A Monadic Pipeline System

A monadic solution to pipeline analysis. All operations -- and the errors, warnings and messages they emit -- are merged into a directed graph. Infix binary operators mediate when values are stored, how exceptions are handled, and where pipelines branch and merge. The resulting structure may be queried for debugging or report generation. 'rmonad' complements, rather than competes with, non-monadic pipeline packages like 'magrittr' or 'pipeR'. This work is funded by the NSF (award number 1546858).


rmonad 0.5.0

New Features

  • Generalize make_local_cacher to take custom functions for saving, getting, checking and deleting data.

  • Add crunch function to cache all values over a given size that are stored in memory.

  • Add loop function

  • Add tag field to Rmonad objects and access functions:

    • tag - set the tags of the current head node (or nodes at given indices)

    • view - set the head of the graph to the given tagged node

    • views - get list of Rmonad objects matching a given tag

    • viewID - like view but with ID

    • viewIDs - like views but with ID

    • get_tag - get tags for nodes

    • has_tag - check whether nodes have tags

    • add tag argument to as_monad to allow tag setting at creation

    • add tag argument to get_* to allow access by tag

    • add tag to caching functions, to allow tag and cache to be set together

    • give names to elements of lists returned by tag from get_* functions


  • Node names are now reproducible. If you notice any internal nodes disappearing, please file a bug report, since this means we missed some case in our hashing system.

  • Use saveRDS, rather than save, for local caching

  • Change print.Rmonad parameter print_value to value

  • Combine (and funnel) now stores failing inputs as NULL and does not delete the failing parent's cache

  • In combine/funnel, tagged parents are not deleted


  • Add automatic caching, if a function takes a long time to run, it is cached

  • Add option to turn toggle auto caching: rmonad.auto_cache (default = FALSE)

  • Add option to set how long an expression can take before its result will be cached: rmonad.cache_maxtime (default = 3 seconds)

  • Add option to set cache directory: rmonad.cache_dir (default = "cache")

  • Add option to set cache function: rmonad.cacher (default = make_cacher())

Bug fixes

  • Fix expression capture in as_monad

  • Make index the second positional argument of has_value, as with other accessors

  • Metadata lists are now evaluated in the natural lexical scope, with access to the function arguments and variables in the scope where the function was defined.


  • Add vignette showing integration with Nozzle.R1

  • Reexport magrittr pipe operator

rmonad 0.4.0

Conceptual changes

  • Replace the internal ad hoc graph system with 'igraph'

    • Rmonad is now an S4 class

    • The raw igraph object is stored in the graph slot.

    • The vertex attributes are stored in a list in the data slot.

  • Replace the concept of "branches" (e.g. the %>^% operator) with "children". These are just multiple children of a node in a directed graph.

  • Add a flexible cache system

New functions and arguments

  • Export size function that returns the number of nodes in a workflow.

  • The vectorized ms_* accessors are renamed as get_*.

  • Add has_* vectorized accessors for the existence of fields (e.g. has_value, has_error).

  • plot.Rmonad is now a wrapper for plot.igraph

Deprecated/internalized functions

  • Remove as.list

  • Remove unbranch

  • Remove as_dgr_graph, now the underlying graph is already an igraph object, which can be converted easily to a DiagrammeR graph, if desired

  • Remove all the ms_* functions (replaced with get_*)

  • Remove all m_* functions. They provided access to the "head" of the workflow, but this isn't really all that well defined, since rmonad supports branching.

  • Completely remove deprecated %v__% operator and the doc and lsmeval functions.

  • Do not export unnest (you don't need it)

  • Rename mreport as report. The content of the report is updated somewhat, but still should be considered as a template.

Changed parameters

  • in mtabulate and missues: Deprecate the recurse_nests option

  • in plot.Rmonad: pass '...' to igraph.plot

Bug fixes

  • Evaluate metadata in the correct environment

  • Now nest_depth is set as the graph grows (in the past it wasn't added until mtabulate was run).

