Portable Emissions (and Other Mobile) Measurement System Utilities

Utility functions for the handling, analysis and visualisation of data from portable emissions measurement systems ('PEMS') and other similar mobile activity monitoring devices. The package includes a dedicated 'pems' data class that manages many of the quality control, unit handling and data archiving issues that can hinder efforts to standardise 'PEMS' research.


Changes in pems.utils 0.2.26 [2018-11-18]

  •   added repairLocalTime
  •   added regularize 
  •   added calcVSP_JimenezPalacios, 
      as new calcVSP default 
  •   updated findLinearOffset, following 
      cAlign update
  •   updated cAlign, now uses C_ylagxCOR  
  •   added C_ylagxCOR cpp code; for new 
      cAlign function
  •   added Rccp as import; to handle cpp 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.25 [2018-08-15]

  •   added na.omit.pems
  •   update to print.pems; halts print if 
      units look suspect...
  •   added stackPEMS  
  •   removed checkInput, checkInput2, pemsElement, 
      pemsin, pemsin2 and pemsin.old
  •   removed hijack argument from all 
  •   added as.pems.pems.element 
  •   updated binVSP, added binVSP_NCSU.14 
      and binVSP_MOVES.23 
  •   getPEMSConstants replaces pemsConstants,
      getPEMSData replaces pemsData, 
      getPEMSElement replaces pemsElement, now 
      also all rlang/dplyr methods 
  •   removed test functions calc.accel, 
      calc.dist, calc.new
  •   added (not exported) calcTemplate, 
  •   simplified calcDistance, calcSpeed, 
      calcAccel, calcJerk
  •   pemsXYZCondUnitsHandler update, catch 
      x[1]=NA mistmatch
  •   added MOVES.2004 model to binVSP 
  •   added calc.accel as in-testing 
      alternative to calcAccel
  •   added binVSP function
  • added pems method for pull
  •   updated help, now uses \dontrun{} 
  •   updated print.pems.element, now 
      foreshortens longer outputs
  •   rewrote import2PEMS
  •   update to local getUnits... code, 
      user pre/suffix assignment 
  •   update to import2PEMS, added option 
      to get units from row 2         
  •   removed history tracking from 
  •   transferred pemsin from 
      sleeper.service package
  •   transferred correctBaseline from
      sleeper.service package; added 
      basline package to imports
  •   cAlign update, now fitting from
      align(data1, data2, middle)

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.24 [2017-12-30]

  •   exportPEMS2CSV update, suffix 
      (units) not _units
  •   importParSYNC2PEMS now accepts 
      data.frame as well as file path
  •   temp update of old structuring 
      functions, pemsData, etc...
  •   rolled back pems generics for new 
      pems structure
  •   started phasing out pems history 
  •   added rebuildPEMS to provide 
      catch any old pems structures
  •   reset pems dplyr function outputs 
      to new pems structure
  •   updated print.pems 
  •   reinstated pems.elements methods
  •   added ...join methods for pems objects

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.23 [2017-11-09]

  •   replaced plyr with dplyr in imports 
  •   added select methods: .pems, _.pems 
  •   updated fortify.pems (simplifies 
      object for ggplot2 use)
  •   added rename methods: .pems, _.pems
  •   added filter methods: .pems, _.pems 
  •   added arrange methods: .pems, _.pems
  •   added slice methods: .pems, _.pems 
  •   added mutate methods: .pems, _.pems 
  •   added rebuildPEMS (for version 0.3)
  •   added group_by methods: .pems, _.pems
  •   added summarise methods: .pems, _.pems

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.22 [2017-07-21]

  •   updated plot.pems.element re attr.name
  •   updated [.pems.element re attr.names 
  •   updated plot.pems.element
  •   updated to rforge
  •   rebuilt pems.1 example data (previous 
      version not tracking new units)

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.21 [2017-02-28]

  •   added importSEMTECH2PEMS 
  •   updates pems[] 
      (handle logical like data.frame) 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.20 [2016-11-18]

  •   updated importParSYNC2PEMS 
      (added gasMod channels)
  •   updated pems[i,j]<- object
      (allows direct addition of POSIX*)
  •   added exportPEMS2CSV 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.19 [2016-04-03]

  •   added 0pts scripts for globals and 
      development code 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.18 [2016-03-07]

  •   added importKML2PEMS  

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.17 [2016-02-02]

