelly when replication > 1

R/Repast [0.4.0] - 2016-04-10


  • The NEWS changelog file
  • jvm.setOut Send the JVM System.out to a file
  • jvm.resetOut Send the JVM System.out to R console
  • getExperimentParamSet
  • getExperimentOutput
  • getExperimentDataset
  • DFToMatrix
  • PB.* Functions for show a progress bar functions during model run
  • AoE.RMSD A Root Mean Square Deviation function
  • AoE.CoV
  • AoE.ColumnCoV
  • AoE.Stability
  • AoE.RandomSampling function for DoE
  • AoE.LatinHypercube function for DoE
  • AoE.FullFactorial function for DoE
  • AoE.Morris function for SA screening
  • AoE.GetMorrisOutput wrapper for access list members of Morris output
  • AoE.Sobol function for variance decomposition GSA
  • Plot.Stability Plot stability chart
  • Plot.Morris function for ploting Morris's screening output
  • PLot.Sobol function for ploting Sobol output
  • Easy.Stability function for determine the number of simulations
  • Easy.Morris function for Morris's screening in one call
  • Easy.Sobol Function for Sobol sensitivity analysis


  • LatinHypercube Renamed function LatinHypercube to AoE.LatinHypercube


  • Fixed dir.exists missing in R version < 3.2
  • Engine.setParameter: Coercing parameters types to model types

Reference manual

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0.7.0 by Antonio Prestes Garcia, a year ago

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Authors: Antonio Prestes Garcia [aut, cre] , Alfonso Rodriguez-Paton [aut, ths]

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MIT + file LICENSE license

Imports lhs, sensitivity, ggplot2, digest, xlsx, gridExtra, doParallel, parallel, foreach

Depends on rJava

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