  • Free memory for values stored in the Rmonad objects when they are combined with funnel, previously these values were stored even when they should have been removed.

  • Fixed lots of bugs and inconsistencies in the vectorized getters.


The following new features are experimental. I intend to keep them around in some form in the future, but the API will likely change.

  • Add rewriter functions that can reformat warning, error, and note message, or summarize the result, after an Rmonad is built. These rewriters are set in a node's metadata list. The following rewritters are currently supported:

    • format_warnings - format warning strings
    • format_error - format error strings
    • format_notes - format note (message) strings
    • summarize - store summaries of the data
    • cache - set the caching function
    • log - write log
  • Add a cache system, where values are stored as CacheManager objects which have three slots: get, del, and chk. These are functions for getting, deleting, and checking values in a cache, respectively. Internally, the get functions may store values in memory (in a closure), locally as a Rdata object, or not at all. The following new functions are exported:

    • make_local_cacher - build a cache function that stores data as Rdata objects in a specified folder.

    • memory_cache - cache a value in memory

    • make_recacher - build a function to reset an Rmonad object's cacher

    • no_cache - do not cache the value

    • clear_cache - removes all cached values (in memory or storage)

rmonad 0.3.0

  • Deprecate the %v__% operator. Now the %__% operator always stores the final left-side result.

  • Fix linking to nested history.

  • Fix incorrect history linking bugs caused by the %__% operator

  • Preserve the inputs to failing nested nodes. Now if a nested node fails, the input to that node, and the input to every ascending node, is preserved. (like a traceback where the function arguments are saved).

  • Add a new kind of edge. The %__% associates two pipelines but does not pass data or propagate errors. This was previously treated as one kind of 'parent' edge; now it is a 'prior' edge.

  • Add special plot handling for 'prior' edges.

rmonad 0.2.0

Backwards incompatible changes

  • Rename lsmeval as funnel

  • combine now works exclusively on lists of Rmonad objects

  • Allow nesting of Rmonads, as_monad no longer automatically unnests them

  • Deprecate the doc function. Instead use doc strings.

New features

  • Docstrings and metadata in anonymous functions

  • Support for multivariate anonymous functions

  • as_monad now records time and space (previously were left as NA)

  • Rmonad class refactored as an R6 class

  • Allow %*>% to take monad bound lists

  • m_value raises a warning (by default) when accessing an uncached value.

New functions

  • mreport - Generate of rudimentary Markdown reports

  • as_dgr_graph - Convert pipeline to DiagrammeR graph

  • is_rmonad - Tests if something is an Rmonad object

  • unnest - remove a level of nesting from a node

  • extract_metadata - get docstring and metadata from a function or block

  • m_nest - get or set a node's nested pipeline

  • m_nest_depth - get or set a node's nest depth

  • m_meta - get or set a node's metadata

  • m_id - get or set a node's id (changing an existing id raises a warning)

  • app_parents - add a list of parents to a node

  • m_delete_value - delete the value stored by a node


  • NULL can now be stored as a value and is distinguishable from Nothing (i.e. an uncached value).

  • as.list now lists elements in the expected order

  • Errors raised are stored even if they are not non-empty strings. Previously calls like stop() would be reckoned as passing.


  • Update README

  • Put docstring first in the printed output

  • New vignettes

New bugs

  • Nest level is not set at runtime, but rather set upon conversion to a DiagrammeR object. In the meantime, nest depth is NA.

rmonad 0.1.0

  • Initial release

Reference manual

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0.7.0 by Zebulun Arendsee, 2 years ago


Report a bug at https://github.com/arendsee/rmonad/issues

Browse source code at https://github.com/cran/rmonad

Authors: Zebulun Arendsee [aut, cre]

Documentation:   PDF Manual  

GPL-3 license

Imports igraph, methods, magrittr, glue, pryr, digest

Suggests testthat, covr, knitr, rmarkdown, readr, stringr, tidyr, dplyr, Nozzle.R1

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