  •   redrafted title and description 
      (tidy re pems.utils2CRAN)
  •   changed calcEmHoribaPitot formals 
      (catch check note; re pems.utils2CRAN)
  •   documentation tidy re pems.utils2CRAN
  •   pemsPlot zlab tidy re pems.utils2CRAN
  •   added up-front code (in calcEm, to 
      catch check note on data object object
      names; re pems.utils2CRAN 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.16 [2015-12-28]

  •   added plyr to imports
  •   added align and tAlign functions 
  •   updated cAlign function
  •   removed bindPEMS (superceded by 
      align and new cAlign)
  •   update to WatsonPlot, revised 
      argument order in formals
  •   added and documented 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.15 [2015-09-18]

  •   moved latticeExtra to imports
  •   added with.pems method 
  •   updated makePEMS, now accepts 
      vector, pems.element, etc
  •   update to pemsPlot, grid now added 
      by default 
  •   added pems[[]]<- as quick reset 
      for object structure
  •   added subset.pems method
  •   update to print.pems
  •   added is.pems, pems, pems.element; 
      these replace isPEMS, makePEMS, 
      makePEMSElement (retained as wrappers)
  •   added as.pems methods (default, 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.14 [2015-08-18]

  •   added importCAGE2PEMS function, 
      loads 3DATX CAGE data as pems 
  •   updated importParSYNC2PEMS, now 
      defaults to local time zone 
  •   updated print.pems.element and 
      plot.pems.element, labelling now 
      ignores "" units 
  •   added fortify.pems method to 
      simplfy use ggplot2 functions 
      with pems objects; also added
      ggplot2:fortify.defaults to 
  •   moved utils, grid, RColorBrewer 
      from depends to imports
  •   added dim.pems ncol.pms and 
      nrow.pems method
  •   added pems[[]] as quick access 
      to object structure

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.13 [2015-08-06]

  •   updated checkInput, improved 
      handling of POSIXct class 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.12 [2015-07-29]

  •   modified importParSYNC2PEMS 
      function. The more general arg
      reset.signals replaces previous 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.11 [2015-04-13]

  •   added summary.pems.element method

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.10 [2015-03-14]

  •   added importParSYNC2PEMS function
  •   updated cutBy error message

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.9 [2015-01-23]

  •   updated citation, now uses meta$ 
      (thanks to Achim Zeileis of JSS) 
  •   refined head.pems and tail.pems
  •   changed print.pems defaults (thanks to 
      Stephen Hanley of ITS)
  •   refined pems[], now allows more forcing 
  •   simplified pems$name and pems$name <- 
      further, so they now behave more like 
  •   refined pems[]<-, extended forcing options 
  •   added units(pems)<-  and names(pems) <- 
  •   added units(pems.element)<- method 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.8 [2014-04-30]

  •   simplified pems[,n] and pems$n code
  •   added [n], units pems.element methods
  •   added utils to depends (for head.default 
      and tail.default access)
  •   added head and tail pems methods
  •   added makePEMSElement (makePEMS
  •   added the WatsonPlot functions used in 
      CRC and PEMS 2014 work 
  •   updated pems default col scheme to match scheme 
      used in CRC and PEMS 2014 work
  •   calcChecks code update 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.7 [2014-02-17]

  •   added pems.scheme, default pems 
      plotting scheme
  •   convertUnits update, force now 
      forces to from unit conversion 
      if input units are either not 
      set or do not match from
  •   added pemsPlot function to package
      (preprocess, panel and plot 
      using loa)

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.6 [2013-09-26]

  •   added as.data.frame.pems 

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.5 [2013-08-11]

  •   updated ref.unit.conversions 
  •   added correction functions
      (correctInput, zeroNegatives)
  •   added importOB12PEMS function
      (imports OB1 format files)

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.4 [2013-08-08]

  •   refined history tracking for 
      functions in functions

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.3 [2013-06-20]

  •   refined pems object case
  •   added pems.element object case  
  •   added pems... shortcut functions
  •   reintroduced calcEm

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.2 [2013-01-10]

  •   added pems object case  

Changes in pems.utils 0.2.1 [2012-06-15]

  •   refined pems structure
      (to simiplify batch processing)  

Changes in pems.utils 0.1.12 [2012-01-10]

  •   pems => pems.utils update
      [earlier versions documented elsewhere]

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Authors: Karl Ropkins [aut, cre] , Adrian Felipe Ortega Calle [ctb]

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GPL (>= 2) license

Imports methods, utils, grid, RColorBrewer, latticeExtra, baseline, ggplot2, rlang, dplyr, Rcpp

Depends on lattice, loa

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